My list of junk is getting too big! Let’s clean it up…
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi, you guys send me a ton of ideas, and I pick interesting ones among them and put them all in my ward document. But the thing is that a lot of them will never see the light of day. The reason is that a lot of them may be very short to react. You or may not excite me enough to make a video about it.

The issue is that the list is getting quite long and out of control, so I thought let's go through it together and delete one by one: okay, ready here we go. This is my list and the first item is opening electronic FOB doors with taser. Let's look at it: okay, so this door uses these keypads to unlock. The guy.

Has a Taser you can buy off. Amazon is that's the key bat and the door opens simple as that unlocked. What is this garbage? It seems like every single door he's zapping is opening his displays. Actually, oh there you go some characters.

I think they were written in Russian. To be fair, it seems, like those systems are quite old. If it was me designing it, I would design in such that if the electronics fails, it would fail in a safe and secure position. You know, for example, if your car computer fails during driving, you don't want the gas tank to explode, see all electronics are typically designed with radiation immunity in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't generate even stronger radiation and make them fail, and you must think about What happens if your system fails? Does it kill the user or not? Now the Taser is not generating a pass code what's happening here.

Is that it's just probably we're resetting the electronics and it sounds quite dumb, but it seems like when the electronic is resetting by default. It's opening the door when it should keep it locked. I just realized something in his videos. Those doors are the type that are held shot with electromagnets.

If we can disrupt a circuit like reset them, it is possible that those electromagnets temporarily turn off and we can open the door should try that I do have my homemade taser, which is strong enough to create some interference. Now we just need to find a building with those systems and try to zap it and hopefully reset the electronics and, and maybe the door opens. This is what I'm talking about a large electromagnet that holds the iron bar closed with a force of around 300 kilograms, and this is the control. If I reset it or damage it, somehow it would release the electromagnet and the door would open.

Although it's covered with metal, I'm pretty sure it's very hard to interfere with yeah. I have blown up a hotel in London before, but this is our own apartment. I'm not gon na damage it and risk getting caught by the security cameras, and that's exactly why, in the middle of the night, I'm going to a different apartment with a similar system, but a crappy old one and doesn't have any security cameras either. Here.

It is an old one with a crappy old LCD. Hopefully I can reset it easily. Ok, let's zap the panel and hope for the best doors are closed. No, I have to zap it differently.
I have to discharge directly to the panel. Maybe the system seems to be resetting what the damn door doesn't open. This is an example of a good design. Those old Russian systems must be a pile of junk well in general, if you know your physics and science a little bit, you would understand these things.

Better and why they could or could not work, that's why this video is a sponsored by brilliant. We all know you're stuck at home with nothing much to do and you want to be brilliant, so go to brilliant org, slash electro boom and get 20 % off of your annual membership or gift the membership to someone you love, so they can learn good things And you can learn new things or brush up on your knowledge through interactive classes, for awesome, problem-solving, creases. What else do you need during your off time? Do it? I thought it would be shorter, but anyway first one is done. Delete second, one drawing 3d objects on air think I remember this one yeah.

This was a Kickstarter project that was both fake and not fake. Let's see back to display and it is a volumetric display system. It draws images in the air with light. Let me control you.

It's gon na see you seriously looking cute this garbage circling line of Education. What the machine seems to do is that it shoots up columns or curtains of, say, humid air and tries to hit them with a moving beam of laser to illuminate a spot in midair like a pixel. It moves these columns or curtains and the laser trying to draw a 3d image in midair like a hologram. The issue is that the air is chaotic and wobbly and doesn't make any clean image.

So I think, what's happening is that in some shots they might be using CGI to make their product look better than it is, and then in some shots they are restoring the real thing which looks like garbage. This looks real scenery and this should be what's happening. It's funny how the guy is impressed by seeing the box in front of that see when it turns it on it looks like garbage and then they quickly switch to this fake image. This must be CGI created.

There are a few reasons. I'm saying this is fake. For example, why the lines of laser are only passing through the corners of the shape, the laser should be passing through every single illuminated pixel through the shape. The other reason is that the air doesn't move fast enough for such a moving animated image, so very likely.

Your laser beam will hit the right, pixel and then the wrong pixel on a column. That's not out of the way yet so I'm thinking they used video effects to lure people to support them. Yeah, that's the best you can get out of this device. In my opinion, this is what it is passing laser through water vapor and call it a hologram.

Hey look give me money yeah. This was a while back like back in 2016 and they made more than their goal. So, let's see how they're doing now, I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use. I demand a full refund for my pledged amount.
Has anyone got a refund yeah? Everyone is demanding a refund. I demand a full refund. Lo lat, you told you guys he's indeed a scammer yeah. I think they took the money and ditched everyone yeah, I'm a little bit late.

I should have made a video back then and stop people from investing into this junk. Although you know at the corner of your mind, you always hope that something like this can come into life, but well too bad for everyone who invested in this delete. Okay, next one RF energy from the environment, I think it was some impossible energy harvesting, mumbo jumbo. The hell is this smart card solutions.

Did they change their business? What is this other link clean space, but your connection is not private back to safety. Apparently, these were garbage, deletes, hey it slowly, cleaning up what is next one suspicious man net railgun, let's see well. This is some old video from back in 2012. I remember this one.

They had a bunch of magnets together that supposedly force another magnet through and shut. It out, like a railgun watch this see now the resolution is so low. You can barely see it electricity. So what do you think guys? Does it work? Do you think we can put a series of magnets together in a circle and put another magnet between them and it just keeps going forever? No well, the video wasn't necessarily fake, but it wasn't like that.

The magnets would sucking another magnet and shoot it out from the other side. Let me show you how it would work so. First off you have to put a bunch of magnets like this together, which is very hard to do, because they're, north and south, as South souces houses are very close to each other, and then you bring another magnet close, which is fine. The South likes to be close to the north and north likes to be close to the south side.

So this is a stable position and it doesn't want to move any more. But then you get more aggressive and push the magnet further into the magnet hole and put energy into it. South doesn't mind it because it wants to be at the center of all the north poles, but the North Pole of the magnet hates all the other north poles and wants to repel them. So at some point you see the South Pole is attracted by the north.

Poles in front of it and the North Pole is repelled by the other north poles behind it. So it accelerates forward and shoots out from the other side. So basically you put energy into it to put the magnet between the other magnets and then it shoots out. Releasing the energy you already put into it, so it is not like a flowing magnetic River that you put something into it and it just goes with the flow, and if you make this into a giant circle and put this magnet between them, it just stays where You put it ten valence magnets, don't create flow, feels delete.
Okay, what's next garbage Wi-Fi to us PBS. What is this jet free, Wi-Fi Internet hundred percent work? Well, he's making a coil like so tries to solder them to him power prong. Then it doesn't solve their to it because well it doesn't, and he does it anyway, how, with a crazy group, it has a USB charger with power wires. Only.

What is he trying to do? Is he trying to charge his cell phone using this antenna wirelessly? I suppose there we have it so he's showing that his phone is offline and doesn't have internet, it plugs in his contraption to his phone and he gets internet what internet, using a charger cable with only power and ground, and he has 1.7 million views. Twelve thousand likes twelve thousand is not much actually that sees description today, I'll show get free, Wi-Fi Internet work, it's a very helpful video. I see. All of you can make this if try at your house at least some of these videos have the decency to show.

Maybe deep in the description that the video is fake, this guy is saying: try this at home waste your resources, hot your cables in. Do I even have to tell you why this doesn't work? Ok, first off he's not using the USB declines. Usb doesn't transmit data through its power lines that doesn't even matter you can't just get internet by stitching an antenna up into the air. There are super complex protocols from transmitter to receiver to talk to each other.

You don't just stick it wire into the air and assume everything is fine. Let's see what the comments are saying. Why did you put the phone and flight mode? That's true yeah! I did it. Thank you, my friend, my phone has just blown.

Can you imagine if somebody plugs it into their phone and other side plugs it into the live wires? Congratulations. You found the way through which your mother downloaded you into this world. Deal it's ok. What else do we have zero energy crossing crazy Russian guys make crazy EMP stuff? Yes, some of their stuff is crazy.

How do these later? I got enough cancer for one day and I was thinking if you guys have interesting stuff like these, that you want me to quickly review post them into my subreddit and if they get high boats I'll, add them to my list and check it. So do it, and if you really want to watch something useful, go to brilliant org using my link, you can become a free member or get 20 % off of your annual premium membership for full access or, if you'd like to help someone else fill their time And brain with knowledge, you can gift brilliance, premium membership, tons of things to be learned from computer, math and science and, like I always say what better game to play than solving greatly design problems that actually teach you something compared to these fakers videos that I have To rectify, thanks for watching.

8 thoughts on “BATCH RECTIFICATION of my To-Do-List”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ralph Meltsner says:

    The lock picking lawyer made a video about those electromagnet locks, and typically the problem is that they’re operated by a relay in the control pad.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Galaxy Gamer says:

    This line just makes me laugh THIS GUY IS SAYING: TRY THIS AT HOME! WASTE YOUR RESOURCES! CUT YOUR CABLES IN HALF!! makes me laugh so hard I almost die XD

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ashvin Lakshmikantha says:

    Not sure whether the door getting locked is a good idea or not. What happens in case of a Fire? If the Electronics is dying, should it lock it out (Firemen would then have to break down the door to get in)?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aaron Ramsden says:

    With the 3d hologram thing, wouldn't they just use the focal point of the laser to only illuminate one particle? That's how they make those images inside the glass

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jjtb7 ` says:

    The Phone had wifi of on first clip and it was on but it. Was disabled in settings or it will have wifi on but not connected logo

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars juruewonf aurbewkis says:

    The well-groomed capital aditionally pump because gander constitutively squash including a smoggy agenda. silly, talented touch

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ace Colon says:

    Well I believe the doors did open but the red led on the doors scanner turned green which usually indicates its open but returned to red quickly you didn't have enough time to open it

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheZotmeister says:

    One thing you probably don't get enough credit for: the way you sneak the sponsor's bits in. I never see them coming.

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