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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro
0:30 Using ChatGPT AI to get video ideas and inspiration
9:38 Asking ChatGPT AI to write my video scripts

Hi Today we are diving into the magical world of artificial intelligence I Ran out of ideas. okay I don't know what to do and I'm hoping AI can do what? I couldn't do well. If you'd like to know how AI works, you can sign up for my sponsor at electroboom and start using it for free. There are some great courses on AI and neural networks to get you started, among tons more courses on math science and Computing more at the end.

but otherwise I'm going to use chat. GPT But what is it really? I Think according to the wise words of the philosopher Tom Scott it's just predicting the next word. Anyway, let's see what it can do for my channel. Does it even know me? who is? Electro Boom Oh, there we go.

Electro Boom is the online Alias of Mehdi Sadakdor, an electrical engineer and popular. YouTuber Thank you. Okay, give me some idea. please give me a YouTube video idea in Electro Boom Style Let's do it.

Electrobooms Shocking hair raising experiments. Well, the title was pretty generic I Don't know if that's exciting enough in this electrifying video. Electro Bone dives into the world of static electricity and showcases a series of hair raising experiments I Guess I Have the hair for it explores the fascinating effects it can have on his hair. Is it making fun of how hairy I am? Okay, idea number one: Electro Throw watch as maybe charges up his hair to create a spectacularly shocking afro hairstyle.

Clearly it doesn't know. I'm bald, levitating objects maybe shows off his static prowess. What is the meaning of prowess prowess? Number three Zaptastic experiments. Prepare for some hilarious reactions as Electroboom willingly exposes himself to small static command.

man. I've done all these before. Static electricity pranks. Join Electroboom as he pulls off amusing static electricity pranks on unsuspecting friends or colleagues.

What if they have a hard condition and die would be hilarious. Okay I need good ideas? so just some YouTube electronic projects for Electroboom? Okay, let's see. DIY Arc Reactor a miniature version of Iron Man's famous Arc Reactor I Know Hacksmith has done something like this. High voltage Jacob's Ladder but I can accidentally kill myself again DIY Electric guitar haven't I done that before Tesla Coil Madness done that before.

circuit bending chaos. What's a circuit bending? Is it like fire bending to create unique and onyx expected sounds DIY Electronic drum kit. Come on man. If I wanted to make one of these ideas, I would just do something from my own list with your current knowledge.

What is the most creative circuit you can make interactive LED Wall installation which YouTube Idea Electroboom hasn't done yet? Electroboom's Epic Home Automation Adventures Slaying Dragons is epic Home automation Smart lighting Extravaganza What kind of word is Extravaganza Automated Security Arsenal The Ultimate Voice Assistant Automated Plant Care. Well actually I did install my entire sprinkler system and automated it myself and I filmed it too supposed to go on my meditation Channel but hopefully I'll get to it. Come on I Need something juicy? How should Electroboom start his videos for most views: attention grabbing intro start with a short visually appealing intro that incorporates his Channel logo or a signature catchphrase. High Humorous opening skits begin the video with the funniest skit or comedic setup related to the topic of the video.
This instantly hooks viewer and sets the tone for the entertaining and educational contents to flow. These suggestions are not too bad. Start with a failed experiment. It does know me a little bit direct.

Engagement Start the video by directly addressing the viewers, asking a thought-provoking questions or posing a challenge I Don't think I'm getting anywhere good. Prove me wrong by leaving a comment under the video. Maybe I need to make a better search? What is a great electronic idea that Electroboom has never done before? Electrobooms DIY Wearable Tech Adventure Uses so many click-baity words. Maybe that's a good thing? Join: Electro Boom On a thrilling journey into the world for wearable technology that fuse Electronics fashion and functionality, this series explores the intersection of electronics and personal style.

I'm just happy that it has recognized that I am fashionable I Did once make a wearable workout, build glowing garments, smart wearable health tracker done before sound responsive accessories. can I actually ask the same thing again and get a different response? Maybe Electrobooms DIY Electric Vehicle conversion Join: Electro Boom on an electrifying Adventure Exactly the same as Jerry Rig. Everything changed his hammer into an electric vehicle I Need unique ideas and what's up with this overhyped language? It sounds like chat. Gbt is a wannabe.

YouTuber doesn't ignore that I'm an established YouTuber Who doesn't have any ideas for the next video? I Need some faster, more interesting projects? What is a good video idea that Electroboom can put together quickly relatively quickly? Electro Booms Quick Tips: Testing power supply issues, diagnosing short circuits, resolving intermittent connection fixing component failure troubleshooting signal problems, safety reminders Protective gear I Don't wear protective gear I Guess I usually do that with the power of hindsight. Quick Tips is not a bad idea though, although it's not something I can do quickly I have to just let it simmer over time. so I can collect you know ideas for quick tips so that it's enough for a long enough video. Oh I didn't need to copy paste.

There is this regenerate response for a new response. Let's try it again. Top five common electrical mistakes and how to avoid them Same as the previous one I Need a different question? What was the electronic hype before 2021? which Electro Boom can make a video about cryptocurrency mining? That's not Electronics Cryptocurrency in my opinion, is a scam. Prove me wrong in the comments below.
Try again Internet of Things Iot Try again Arduino Wave or Maker Movement regenerate DIY Portable Retro Gaming console regenerate the Arduino Revolution DIY Electronics for Everyone regenerate 3D Printing I did a lot of 3D printing to make this thing. What else? 3D printing Revolution and its impact. These sound like video is good for the 3D printing nerd, not me. There is no hurting in those.

How am I supposed to find a new idea? Probably 95 percent of the problem is me. I Don't find these ideas interesting yet. You know what AI is going to do? All these ideas that I'm not doing and make a video about them and become famous and biggest YouTuber out there just need a good question. what type of electronic explosives are out there? I'm sorry, but I can't assist with that.

What do Electro Boom Viewers typically expect to see in an electrical video. Maybe if I can know you better. Electric Boom Viewers typically expect to see a combination of entertainment, education, and humor in his videos. foreign mishaps and humorous experiments.

Educational content like that too. Hands-On experiments and demonstrations. Okay, problem solving and troubleshooting I Like that entertainment through Maddie's Persona Electro Booms charismatic and energetic Personnel is an integral part of his videos. Okay, so that's what makes my videos interesting.

I'll keep that up, whatever that means. Do you guys really watch me because of my action, interaction, and engagement? Electro Boom often interacts with his viewers, responding to the comments and addressing their questions and suggestions. Viewers appreciate the sense of community and feel connected. nice although I enjoy that myself too.

That's why I Answer people I Do like to talk to you guys. You are my real friends. Aren't you our? Electro Boom viewers his real friends Electro Boom viewers are not his real life friends. Hmm.

Doesn't matter what it says, we are a big family. What is the cause of Electro bones lack of ideas. There are some good advices here. Thanks AI But I need an idea now.

let's just make him write the whole script right. A YouTube video script in Electro Boom style. Well, it's really working on it. Opening scene: Mehi is standing in front of his Workshop wearing his iconic lab coat and safety goggles which maybe are we talking about here I Don't do safety goggles Maddie Greetings fellow Electrifiers Well, it's wrong right away.

I Always start my video with hi fellow Electrifiers! Today we are going to embark on a hair raising. What's up with all the hair raising puns hair raising journey into the electrifying ward of static electricity. Get ready for some shocking experiments that will make your hair stand on end. literally cut to close up shot of maybe holding a comb I Don't use a cone.
Okay, let's assume this is a comb. First things first: we need to charge up our Arsenal Behold The Mighty comb of Linus tactic With a few Strokes through your hair, you can transform it into a formidable weapon of static destruction. Feels like it's over doing it a little bit medievigorously Combs His hair. Okay, where's my Afro Pretty sure I had an afro? Yeah! I lost my Afro I Assume this is an afro.

My hair is so charged up that it is reaching for the skies. Who needs a haircut when you can have an electrifying hairstyle like this? But wait, there's more. Mehdi proceeds to prank a friend by suddenly transferring a static charge. Friend startled.

wow, what just happened? Matty Chuckles Just a little spark of friendship my dear friend, Courtesy of Static Electricity, would anyone want to watch this video regenerate? Title: Electro Booms Electrifying Adventure It's not specific at all Intro: Electro Boom stands in his signature lab coat, goggles and the shelved hair. Where the hell is my de-shelf hair? The background music starts with an upbeat tone. Welcome back to my Electric Fine friends! Today we are diving into an Electrifying Adventure that will shock your socks off. But remember safety first and double check those circuits.

Segment one: High voltage hijinks. Electric Boom holds up a Tesla coil. Electro Boom holds up a Tesla coil cracking with electricity. Oh, the magic of high voltage.

join me as we explore the electrifying world of Tesla coil. Prepare to be amazed as we unleash balls of lightning right here in my lab. Electric Boom activates the Tesla coil, generating spectacular electric arcs. Insert arcs here.

Wow, Did you see that the power of electricity never fails to leave me electrified? Shocking science experiments. Electroboom sets up a table with various gadgets and Equipment Now let's get hands on with some shocking science experiments. First up the notorious Laden Jar. Oh, where is the Laden Jar? Damn it! I threw it into the garbage.

Watch closely as I charge it up and experiments a hair raising shock. What is it already telling people that I'm going to get shocked? There's no surprise in that Electro Boom carefully charges the laden jar and gets a comical static electricity shot. Ouch, that one got me good. What Fear Nuts, my friends, We learned by embracing the shocks and Sparks Electroboom enters a different section of the lab filled with coils and magnets.

Okay, I assume I'm at a different side of the lab with a simple magnet and a coil which can create electricity. Okay, I'm done with this stupid script. Conclusion: Stand in front of the camera smiling and join me next time for more shocking Adventures right here on Electro Boom Electro Boom waves and the background music Fades out as the video ends. Wow, My videos are that yeah, No.
I Don't think AI can replace human mind's creativity at least just yet. Which means I'm still stuck with my ideas I already had and good it means I still have a job as long as I'm creative. Is this watchable? Are you still watching this? good? Because you can learn a ton of Knowledge from my sponsor. Brilliant either if you want to have some extra curriculum learning for your kids on math science or Computing or Professional Knowledge for yourself to get ahead at work or an interview.

You can find it there because the more you know, the easier the solutions come to you. and Brilliant has made it super easy to learn through their brilliant interactive courses and quizzes. You learn by playing around and fiddling with parameters and graphics and see results. I'm going to start my daughter on Brilliance Math and geometry.

She has some math exams and contests at school that can prepare her for while she'll feel like she's just playing a game because Interactive Learning is fun. Brilliance Courses are designed to coach you through the learning process so you can learn fast and at your own convenience, so even your idle time becomes super productive. So sign up at Electro Boom and try everything Brilliant has to offer. Free for a full 30 days and the first 200 of you using this link will get 20 off Brilliance annual premium subscription.

Do it now and thank you for watching! All right.

13 thoughts on “Electroboom vs. chatgpt: hilariously useless video ideas!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim Minter says:

    Make a shocking door handle 🤷‍♂️

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MXVIIXM says:

    Hi!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars joekinley says:

    @ElectroBOOM: how about a video explaining the different light switch types. Because there are those simple switches that flip and flap, but there are the bouncy ones that bounce back. Those also, at least here in germany, make a click in my main power cabin. Then please explain how you can make multiple switches operate the same light in a correct way (so each one can turn on and off the light, but sometimes from a different position), how much you can put on one lamp, or if you can make one switch with multiple lamps, or some shenenigans where 5 switches operate a total of 20 lights but each one does a different pattern…. I hope you get the idea

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zbigniew Olbryś says:

    You know, I think, we are real friends, so don't worry Mehdi. 🙂

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Natural Philosopher. says:

    Artificial intelligence will never take over humanity after all..
    It lacks creativity and is monotonous!!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rosario Farnham says:

    You should try to make a ESC for a RC car for known as electronic speed controller

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob M says:

    Is there anyway to light an LED by using an antenna and a ground?
    So what I am thinking ….. can you harness all the frequencies and microwaves in the air to run an LED?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nick Lab says:

    The prompt you were looking for was: hilarious new ways for electroboom to electrocute himself with.

    You are welcome

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Santiago Navas Velasco says:

    Safety garments and hair are the two items ChatGPT is asuming available. Greetings Master!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M M says:


  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Mathewson says:

    My latest AI project is simply to build a big eye that will follow you around the house. Started it out on a Jetson Nano and now working with it on a Raspberry Pi. It even has ears. 🙂

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Prolu says:


  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ElectroBOOM says:

    ok, so the video was not performing great. So I asked ChatGPT to suggest a good video title and thumbnail for it! Let's see if the new stuff makes it work better or if the AI is full of crap!

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