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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi Do you remember my promise of making an explosive alarm clock? Exploding capacitors? You would have to arm your alarm clock every night. Maybe we can make a magazine that auto reloads the capacitors for the next morning alarm. 200 000 likes on this video and I'll make that. Today is your lucky day because I'm gonna make that see my part is already being printed.

So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to increase your electrical knowledge and win your own keysight tools? And Scopes and Equipment Because my sponsor Q Side is having their annual events, they didn't change the Abomination that's my landing page You can sign up for the event from the link in the description. what is the first event March 14th That's tomorrow Sign up in these absolutely free events. Not only you learn electronic tips and tricks from industry experts and Engineers but also you can win thousands of dollars in prograde test gear. I'm telling you.

sign up. It's free. Anyway, let's design our alarm clock. You know, when my alarm clock goes off, things explode which are a bunch of capacitors that I have to put in some sort of magazine to feed them through.

But I thought instead of a straight magazine like I showed in my previous video, it's better to go with the Revolutionary one. And by that I mean I put the capacitors around something that revolves and connects the legs of the capacitors to the high voltage that is going to blow them up. Let me show you. I designed this 3D model that 10 capacitors can fit in the holes around it and it will turn with a motor.

Then we print it here. We are now I can easily fit a capacitor in the holes around it and rotate it. And it is designed to go on a drill so we can easily turn it. Although I don't need this drill I have the guts of some old drill I can use now.

How can I hold these things together for a piece of wood? maybe? let's test it. There you go. The good thing about running it from a power supply is that I can change the voltage to change the output speed because I don't know what's the proper speed to feed the capacitors through to blow them up. Let's test it.

Actually, let's see how quickly the capacitor blows as soon as I plug it in. By the way, this is not a DIY project. Don't try this. I'm just fulfilling a promise ready.

Okay, so it's almost instantaneous. You don't need to run very slow. now. we fit our capacitors into our revolutionary magazine, spread their legs apart a little bit might be beneficial to trim their legs to be the same size too.

Now they would have to rotate and touch the high voltage somehow. So I designed and printed this part. Screws go into these parts held by nuts like this and I'll connect the live and neutral to these screws. Like I said, it's not a DIY project.

Don't try this at home. Now What will happen is as my magazine turns, the legs of the capacitors will connect to the top of the screws and blow up one by one. now. I Need to mount these on something.
Register three scopes. foreign thanks Linus There we are now. When it turns should work. Let's just power it up.

Okay, ready. By this time they're all gone. It may need to turn a bit slower though, you know? Let's just connect it to live wire and give it a quick try. It's not rotating just all right.

You just have to make sure the capacitors are not touching already. Oh damn it. it seems like the capacitor heated up and welded itself to the Revolutionary magazine. I May have to reserve the experimentation for the end product.

I Guess it would be nice if I could make this part from cast iron rather than plastic, but whatever. Oh, there you go, it's out. Well Anyway, now we need an actual alarm clock to set the whole thing off. Damn it.

I Don't have a spare alarm clock. We've got an alarm clock. There you go. Now let's see if I can get a signal out of it.

Oh look, when the alarm goes off, a voltage goes to this tiny motor here that vibrates that thing. I Wonder what is? the voltage of this thing? Shouldn't be too much 1.4 volts. It's just the battery voltage. Let's see if there is an actual switch in there somewhere.

Hmm I Don't know if you see it, but there is a switch here and I don't see that. All or not. but if I turn it. oh, see that switch closes.

Lift this thing and see if we can use that switch at all. Oh my. God Too much complications. Okay, so it's simple.

The negative of the battery connects to one of these white wires that connects to this switch here that enables the alarm. The other side of the switch another white wire goes to this yellow wire that connects to this metal spring that is a switch of its own connecting to a PCB pad here that goes out to the motor and the other side of the motor goes to the positive side. So you have two switches in series with the motor and power supply. This one enables the alarm and that one when the time matches what you set it at, closes and Supply currents to the motor that rotates and vibrates the thingy now.

I'm thinking all I needed was the access to the contacts of the motor. Didn't need to tear it apart like this and we shall put it back together. Okay, back in business. so we just soldered two wires to the motor leads red to the positive side.

so I know the polarity. put the motor back in since they already provided a spare hole for me To pass my wires through. it's almost as if I'm making a time bomb. It's just a loud.

we are going to feed the one and a half volt coming from the alarm clock through a resistor to a BJT transistor to turn it on, which in turn turns on a relay that powers our motor, turning the capacitor. Let's get soldering all right. And here's our Contraption minus the live wires. not just yet, the soul.

and that's why we don't have live wires just yet. Anyway, the good thing about having this power supply is that it has multiple voltage outputs. So five volts for the Relay circuit, two three Volts for the motor depending on the speed we want. And let's give it a try.
if I set the alarm clock. Well, you already saw it. The motor starts turning, connecting the capacitors to my Live Wire There you go, ready to be tested. Loaded my magazine again, put it on.

Okay, capacitor is not touching, set the alarm good, turn on the power to the motor and plug in the live wire and now we just wait. Oh my. God How long is it gonna take? The suspense is killing me. Yes oh my.

God that was violent. Shut up. This will definitely wake you up in the morning. It seems like not all my capacitors blew up because my leg adjustment wasn't good enough.

But man I Love it. It was such a fun project. Don't try this at home. Okay, and I Love Keysight! See my sponsor! Keysight makes some of the best pro-grade electronic tools and equipment and they keep giving back to the community.

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So sign up! It's free knowledge and tools and may you learn something and win your dream tool. And thank you for watching.

16 thoughts on “Capacitor-boomer alarm clock”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dr. psychopath says:

    Wale your wife by this and you'll experience electrocution 🤣🤣

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars EvilLiquidSnake Al Asam says:

    mehdi;so uch complicatition 1 second later… ok its simple

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Leo Curious says:

    12 millisievert delay? Huh.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mohammed Abdalla Ibrahim says:

    The design is very human

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars a nuke says:

    Mehdi can you try make a coil gun?

    edit: i mean longer one

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jsbebeje says:

    This guy is my only motivation to learn electronics!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Utkarsh Class 7 A roll no 43 says:

    Imagine it becoming an actual product

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars walkabout16 says:

    ElectroBOOM it's funny when things go wrong

    His electrical mishaps can last quite long

    The sparks fly high, the circuits do ignite

    But through it all, his humor stays in sight.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raaghav Chat says:

    Alarm clock that wakes u from dead

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raaghav Chat says:

    This gives me the idea to plant a bomb( a cracker one) in school using capacitor,no problem of matches and any thing

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adrian G Eyre says:

    You could make it safer by using low voltage caps 16v on a 48v power supply.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andy says:

    The design is very human.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maverick Alvaro says:

    This is fucking alarm clock! That will kill you in just 1 second

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steph du says:

    IED diy

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars a nuke says:

    Finally after 3 month 😌

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ElectroBOOM says:

    8/10 caps blew! That's not a bad record for first try!! One cap blew but didn't make a sound, that was odd… Don't forget to register for Keysight!

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