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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Start the Travel
2:48 Checking the Smoke Detector
4:21 Searching for Fuse Panel
5:37 Checking the Fuse Panel and Power Line
7:29 Checking the Power Outlet
9:30 Testing the GFCI Outlets
13:14 Summary of Failures
14:52 Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022

Hi we are traveling after three years. Oh, my god, we are going to hawaii. I need to pack. Let's see, why is there so much clothing here i need my multimeter some wires yeah, damn it.

I don't think my oscilloscope fits it's okay, because my sponsor keysight is holding a massive innovation challenge contest for graduate and undergraduate students around the world, with huge awards of twenty thousand twenty five thousand and thirty thousand dollars with an additional ten thousand dollars worth of tools. I'll tell you the details when i returned from hawaii at the end of the video. Oh by the way we are going to maui, let's go ah beautiful hawaii and the beautiful hawaiian outlets. I shall check you out hey.

This is actually not bad for a budget. Hawaiian, hotel, nice and in hawaii you don't even need to lift an arm to turn the lights on and off. What is this code made for people below 1 meters? All of them are super low. I also noticed they installed their door handles as low as their switches.

Why is everything so low might be specific to this location, though i have to check other places. Oh yeah, this one is proper height. These outlets have no grip whatsoever, must be pretty old. The entire springiness is gone, they do have a gfci in the kitchen and some older version in the bathroom.

I should test them all. It is mid-march and it's super warm hawaiian warmth who would have thought sand the source of all silicon, crystals and semiconductors and diodes and transistors and everything. Let me teach you how it's done and it seems the architect didn't care about putting a door or a vent for the shower here. So what happens to all the humidity? Maybe they put a vent behind this thing, huh, damn it anyway, nothing well.

At least i found this and what in the ancient world is that i assume it's a smoke detector. It says test weekly, okay test, one uh, nothing test, two, nothing! Isn't it supposed to alarm or something? Okay, let's check its part number. It says refer to owner's manual number, this dated june 1984. Don't these things expire, or it says, test unit monthly by turning knob to the test position and leaving until alarm sounds okay.

Let's try again, oh just plug that back in okay test one wait for the alarm to go up. How long does it take hello? Nothing, let's go to test two wait for it! Wait for it. I say it's not working. I do suggest you check your smoke.

Detectors regularly, you know you don't want to accidentally suffocate if i'm going to mess with the outlets. I better find out where the fuse panel is. Maybe it's not inside. Let me check the perimeter of this house thingy.

Oh my god, electrical room. I should be able to pick this lock. I watched enough lock, picking lawyer, i just don't have the tools i need to get in there. Somehow it's nothing, a screwdriver and a credit card can't fix.

I can't see maybe a knife and a credit card. I think i have to use two knives: it's not gon na work that room probably contains the breaker to the entire society anyways. It must be somewhere inside it's here. Ah, it's just a cabinet.
This is stuck and there we have the fuse panel. So i guess i can work here safely, knowing that, if something happens, a breaker will pop unless the breakers are as good as that smoke detector. Let me see what's going on inside okay, so it looks like a typical north american fuse panel. So 220 volt phases are coming in alternating between the breakers and the question is: are they 180 degrees out of phase or 120? Let's measure, if i can measure the voltage here here, you go like i said: um just blackened my hand yeah.

I can probably wash it off, but please don't try this at home. If you don't know what you're doing well, it cleaned up this time, but we don't always get this lucky like the poor, probe and emitter, so don't mess with high voltage, electronics and the fuse pop too. So i guess it works anyway. I think that's what these probe holders are for, so the probes don't get thrown around that easily yeah 120 volts and between the two phases we have 240 volts, so they're 180 degrees out of phase.

So we are dealing with typical north american power and the breakers seem to be working, so we should be safe. Let's close it back up like nothing ever happened. Okay, now that we are relatively safe, let's open this outlet. Okay, the grand reveal only problem is that well, this is hawaii and i'm more afraid that some lizard or some creature may jump.

Maybe a lizard wasn't too bad after all. First off: it's not a good idea to poke around the outlets with a conductive and second turn off the breaker. Well, i guess the breakers work. Well, i guess the wiring is done.

Okay for the north american standard. My only problem again is that it barely holds the plug, which is bad in itself. The thing is that a good contact has low resistance and a bad contact has higher resistance and gets warmer. Let's give it a try.

Let me turn on a 1200 watt iron from this outlet, which will draw 10 amp from it and i'll check it with my thermal camera. Well, first off it's not even making a contact. Damn it there, you go. Here's the iron, which is pretty warm.

The wires are not too bad, but where it's plugged in you see because it's not making a good contact, it's pretty warm. So if large currents are drawn from such poor contacts over time, the outlets will melt and are a fire hazard. I guess and that's a massive observatory. Unfortunately, it's not accessible to the public, otherwise i would check its outlets.

Okay, now it's time to test the gfci outlets. There is a few of them around the house, but this one looks newest, so i expect it to behave normally. Let's try. Okay, the test button works anyway.

The way the gfci works is that the current must travel within live to neutral as in a normal device. If the current exits live and goes somewhere else like earth, then it's illegal and it should pop open. So this means, if your butt is touching earth and you accidentally touch live and current runs through your body. This should pop open and save you.
I think, where north american standard any current about five milliamps should pop this open. So let's try that i brought my trusty wire here to and among all the wires i had, i had to bring the one with the broken earth. Let's see what we can do. I put the multimeter here to measure the current in milliamps.

I have a 50 kilo, ohm potentiometer that i'll put in series with the ammeter and the power lines, and i reduce it gradually until it reaches 5 milliamps or 25 kilo ohms of resistance. I have another potentiometer and the use for this one is its long shaft, which i'll shove into earth and use it as an earth contact. We connect them up with some alligator clips. This one connects to earth and that one goes into live 2.4 milliamp at 50 kilo.

Ohms that's correct! Now, let's start turning it until it pops almost. I think i was going too fast. Let's try again around 4.7 milliamps, so this one is fine. Let's try! The other ones, this one looks pretty old, seems like a tesla still works.

Why did it pop? I guess i hadn't reset it try again turning slowly, no 5.3 milliamps close enough, so our old baby is functional, good job and the final washroom. This doesn't work. Hello, hello, guys we might have a problem here that goes in there. Oopsies did i just pop the fuse in my meter.

Damn it, i turned the potentiometer all the way to zero. Without thinking it's okay, i should still be able to measure it through the 10 amp side of it. The emitter's precision on the 10 amp setting doesn't seem to be as good as the milliamp setting, but anyway it shows 1.8 milliamps. Let's increase the current slowly.

Well, we are at 5 milliamp and still hasn't popped. Let's increase it. Oh did i just burn my potentiometer yeah, so pretty much. I pretty much had a short between live and earth and it didn't pop guys.

We have a failed gfci and a dead potentiometer. My thoughts and prayers - and here i thought i was safe, taking my hairdryer into the shower, i have to leave some notes for the hotel manager. I think it's good practice to check the gfci in any hotel you get in just in case. You know i mean i don't think anyone will take a toaster, a hairdryer or their phone charger into the bathroom with them.

You won't right, but at least if some of us out there are willing to take those stuff with them into the bathroom gfci will save them, so they better work. So, oh, no, a 12 volt battery, it's broken so loose power outlets failed smoke. Detector failed gfci was it worth staying in a budget hotel well budget is a relative term. It wasn't that cheap either, but, of course it was worth it, especially since better hotels around here are like a thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars more per night.
Who has that kind of money? Well, maybe you do then go right ahead, but, frankly i don't think they are necessarily in a much better shape electrically, which might be the case at your own home, too hotels have been under a lot of pressure during this pandemic and are just getting out of It struggling my video is not about deterring you from these hotels. Despite everything, it was a great room, a very well kept hotel and a great experience overall, and i still recommend it. All i'm saying is that for your own safety check the safety equipment in your hotel room and your home, if you have the budget start traveling, so economy starts, circulating and hotels, have the money to repair and maintain and let the hotel managers know of deficiencies and They will be happy to fix it for you and sign up for keysight innovation challenge 2022 from the link in the description. It is open to all graduate and undergraduate students around the world.

The contest officially opens on april 4th and runs through june 6 2022. But you should register now to get some cool, keysight swags or you could vote for your favorite entries starting april 4th. The goal of this contest is to motivate and help finance projects built by iot devices that best address united nations goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. So this could benefit the entire humanity.

The top five teams will receive 2 500 to build and secure their device prototypes. Then, in september 2022 there will be the final event where i will be one of the judges to pick the top three winners. Who will receive twenty thousand dollars with five thousand dollars and thirty thousand dollars in cash prizes, along with an additional ten thousand dollars in keysight equipment for their schools? Last time? In this event, there were only two female engineering students on one of the finalist teams. I'm pretty sure there are a ton more female engineering students in schools today.

So this time we would like to see more women included and participating. So keysight is asking that every team include a woman team leader and have equal or more female engineering students compared to male students up to six students per team. Lots of room so sign up now to participate with your great ideas or to vote and help the world reach net zero, and thank you for watching.

12 thoughts on “Hawaiian hotel safety failures”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Martin Ramirez says:

    You mean I can't take a shower with my toaster in Hawaii? Because I always take showers with my toaster at home!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Skwortle says:

    Man found the circuit breaker and started singing O Canada true Canadians always sing the anthem during any small victory 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BOB A says:

    Low switches and knobs definitely ADA issue. The smoke detector: yes – ionizing types last about 10 years but the photoelectric ones don't have an expiration date. That one was large so probably the photoelectric type. Years ago I had one of these types and frankly the only way to check that it was working was actually use smoke.

    What I've never seen before were the outlets cut out in the kickplate.

    BTW, nice way to write-off your vacation.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FullyCharged says:

    "We want to reach net zero, but only with a female lead team, and more females on the team than males." What??

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Tepper says:

    A desiccated lizard is a fine souvenir. Keep it in your hat band like my late pal did. Ahhh Hawaii, later Kimo.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BaliAgha says:

    Little person house friendly, interesting. Lots of little people live or visit Hawaii? Or is Hawaii so damn thoughtful?!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hyden Zeke says:

    Welcome to ADA compliance! 46" maximum height so people in wheelchairs can also utilize the facilities.

    Edit: pretty certain the panel should not be covered by a picture.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dany Henriquez says:

    ow yeah! I usually take a bath with my karaoke set so i can sing. I can hit those high notes when electrocuted really well!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott A Seigel says:

    You are a totally insane EE nut. It’s beautifully ironic and perfectly humorous for you to make a video about safety!!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mkananoja says:

    I still remember when i was at eurocamp in italy; their discount eletricians connected building wide fire alarm to bathroom light switch.
    so if you wanted to turn the only light on in bathroom; the entire building went full retard fire fome.
    that wasnt the only problem we faced there, not even most glaring one, but that was one elercisity related issue, lol.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars UKMonkey says:

    I downvoted for the sexism of your sponsor. I hope teams of all men enter, and get around it by stating they identify as women to highlight how silly it is.
    Requiring teams have female leads and are at least 50% women – in an area where it's about 70% men is going to be needlessly rejecting a lot of people from taking part. Nope. Not ok with this at all.

    Sorry Mehdi – it's a good video, but keysight messed this one up.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ElectroBOOM says:

    YO! I bring some excuses for the hotel at the end and wish them well and hope they can fix their issues soon, but the more I think about it, the more I'm like: "these issues have been there for a long time and they didn't do anything about it!". Why should a customer do the inspector's job for them?! In any case, you can't trust hotels for keeping up with safety especially when nobody forces them! So we should start forcing them to clean their act.

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