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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro
0:48 Reinvent the Electroscope
5:26 Veritasium’s Question
6:27 Making My ZVS Arcs Sing
8:47 Fake Free Energy DC Motor?
9:28 Electrostatic Discharge Causes Fire

Hi today we are gon na. Do some exciting experiments thanks to your submissions and if i have to listen to anything, i'm gon na shove, my sponsor raycon into my ears, they're, tiny and discreet, so much battery life. What i can't hear you, because they seal to my ears so well and the sound, is just up to 20 off of raycon earbuds from my link by raycon.com electro boom. All right: let's do it.

Oh wait! Roll the intro just watch it on double the speed. Hey yo, maybe moving mad. Well, yes, i do watch ksi videos and comment on them. I deserve happiness and entertainment too, allow it man allow it maddie.

Please help me. I got a school project to make an electroscope. Can you please suggest simple and good designs? I obviously can, right after i figure out, what's an electroscope: oh these guys. Okay, it's the thing that detects high voltage or static electricity by spreading its leaves apart.

Well, i mean what you made seems pretty adequate, but let me see if i can come up with a more creative design. For example, here i folded a thin sheet of aluminum foil and if i use my magic wand that creates electrostatic and charge my body you'll see that the sheaths will spread apart. Needless to say, charging your body will have consequences. So, let's just charge those plates.

There see they open up a little bit. Of course, these sheets spread apart, because there is the same charge on them that repel each other. But these can't hold charge for long, because the charges run away from sharp edges and that's why they typically put them in glass jars to hold the charge and that's why one should not put their hand close to high voltage. Never fear, let's see if i can come up with a new design do so here is my invention, which is a electroscope which is made of two circles: one copper and one i made from a light aluminum sheet like this.

Now, let's charge my body carefully and see what happens? I put my feet up and carefully charge my body. Oh look at that it's charged and it's holding its charge. Oh it went down if i charge again, ow motherfu, there's a loose ground wire here. Trying again there you go, it holds the charge pretty well.

If i put my foot down, let's try to discharge to it directly. There you go. The charges run away very quickly, though, does it work better? If i put it in a cup, let me charge my body first carefully and i think the distance between the plates is linear with voltage level. Is it see the electric force that pushes the plate up is equal to a constant times charge on plate 1 times charge on plate 2 divided by their distance squared? But since the 2 plates have the same size and shape, i guess we can assume they have.

The same charges on them, so the electric force is equal to k times q squared over d squared and since the top plate is floating in mid air. It means that the electric force is equal to the force of gravity of that plate and we can simplify it and we get charge of the plate. Over distance is equal to a constant, but the system has an overall parasitic capacitance to the environment, which we can assume is fixed as long as the environment around it is fixed. But if i, for example, bring my hand close the capacitance changes, so, let's assume the environment is fixed, so the charge over the entire setup, i'm showing with the large q, is equal to the capacitance times the voltage on the setup, and i think it's safe to Assume that the charge on the plate is a constant fraction of the overall charge.
So now we put these three together and we get distance is equal to voltage times this constant, which i call eb for electro boom. So it seems like based on a bunch of assumptions. The distance between the two plates is proportional to voltage on the system, which is very convenient. We can measure the voltage based on the distance between the plates.

I guess it's something that has to be tested and verified, but if that's true, it will be a very good way to measure super high voltages, which are otherwise very hard to measure. Just credit me when it goes to production, and here it is in the glass and, of course one of the big factors in all those calculations is how much charge is running away from the system. When you stop your toe at 3 am what is that face? Evil maddy scares me evil may be like free energy exists, there is no free energy if evil maddie and i touch do we turn into pure energy. Free energy.

Ee exam be like credit to derek muller from veritasium. Can anyone answer? What is this question? We have a circuit. The length of the circuit on each side is half a light here. When switch s is closed, ball b will light up in one year two year.

Let's try to solve it well see when you close the switch the wave of l. Oh wait: i just recorded a whole bunch of thoughts around it, but then i realized that derek of veritasium just uploaded a video with a ton of theories around it, which is a great video, but i don't agree with his conclusion. So brace yourself derek because here i come in my next video, which is another friendly disagreement as usual maddie check this out. What now all right, bro it's time, it's a new computer or something.

What am i watching? Oh my god find what's wrong in this picture. This can't be an outlet, otherwise the humanity is this possible nice? Of course it is possible again. This is the type that interrupts the output arcs at audible frequency, and you hear it so changing that interrupt frequency. You hear different notes.

I wonder if anyone designed one of those analog outputs, i do have a zvs circuit. I wonder if i can easily modify it to create a nice sounding analog audio here's, the zvs circuit that can create some decent high voltage arcs, i'm thinking. If i can modulate the arcs output power with the audio input, i should be able to make some audible sound and i should be able to do it by changing the supply voltage to the zvs circuit and with this circuit, the voltage supply directly changes with the Audio input, let's give it a try now we simply turn it on. Okay, wish me luck.
We turn on the power supply, nothing blown yet plug in my phone and play my song. Let's see hey, i can hear it. Let's give it more juice with a battery. Hopefully, it won't blow up right away.

It's playing. The audio signal is not that strong, though let me put my microphone closer, the audio output is quite clear. The only problem is that the signal coming out of the phone is not that strong. So i guess that's the maximum volume we get.

I really thought these transistors would blow up under so much load, but i guess doubling them off paid off. Latity intro played on a diy arc. Speaker, let's see, i wonder how he designed his circuit rectified this. Oh yeah, i've seen this posted multiple times as if the guy or gal is generating free energy with those magnets turning the motor.

That's not the case. It's just a regular dc motor see i take this dc motor apart and, of course, dc motors have magnets in them already. If i connect the rotor and the brushes to the power supply and turn it on, it doesn't turn. But if i bring a magnet close, it starts turning out so nothing extraordinary to see here.

Electro boom cat, don't let the cat leak. The outlet should have worn. Esd strap. Oh what happened.

I don't know if i should laugh well, nobody got hurt. It seems like right when the guy touches the steel ground. He looks like he's stepping on a landmine. What is going on see.

There is nothing there to burn. I do think there must be static discharge, but what's burning, it might be some flammable gas or something there. It was cotton yarn, so there could also have been fine particles, so maybe a dust explosion. Let's try it.

For example, i have some foam here connected to the ground of my magic wand and if i throw some static discharge to it, it's not gon na set it on fire, so there must be some flammable fumes there like this. If i put some lighter fuel in a cup and also shake it to shape some fumes in it, then if we put the ground in there and try to discharge to it, i'm pretty sure it should go on fire. Oh no! No! No geez, kids don't play with fire and be very worried of static discharge in presence of flammable fumes. Jasp evil may be like.

I will use insulated tools to avoid electrocution evil. Medi may live longer than i do well, that's it. Thanks to my sponsor raycon for the earbuds and allowing me to hear your submissions, i mean look at them. They are barely there and the new raycon everyday earbuds offer 8 hours of play time and 32 hours of battery life so now being stuck in a desert with no food and shelter is much more bearable.

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12 thoughts on “I reinvented the electroscope! latity-008”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CarlosG says:

    It's weird, the theme song is at double speed, but if you play the video at half speed, it definitely doesn't sound right. 🤔

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wize Wizard says:

    The Veritassium video on the time until the lightbulb lights up when closing the switch is soooooooooo wrong. Can't wait for Mehdi to post his counter-video!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julius Francisco says:

    Mehdi: roll the intro….. Just watch in in double the speed

    Meb who watch the intro slower

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gregred78 says:

    I'm using Raycon's I've had for over a year now they do sound great. I also disagree with Derek's video on the time and challenge both of you to get together and make an actual large scale demo of this using wires as far as possible. That would be a great collaboration for you and us Viewer's!!!!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pouya Esmaili says:

    Mehdi, as you said the assumption that capacitance is a constant holds as long as we don't change the environment, but changing the distance changes the environment.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Video Commenter says:

    "So let's assume that nature doesn't behave as I would like"
    Yeah, love science.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jean Van Zyl says:

    I agree with dust explosion. If he was charged and there was cotton particals it would cause a dust explosion

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charlie Harris says:

    There could have been flammable preservatives used on the cotton.
    I strongly suspect Formaldehyde.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Roose says:

    The sky reminds me of a smarter electrician from the movie down periscope
    How much Voltage has he exorbitant

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rich S says:

    Instead of an arc, use a torch (or burner) to create a flame. Then put high voltage audio (PA amp? step-up transformer from there?) onto electrodes in the flame. I've seen it done, it was very cool!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars powderedwater says:

    Raycons have terrible sound quality btw, as a good person I would really recommend getting something else👌

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Diego Rodriguez says:

    Now I'm impatient to watch the 10000 Canadian cents debate. Also watch how "Veritasium en español" will dub the Mehdi's voice.

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