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And now I shall try to drive my Tesla Coil Magic Wand using the double resonance method! Hope it works…
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro
0:30 Double Resonance Tesla Coil Circuit with Air Gap
1:43 Trying to Drive the Tesla Coil Magic Wand for 12 minutes!

Hi Today we will drive my Tesla coil magic wand and huge arcs will come out of it. Wow! just big! ARS Yeah, it is worth mentioning that sponsors this video. My favorite online place to learn math, science and computer knowledge through fun and interactive courses. You can try for free for 30 days through my link Electroboom more at then anyway.

I Built this part of the wand in my previous video which is basically the Transformer side of a Tesla coil. I Was debating on how to drive this thing. It will be running of small batteries so I don't have huge amount of power to spare, but I can store power over some time and output it in a huge burst of energy, creating large arcs. This made me think of the original Nicola Tesla's method of driving it.

see my buddy Nicola placed a super high voltage capacitor across the primary that with the primary inductance, would resonate at the exact same resonance frequency of the secondary as I explained in my previous video, when the primary runs at the same resonance frequency of the secondary, the secondary voltage builds up to super high values. and Arc first we charge our primary side capacitor to very high levels using an initial Transformer When the voltage is high enough, an arc will jump across an air gap, we place in our circuit, shorting the capacitor across the primary inductor. The capacitor's energy pours into the inductor back and forth at resonance frequency, transferring a burst of energy to secondary. Enough chitchat.

I'll be using the same principle. I Have measured the secondary resonance frequency, and the primary inductance using the formula. We will get the capacitance we need. although I have some good amount of error in measurement and component values.

so I think it's best to just make the capacitor and try it. Well, in my last video, my primary started melting and smoking. This is beautiful. Oh no.

and I dug into it to see what's wrong and there's nothing wrong I had just overloaded it so I'll have to cover it with epoxy again. but for now, whatever. I have a bunch of 15,000 Volt 2 nanat capacitors I put Stu them in parallel like this. Of course we don't need to charge the capacitor with high voltage AC like Tesla did, we can charge it with high voltage DC which I have the tools for I'll use my original magic one that can generate over 100,000 volts to charge my capacitor and an arc will jump between the legs when the voltage is high enough.

Wow, that was a strong see the capacitor is so see the capacitor is so OU always discharge your capacitors before handling a circuit. We connect one leg of the capacitor to one side of the primary and the end of the secondary is also connected to the same place. And the distance between the other leg of the capacitor to the other side of the primary makes the air gap. And now we charge the the capacitor and when it discharges we see an arc at the output.

Hopefully there's nothing. Oh wait, look at this nonsense. When I discharge the capacitor, you see those arcs jumping from the exposed area of the primary to somewhere in the middle of the secondary. I have to cover the whole thing better in epoxy instead of the magic one.
I'll be using my powerful Zvs high voltage DC generator circuit that generates it. It usually pops up like a popcorn. but anyway, these Transformers come with built-in diodes that Rectify Transformers super high voltage AC and can quickly charge up my capacitors right after I Fix this. Okay, so here's the situation.

Everything is re epoxied and I have my makeshift spark gap and capacitors connected to my high voltage DC generator and if I turn it on I should expect arcs to jump off the tip here, but there's nothing. Why look at this. you see these massive ARS jumping even after all the epoy I Want these ARS to be up here, but instead for the love of God it's burning it seems. Oh no.

I should have stopped that. Oh sh, look at that Now the primary Ark through the epoxy to the secondary threw there and burned. this is Not going to work anymore. Oh I Have to either throw the whole thing into garbage or dig the primary out and do something about it.

Apparently, if you heat epoxy, you can easily cut through it. Hopefully I can get the primary out and you'll see from there. that's it. I'm pulling it out boys and girls.

the primer is out now we recover it. Uh, I mean cover it again with epoxy. Here you go. Everything re epoxied nicely now.

I'll put the wire right on top of the epoxy with its jacket on and hopefully that will insulate properly. first. I'll wind it around a pipe with less radius like this and then hopefully I can wrap it around that properly like this. I'm testing the jacket with my other magic one.

then look at this. The jacket is damaged here. Have to change the wire. checking to see if this wire jacket not broken.

Yeah, yeah, this one is good. Okay, let's give this a try. Let me show you what we've got now. see now.

I Don't see arcs jumping anywhere internally, but there's nothing jumping from the top either. Well, there is some minor energy going out. Can you see it? ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow What? Very small. I have a feeling maybe internally some Arc is happening that I'm not seeing it.

Well, do you remember I created some very well isolated Ferite core for my Tesla coil. but now I'm thinking maybe it's not well isolated and is on arcing around I have to somehow pull it out. Okay, I can push the Ferite core out from here. it's out.

Although it dropped and broke, but whatever. there was nothing wrong with the Ferite core. There is no internal arcing I Tried with and without the Ferite core and the arcs are just tiny. The driver transistors blew up and I had to replace them.

My treadmill motor broke down and I'm not getting the arcs I deserve I mean look at this. Do you see anything up there? Nothing but it is hitting my hand I can feel it. Let me turn off the light. Can me look at this? Do you see the plasma? It is is hitting me right now but you can probably not see it.
see ow ow ow ow There is something but not big enough to my taste. ow ow My power supply is current limiting too I don't know if that's a problem. I mean the capacitor is already charging and discharging, so power supply current limiting shouldn't be an issue. But maybe I should just use a battery to have constant huge power and see what happens.

Okay, ready, let's try again. Hello! Let me remove this. Wow. Look at this much plasma.

so Beauty well I mean oh I mean you feed it so much power, eventually something will come out of it. but it means that for this. Arc I'll have to have this huge driver circuit and a large battery and that's not something I can fit into the handle of a magic wand. I Was hoping that charging and discharging a tiny capacitor into the primary every say 1 second would be enough to create a large Arc at the output, which would be much simpler to fit into a handle of a magic wand.

But no because I wanted this to look like a magic wand I had to restrict myself to a certain shape which resulted in the circuit having tiny capacitors all over the place which limited the energy which makes me think can I increase the capacitances of The Circuit by placing this top load on top of the circuit here like this and this results in a much lower resonance frequency. That means I have to increase the size of this capacitance. So in total, I'll have much more energy stored in capacitors before they discharge. Let's try it.

Here you go a ton more capacitors and running it off the power supply and we'll see what happens. Okay, let's see. not much better is it? Let's check it with the battery. Yeah, this is garbage I Don't think I tuned the primary properly.

let's just add some capacitors. made it worse. less capacitors. Ah, okay now this is some nice and large arcs and it's much more painful than before too.

Damn it. that's what more energy gets you. I Guess this was another failure I mean I did get some nice plasma and arcs out of the one, but the driver becomes huge. These Dimensions mean small inductances and capacitances that can hold much less energy.

I mean look on a proper Tesla coil. the secondary inductance is around 60 mli Henry at 100 khz while on my wand it's only around 1.4 mhenry the resonance frequency is around 2 MHz That's much harder to drive to so I might just abandon this form factor and roll a fat one to get bigger arcs. It won't look like a proper magic one though. Maybe I can find a solution in a year.

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So start learning and thank you for watching Po.

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