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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro
0:37 Welding/Soldering with Graphite
2:19 Light Switch Puzzle
5:56 They Copied my Shocking Toy
8:01 Old and New Promises
8:49 Rectifying Myself and My Friend
10:26 Allan Pan Got Burnt
11:50 The Motor that Runs on Water

Hi. It's been a while reviewing your Reddit submissions. There is no engine that can run on burning water!! There. I said it.

Okay BOOMers If you have questions with quality, posted it on our subreddit, no matter your entity, I may or may not check it in the next episode of LATITY! Okay, let's see. Oh, by the way, thanks to KiwiCo for sponsoring this video. More about them later. Is This real? Found This guy welding with graphite? Let's see.

Hes Taking a graphite out of a battery. a zinc carbon battery He connects the graphite to a 12 volt battery makes sense. Well, now, this was bowl $%#^@ Yes, the graphite does get very hot and maybe you can solder with it. He is just making some tiny arcs here and suddenly you have a nice clean weld there! MATERIAL is added there!! He Just welded the two pieces with a proper welder and then showed that hey, Im...

tsk. But Maybe we can make a makeshift soldering iron out of it. Here is a graphite or carbon rod I Pulled out of my carbon Zinc AA battery and I have a spare soldering tip that is begging to turn on hot. And Lucky for it,, my rod perfectly fits its hole.

I Set the power supply to ten amps and connect it to my soldering thingy here like so. Like, so now it's heating up. Yeah. Oh It's just two volts.

That's 10 amps, a little bit more than 20 watts. I Guess we could go higher... But Look Works like a charm as a poor man's soldering iron. 12 year old Mehdi.

HAH Look at me! I Posted this on Twitter! For my birthday I Got this electronic kit, which was a five transistor, FM radio and a bunch of money that now are probably worth less than a cent!! At 12 years old I had no idea how that kit worked. I Just enjoyed the fumes of solder and the blinky lights and sound. My God, look at that haircut. Makes me happy I'm bald now.

How? What? Rectify please! you record this? Hehe, yes! All right. So... we got rid of the fan that was in the bathroom. As You can see Ive installed this lovely new light.

Mm hmm. I thought I wired everything exactly the way it was. But it's not functioning the way it did. As You see this light still operates this light, the wife sounds very happy! However...

this light over here, or switch rather, over here, that used to operate this light, now turns on this light for some reason. And As an added bonus,, I can go back to this light, hit this light, and it gives it more power. You See that?? For some reason, okay,, even better... Im Turning this on...

turning this on and off. Nothing's happening. I Can turn this one on. I Can plug this into the plug below this switch and turn the light on, HAAAAHAAHAHA via a hairdryer!!! But It doesn't turn the hairdryer on!!!.....

But It doesnt turn the hairdryer on! HHHHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Heres low, heres high. You See... Look! Low... High! Low...

High! Sounds Like a good puzzle! How Can you screw up your wiring so badly that this happens? Okay, let's see if you can solve this riddle.. So This is how the circuit should be. AC Lines should go to a switch and lamp, which was previously a fan. Another Switch and lamp and a power outlet where a hairdryer connects to.
Now In the faulty circuit, it seems turning on any switch, even the hairdryer switch turns only this lamp on. How Can we screw this up? I Reviewed the video and filled a truth table which looks like this.: We Don't have all the data, but I assume Lamp1 is also on here, and Lamp2 is always off. Basically Only when all switches are off, Lamp1 is off, and Lamp2 is always off. Lamp1 Circuit is a logic OR circuit.

So How? Answer in 3, 2, 1. So First, Lamp1 must have a much higher resistance compared to Lamp2 and the hairdryer. So They are more like a short circuit compared to Lamp1. So I say Lamp1 is LED, which requires little current to turn on and Lamp2 is incandescent.

Now All we need is to switch one connection only, disconnect from here and connect that there. Switch 1 still turns Lamp1 on, switch 2 , through the low resistance incandescent. Lamp2 also turns Lamp1 on and the hairdryer switch also does it through the lower resistances of the hairdryer.. There might be other solutions too.

Why am I Not getting shocked holding a conductive metal rod in a flyswatter? Well, that's obvious. This is the guts of a fly f... eh, swatter. And If I short the output, you see...

it doesn't shock me because the high voltage is not across my body but across the metal here.. So There is no current running through my body. Never become a part of a high voltage circuit!! Cookie Boom?? Oh, my God. My dignity...

is something I would say IF I HAD SOME!!! AYOOO My kind of stripping... Oh, wow. Now that's some stripper. Maybe, maybe, maybe??? If he touches the metal, he gets shocked.

So We're timing you here. Okay, let's go. Oh, did they make that thing? Oh, oh, HAAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, did they make the thing I Made a while back? Did They copy me or I copied them? Let's see if I can find that show. Is it this one? Here it is.

Seems like they uploaded it like one year ago. And My video was... How far back was it? Oh, there it is. These Games will shock your kids back in October 2019, like three years ago.

Now We need to find a sweet spot between harmless and lethal. My Idea is to use a circuit... Yes, this is the one I made back then, so they copied me. I Should go ask them for some loyalties.

Royalties?? I Mean, we mostly make things that arent for kids! But If you want your family to learn something while having fun building, you better visit my sponsor. KiwiCo! KiwiCo provides these quality hands on project crates, each one designed to stimulate curiosity and knowledge.. Kids End up with results that are actually usable: a device, a toy, or anything in between.. My Daughter always enjoys putting some of these more complex crates together from the Tinker Crate.
Let's pass her a new one. Hey, I have a crate for you. The Im Already doing something? look... Oh...

You're already doing a Eureka? Okay, carry on!! Every month, you'll receive one crate to build with the first month. FREE! Signing up from my link Kids Will learn science, art, engineering and more through the process and the additional information provided in the handbooks.. You Can even get them as a gift for any children you may know.

So Do it. Wow, that's a real lockbox. Now I Can store all my chocolate in here. What?! You Have chocolate? No...

200k, I'm waiting for a clock. What? This is the way: regular alarm clock, exploding capacitors. You would have to arm your alarm clock every night. Maybe We can make a magazine that auto reloads the capacitors for the next morning alarm..

200,000 likes on this video and I'll make that. Oh, it reached 200,000 likes? haha, Great! So If this video gets to another 200,000 likes, I'll make this. Okay, I'll make it. Mistakes were made.

Oh. My. GOD! You melted the entire extension cord. How Much current? How Much current do you have to pass through that melt it like that? Something I Can try if I modify my microwave oven transformer.

100,000 likes. Well, I Mean, those wires cost money, so 200,000, likes! Why does your microwave waste half its power featuring ElectroBOOM. Did You see this Science Asylum's video? Go Watch his video. I Saw his video after he posted it.

Otherwise I Would have told him that his terminology may raise some angry mobs. This is the type of rectifier that is inside a microwave oven.. And What it really does is that it shifts the AC voltage as much as the peak voltage value. Now Science Asylum Concluded that because the diode can only pass current in one direction, half the AC cycle is not used, which he said was wasted, but he really meant not used.

And Simulating this specific circuit,, you'll see that the power supply in both positive and negative cycles is in fact sending current and power out to the load.. So... Sorry Nick, what can I say? Which Reminds me, in my previous LATITY video, I mentioned that the arcs jump the shortest distance, which wasn't very accurate. So I Guess I Have to rectify that now.

What I really meant was that the arcs would jump the shortest distance in a perfectly uniform medium, and air, especially in short distances, is pretty uniform. So The arcs tend to jump the shortest distance. like this: Pretty straight in short distances... but not very straight in longer distances.

In Longer distances, air is not very uniform, so the arcs tend to go in these random paths, but in a very non-uniform medium that the resistance of the medium can be different from area to area. Electricity goes the path of least impedance. This is an old one. This must be fake, right? Testing an electrified samurai.
We Dont actually know what is going to happen. Theyre Not knowing what is going to happen? I'm sure they know what's going to happen! HAHAHA Nice! Well, I'd seen this video before. This is my buddy Allen Pan and this is not fake. The box he's standing on has a Tesla coil in it, giving him very high voltage and he has nipples for some reason.

And Of course he's wearing a metal shield and the arcs are jumping to that hoop, which I assume the ground. So Basically, no current is running through his body. This is Allen Pan with an LED as his heart. With the Tesla coil on, we can...

AWOOO!! NEVER become a part of a high voltage circuit. You See the current runs through his heart! Oh, no! Pan is burning! Oh, poof... Pan burned, LED died. I'm putting a resistor parallel to the LED to protect it a bit.

Trying Again..., See! the electricity runs through his heart and... he dies!!! Now I Place this wire loop around him to represent the metal suit. And Now the Pan Man's heart is AWWW!! And Now the Pan Man's heart is protected. Nope, nope.

Basically The suit shorts out all the electric fields around the body and the potential across the body. zero. And So his heart is saved. I Think this would be good for a rectifying video.

We Have modified this engine to run on water only. Ooh!! Running water. But, will it work? Let me save you the headache. His Motor supposedly runs on burning oxygen and hydrogen generated from electrolysis of water powered by the electricity from a battery that is charged from a dynamo that is turned by the motor.

And there is extra electricity to run power tools and such! What Is this perpetual garbage piece of $%#&? The Next time someone tells you that water motors are a fantasy, show them this video. SHUT UP! Why I See noise in my camera when I open the cap of this metal box? Oh! HEHEHE Oh! wow. And I Bet doing that later you'll have some noisy children too!! Why Are you giving yourself radiation poisoning? What's wrong with people? It's clear there is radioactive material in that lead container! Lead is a metal that can block the radiations. That's why when they want to hide something from Superman, they put it in a lead container.

Well, we have enough fun for one day. If You still like these LATITY videos, then,? well,, Slap like now! And continue posting your interesting stuff to my subreddit and I'll hopefully check them in the future. Have Fun!.

13 thoughts on “Can engine run on water?! they copied my toy latity-011”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray Ceeya says:

    "Did they copy me or did I copy them"
    Medi, I hate to break it to you but that's from a Japanese TV show from the 90s. It's name translates to "Irritating Stick" in English.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shannon Smith says:

    You can run things on water, but you can never get out of it more power than you put into it. So if you are at home, run a water converter on mains and fill up a tank, and use that tank to add into your engine, sure you can run on uit. But you can't get more power out of it than you put in. What you can do is use it to clean up the burn of your petrollium however – you can make your petrol burn more efficient using it. This works because the efficiency of a petrol engine is only around 20% efficient so even getting 1% efficiency increase will be enough to cover the generation of the hho

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AoP×Mildren says:

    Neeeeew videooooo

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars IstasPumaNevada says:

    I'm looking forward to that chain-fed capacitor popper. 🙂

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shayan Arshan Rahman says:

    I was literally watching Latity 10 while I got notified that Latity 11 just got posted

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WillTell says:

    royalties are the game, if you can get real

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vinni2K says:

    i like it too when my rod perfectly fits 'its' hole

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KiloTango says:

    omg that women laughing in the video… kill it with fire, seriously 😖

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zhangwei Tien says:

    Capacitors charged alarm clock with a gun reloading system pls.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars क्रूर सिंह says:

    Can you do a video on the effect of polarity on welding with dc.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars EMAngel 2718 says:

    I mean you could burn water with fluorine gas and probably generate mechanical work with that if you wanted to

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PJ Abella says:

    puzzle seems to have 3 ways or 4 ways switch wirings.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nearly heaven farms says:

    What if you use solar for the electrolysis? Put hydrogen into engine. Bam.. problem solved

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