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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

All right who's, the idiot now hi. I hope you had happy holidays and started a great new year 2020. Today, in news, Ukraine discovers free energy. Electro ball passes over three million subscribers and will give away five scopes thanks to keysight.

Yes, I finally reached three million subscribers thanks to every single one of you and to celebrate that I will reveal a very special secret if you slap like now approved the secret is, I couldn't come up with an extraordinary video idea to celebrate 3 million subscribers, but Keysight came to the rescue and is helping me giveaway, 5 4 channel scopes. That's also a 20 megahertz function generator a frequency counter. A spectrum analyzer and more at the end of the video keysight will also give away five more tools, including scopes when their channel reaches 100,000 subscribers, their channel is filled with great knowledge on test tools, so subscribe to their channel now and get them to 100,000. Now, let's talk about free energy, a lot of you send me a video from frozen channel seemingly claiming free energy.

This channel is a ukrainian lad and his friends building all sorts of interesting stuff from scrap material. His main channel has more subscribers than mine good for them, but it doesn't mean I can't rectify them. I generally like what they do in their Channel, though it is a great opportunity. Youtube is providing to everyone in the world to have a voice.

As long as I approve their message, let's look at his video and see what it's about, what free energy from the ground wire. There is no free energy, free energy being the energy created from no other source. Just imagine that there's plenty of energy that we don't use in our normal life and I'm going to show you how to collect these free energy first thing we need is a very thick wire, then connect it to the reliable grounding. Another end will be connected to the ground wire of the electric nap.

Then I insulate the phase wire to protect myself form electricity. We don't need that now there will appear some voltage potential between these wires. It's 2.8 volts that will be enough to Sparkle Lyde. It is working well, my Ukrainian language is a bit sketchy, but I think he says there is an AC voltage difference between his neutral wire and earth, which in his case, is his water, copper pipe and you can pull energy from this difference which is free.

So it's obvious he's not talking about the mythical free energy. That's energy created from no other source he's talking about the energy that's available for free, like solar power that we can harvest, but is it free stick to the end, and we shall figure this out if this spare energy even exists? That is to make this energy more effective. We need to use a simple transformer. The input is 2.8 volts.

It's very low, let's see, what's got into the output 64 66 volts. The pipe doesn't have a normal contact, I'm going to clean it up and make it better. So what do we have here? It's hundred ninety nine volts, it's two hundred on most content. 20.
It shines brightly. Okay, so he's using a transformer to boost that voltage up to a level he can power, something with like LED lights. So is it true, can you grab energy between your neutral and earth wires that is free to you, and can you boost it with the transformer that much, let's see if I can find such a difference at my home? The thing is that if your home is properly wired, it must be well grounded to earth and neutral and earth wires must be shorted together somewhere in the power system, but can there still be a voltage difference now? I want to find something at home. That's grounded so I'm using a light bulb, that's connected to the live wire on one side and I'll connect the other side too, exposed metals.

If the light turns on it means the metal is grounded. Now, that's thinking outside the box. Look, let's check this pipe back. That was pretty sure it was grounded, but it's not sometimes I think thinking inside the box can save your life, see when I touch the lamp to the metal.

The live voltage traveled through the lamp to the metal and if the metal is not grounded, it will become live and can shock you. Let's just not touch anything. Nothing here, nothing here, Oh GFCI, port there. It is so that pipe was really connected to earth, but then does it mean if I try to run current between neutral and earth, my GFCI would pop, and I can't do it here.

Well, let's try it out here we have the neutral and earth wires and if we short them there, it pops so good news: everybody there is voltage between them, but if you use it GFCI pops, I have to go somewhere else. Let's check the toaster around the dealer, this is a stupid, dangerous way to check for grounding, but is there anything grounded around here? Okay, the fridge is not grounded. What Oh, my neutral wire is touching the fridge body as well. Let's bend that away how about the oven body? Hey! That's, grounded! That's one! How about the dishwasher body there you go! That's grounded too.

If I measure the voltage between the body of the dishwasher and the neutral wire, I see a very tiny difference, though, unless I turn on my microwave and then the voltage rises close to one volt, the voltage difference between the ground wire and the body of the Dishwasher remains zero, though it means that all I need is to harvest the energy between the neutral and ground wires, which thankfully exists in North America. Let's see if we can use this voltage for anything here. We have the neutral and earth wires here and the voltage between them is only 260 millivolts. I get a transformer from an old wall adapter that I've removed the rectifier and capacitor from and if I plug it into the 120 volt AC and measure across the secondary output, I read around seven and a half volt AC, which means the primary to secondary winding Ratio is 16 to one.
So if, instead of primary, I connect an AC across the secondary, I should see 16 times the voltage across the primary. But haven't you seen my videos? You can't just simply switch the primary and secondary on the AC lines or you can see it because YouTube has removed it for being too dangerous. Don't do this at home now you have high voltages. The reason is that in a step-down transformer we have much more windings on the primary and so much higher impedance 120 volt.

There draws very little current, but the secondary has much fewer turns and so much smaller impedance 120 volt bear will blow up, but we can place a small AC across it and the current would be pretty small and nothing will blow up. So I can flip the transformer around and connect a neutral and earth wires to it and have around 280 or 90 millivolts, and at the other side I would have almost 5 volts. Now, if I have to reverse parallel LEDs like this and put them across the output they turn on, but these LEDs run on 3 volts and 5 volt would blow them up, which means the output can't maintain its voltage and drops to around 3 volts, but hey Still there is energy between neutral and Earth we can harvest. Is this free energy, though? No the reason we have this voltage difference is wire resistance.

Let me demonstrate using, let me demonstrate with low voltage DC lines. We have positive and negative DC lines here with around 7 volt across them. Now imagine this positive line is our live wire and this negative line splits into two wires, which are neutral and Earth. So normally there wouldn't be any voltage difference between these two wires as they are shorted.

But if I place like a resistive load between my live wires and run current through them around 3 amps right now, then there will be voltage drop across these wires because of their resistance and the positive line drops by around 2 volts and the negative line rises By around 2 volts, so now, if we measure between our earth and neutral, we don't reach 0 and but around 2 volts, and we can take this voltage and turn something on with it like this led. You might think this tiny current is running from neutral to earth and is not counted towards your power bill. Oh the fact is that now the livewire sends current. That mostly goes through neutral, but some of it also goes to earth, but all the current passes through life anyway, it's not free energy.

You still pay for it. It's not even worth harvesting stop calling it free energy. Now this voltage difference can be higher, based on the current through the powerlines, the length of the power lines and how well the grounding is, and that's why Crossan was reading 3 volts between his wires see right now, I'm reading around 240, really both ac between neutral And earth, which translates to around four and a half volts at the output of the transformer. Now, if I turn on my soldering iron and blowtorch to draw much more current from the power lines, the voltage difference changes to saving handy variable AC, which is like 10 volts at the output of the transformer.
The thing is that when he was reading 2.2 volts, the transformer output was 66 volts, which means the transformer ratio was 30 to one which is reasonable, considering the run on 220 volt AC. But then, after he cleaned his contacts, the transformer output went up to 200 volt AC, that means 6 and a half volts between neutral and earth. There grounding must be, which is not surprising in those places I remember back in Iran. We would touch our fridge door.

Handle and get electrocuted I mean bad grounding is not the worst thing you have to deal with back there and the typical solution to such problems is good luck. Wait. So, thank you, everyone for getting me to 3 million subscribers and thanks to keysight for helping me with the giveaways. Frankly, my dear, they have been so great to work with the quality of their tools, the service they provide.

It's just so, if you also like electronics and tools subscribe to their channel and get them 200,000 subscribers and unlock the achievements now, they will give away five more tools, and I will give away two scopes for my patrons at, who have generously supported my channel. If you also like to contact me and have early access to my videos among some other perks, then patreon is the way to go. I draw two more scopes between everyone. Just sign up from the link in the description.

If you need a scope and the lastest go goes to a school that needs it. If your school needs tools, then sign it up from the other link in the description, I will draw some times this month and post the results in my channels. Community tab just stay tuned and Happy New Year.

9 thoughts on “FREE ENERGY DISCOVERED in Ukraine, 3M Subs Celeb!!!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DeAndre ReiChelle says:

    Actually, there's tons of usable energy stored in every bit of matter in existence. There's enough energy stored in every single human being to power the earth thousands of times over.


  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars screams-of genius says:

    watching 1 year later and sees 2.7m subs
    Rip the 300k that didnt make covid.

    I know too early ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick Cavallaro says:

    170 bonus points for the explanation of Newton's laws by "Electrocute"; but minus 210 points for the unibrow beat-box that will haunt my nightmares! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ken Mason says:

    Alex (Sasha Kreosan) always utilizes click-bait to draw people to his "science" channel. The ends justify the means. People ultimately discover the channels of his friends like Super Sus and Polinwagen. Urban explorer ninjetti and naughty jackass sewer rat (okay Sus is the type of friend we all need to push ourselves to face our fears and live life. Consider what life dealt him and what he did with that.)

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter Dudas says:

    why is there a pool noodle on your fridge handle?
    it shocks you
    why dont you fix it?
    I did, with the pool noodle

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Blink Abyss says:

    Don't care about Keysight Labs at all but subbed because I know that it would be good for someone to get free tech they need, and I suggest others do too

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars johnnytheprick says:

    At the time if writing, you have 4.67 million subscribers.

    People are watching you from all over the world. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Why do you need a patreon page when yt shpuld be paying you?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Skip Geel says:

    Dude! Be careful! You are interesting, but reckless. You are setting a bad example for newbies. Plus, I don't want to watch you fry yourself.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gabe says:

    Touching your fridge door handle and getting electrocuted because of bad grounding in third world countries is so true.

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