Can someone Jump Start a car using their body? Is BioCharger real??
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#RECTIFIER #JumpStart #BioCharger

Hi I was trying to make another video, but then my mailbox was flooded by people asking me to rectify stuff. So I looked at them and, as famously said by a wise philosopher, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I should add. I, aged 10 years and developed cancer.

There are two of them: let's look at the first one, which is a guy who's, jump-starting, a car using his body as the jumper cable you see here, the car battery is dead, doesn't turn on so he puts his hand on a good battery and it can Create arcs through his fingers, he jump starts the car using his body as the jumpstart cable. I'm extremely disappointed, nothing, the God who made the video, obviously its satire, but in the few people who believe this first fearless eight one eight tries to explain that it is impossible. But then an Internet warrior steps in and says well electrical current flows through the human body. As long as that person isn't grounded.

What does it have to do with grounding, and then he also says I do electrical work for a living simple and another guy agrees with him. Thanks Mayu, you explained that perfect and then our poor, fearless guy says Wow. First read what I said. You must be the worst electrician in the world, which I agree with.

Then a warrior says: get a new job. What does low voltage mechanic know about electricity, touching the positive and negative discharge the battery? Can you believe that what it works on cars and doesn't know that fifth grade fact somebody revoked his license already and then someone else asks? Can someone explain this to me and another warrior says he's not grounded he's, probably standing on something? What does grounding have to do? How can people believe this garbage? Am i a joke to you? I am well, of course you guys who watch my videos are obviously big brain, so slap like on this video to celebrate your big brains. You already know that human body is not capable of such you know. Don't you what big brain doesn't come.

Naturally, you need to study an experiment so go to brilliant org. The sponsor of this video, where you can learn knowledge through interactive courses and exercises doing math, science or computer problems, use the link, brilliant org, slash electro boom, and not only you can get 20 % off of the membership. You can now give the premium subscription to your friends or loved ones, so they can finish their day. A little smarter.

Well, let me explain: human body is made of meat and skin the meat inside is somewhere between three kilo to five kilo. Ohms and the skin is above hundred kilo ohms, so the meat inside is like a short circuit compared to the skin, but still it is millions of times more resistive compared to a jumper cable, see. I showed in a previous video that jump-starting a car requires tons of current. You can see here that the English current into the crank motor is around 750 amps to run, say hundred amps through the body meet at 3 kilo ohms.
You would need three hundred thousand volts, which would mean 30 megawatts across body. You know what happens to people who run 30 megawatts through their body, they vaporize so to jumpstart the car. Not only he needs to burn away all the high resistance skin to get to the low resistance meat, his meat or bones must be made of copper or something to be only a few milliohms. Fine, let's assume he's a superhuman with copper plumbing.

As his bones he's. Putting his hand on both positive and negative terminals of the source battery and the other hand on both terminals of the dead battery, implying he's running both power lines through his body. What now he has two isolated sets of copper plumbing inside? No ok, let's assume he's only connecting the positive terminals and the negative terminals are connected separately. He still needs to be made of copper plumbing because you know what happens to normal people.

So if you ever had a doubt, don't what, if you're still asking? How did they do it, then it's a job for Captain disillusion, but I'm sure he has better stuff to do so I'll see if I can fill his shoes, because it's all acting and video editing, let's see if I've learned anything from Captain D's videos see these Arcs, when he's snapping his fingers, they are super strong and would typically flash the entire underneath the hood, what they don't. It seems those are superimposed on the video. It should be easy to do in video editing. Now.

This part is a bit tricky. If I go through it frame by frame, you see a white outline around his arm that looks like they cut the graphic there, as Captain Dee says something like rotoscoping, so that arm doesn't belong there and another suspicious thing is this bright glowing line under his hand? His hand itself should be glowing from the heat it seems they are shorting some metal rod there. I think they actually exploded something in the car for the effects, because here you can see, the arcs are actually lighting up the inside of the car. So I think they blew something up.

First then, later the guy put his hand on the battery, then they mix the videos. I think they shot the videos and added all the motion and shaking later, and they also reduced the video quality too, so that they can hide all the video editing, imperfections in low resolution and shaking my editing. Skills are no good, but let's see if I can recreate a similar scene, I have a hair, dryer, heater element and I'll just tape it to the table. So it doesn't move.

Then we need live wires which I'll just plug it in right. Here now I can touch live wires because my body can tolerate it, but you don't try it at home. So I touch the live wires here and then I can touch the heater element and turn it on just like that. The wire is not plugged in what you think, I'm crazy.

I recorded the whole thing first, with nothing happening. The tape is important because it keeps the element fixed in place for all shots. I also recorded it fixed, focused and lighting, so nothing changes between the shots. Then I just blew up a capacitor beside the wires and then I just turned the elements on and off.
Then I mix these together and you have this and bam. I hope captain D is proud and of course I don't have any special powers, but I'm sure if you cut my clip and share it somewhere, a bunch of people will believe it. So that's that of course, quality video editing is much harder for me. So I have to do my stunts for real.

I still have some skin left and the knowledge to keep myself safe. So you don't try this at home or outside. Why did he say? Don't do it at home now? The second thing was a stupid product called the bio charger it claims it has healing and recharging powers. These guys are just trying to trick you out of your money.

We all have natural electricity within us, but modern life takes a lot of energy and we can all do with the recharge bio charger, ng, a hybrid subtle energy, revitalization platform that stimulates and invigorates the entire body, improving health wellness and athletic performance. This unprecedented, it's just a basic Tesla coil, with a bunch of glass containers with different gases inside that glow, with different colors. When optimal cellular voltage is achieved, your health improves. What the hell does that mean.

Living cells store energy as chemical energy. They don't have electrical recharging stations inside. I showed you in one of my videos that the low-pressure gas beside the Tesla coil starts glowing as a ball of plasma. It's beautiful that clip of my video gets shared around a lot and it's funny when people ask me to rectify it.

It's my own video for God's sake and physics. Fun Channel showed how different gases glow at different colors beside the high-voltage Tesla coil, and that's that a Tesla coil creates a lot of radiation and can run some current through your body if you're close to it. If that had any healing powers, I would be a superhuman by now you could just sit in a microwave, oven and turn it on, because that's all it does except the Tesla coil energy is much lower and doesn't cook you immediately and since I visited their website, Their ad starts popping on my facebook page. This makes it even more dangerous.

These people have money to throw behind their BS. The problem with these health and healing mumbo-jumbo is that it takes so long and it's very hard to do a proper research and get any meaningful results. So in most cases, if there is no harm, nobody bothers to check them and ignorant people pick it up and make it popular and think it actually works. The truth is that it is proven that the mind has a great power over body, as called in medicine as placebo effect.

If you strongly believe that something will work for or against your health, then your mind will affect your body functions and that thing will likely affect you. Its effectiveness is uncertain, though, for example, when I use my Tesla coil, I constantly think long. Exposure to its radiation might be bad for me, so afterwards I feel a bit weird what those people have been told that the same device heals them, so some of them feel better after it's radiations. Don't do anything to us.
It's just our minds. Making us feel better or worse in that sense, if you need mental help for mental or physical healing, definitely first-year professional. But if you want to also utilize the placebo effect, don't throw your money at fake products, create it for yourself, go to a beautiful garden or a beach pick up a shiny, rock or a shell. Tell yourself that it was taken from a special place and has natural energy carry it with yourself and keep reminding yourself that it is your special lucky item and is helping you as a sidenote.

Placebo is about the power of your mind over your body because they have a physical connection, not a magical power of mind over the universe. So don't go worshipping idols your mind. Can change the world by your physical actions so act, although wearing my merch gives you special powers. If you really make belief in your mind, then your mind may actually do the trick and placebo effects come to your rescue, although it might be pretty hard to convince yourself that a useless piece of rock actually does anything, because after all, it's just a rock there Is a very good video on the subject called the power of suggestion by Vsauce watch it afterwards.

In that sense, it might be easier to believe that a medically useless but a super fancy looking device invented by the mysterious Nikola Tesla, has healing powers and if you believe it, it might actually work as a good placebo. You can buy this one from one Tesla. The fancier looking it is and the more money you throw at it - maybe the greater the placebo effect. So if it actually helps you heal, is it too bad? Well, this one can treat me.

I know how it works. So if I ever need healing I'll get a holy rock from the depths of the Mariana Trench, and I suggest you also believe in what can be scientifically proven unless it's harmless to you and the people around you and comes for free, because anyone asking for money For a placebo is a scammer in my books. That's why I like you to learn elevate your logic and thinking, go to brilliant org, slash electro boom and become a free member or get 20 % off of your premium membership for full access. You can also gift brilliant orgs Premium.

Membership to someone else, spark a lifelong love of learning and get appreciated for your gift, for once, I personally enjoy solving their problems and almost got 100 % ones. There are also tons of beautifully made interactive courses on science, math and computer. If you're also a fan of problem-solving and enjoy a healthy fun solving exciting problems, then you know where to go. Org, slash, Electra, Boone,.

9 thoughts on “Body Jump-Start and BioCharger RECTIFICATION”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nicholas Hamblin says:

    As always brilliant video you are amazing. Obviously the first video is BS and needed some rectification.
    However on the 2nd segment you completely ignore bio resonance as it pertains to the electrical and magnetic field.

    For example 17 Hertz will make you feel very uneasy stimulating your fight or flight responses to get out almost a feeling like being haunted this can also be achieved acoustically for example.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars entropic flux says:

    the most satisfying thing about these videos is the look of fear on your face when you plug something in. i'd ask "who hurt you?" but i think it's pretty obvious you're the architect of your own trauma

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars codemiesterbeats says:

    If they didn't lie about it… it wouldn't bother me.

    "sit in front of a neat electrical device that has a cool to watch and it has similar results to watching fish in a fish-tank"

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tiago Pesce says:

    all the channels you recomend are my daily feed since they emmerge in the yt >.<
    as a blender user i totally recomend captain desillusion, his superpowers of debunking and editing are mesmerising

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johnny Vain says:

    this guy is really smart, he just puts on that goofy act. Glad he makes these videos too, people watch his fails and think hes a moron.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neo Blue says:

    one can see on the subscriber nr that you are fake. We have the same version of you in germany, too. Someone who debunks everything that is not mainstream, everything that is not promoted by big companies. One session of chemo is 6000 euro but you guys would never say "they rip one off" but instead you are whinig about an alternative healing machine that costs 15.000 dollars. I could give examples of examples comparing big pharam rip offs but you are paid immoral creature with fake subscribers and fake comments, you dont care. The bots that are commenting are so easy to spot. All those channels that debunk alternative technologies have lots of comments repeating sentences from the video and then adding their own. Pathetic

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars batvanio says:

    Negative static electricity has a charging effect, so to speak. That's why when drying with warm air is as pleasant as bathing with warm water, and positive static electricity has a negative effect on you.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anonym 123 says:

    OK boomers, if you have.
    Questions with quality.
    Post it on our sub-reddit.
    No matter your entity.
    I may or may not check it.
    In the next episode of L A T I T Y 🎶🎶🎶

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Doe says:

    (not medical advice) let me assure you, if your cells were not maintaining their proper voltage, you would have a serious medical issue. also, electric current wouldn't help you, electrolyte balance would. our cells have voltage created by a balance of ions (the largest percentage held by K+ Na+ and Cl-, but many others play a roll as well) the voltage is created as a result of the difference in concentration of these ions in and out of the cell, for example, outside the cell there is way more Na+ than inside, and since positive ions repell, they want to push into the cell, creating a driving force. since the cell wall is impermeable to charged particles, this driving force creates a potential which we measure as a voltage. they do not have any current. our cells sit at 50mV for cells with a static charge and about 70 for cells that can depolarize. changed as little as 10mV are life threateningly serious. I promise, if you are not in the hospital, your cell voltages are fine.

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