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Installing a new power outlet right and protected is crucial for… safety of course! And even better is the future heated seat warm water toilet seat… hopefully!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
1:27 Checking the ground fault protection of the washroom outlet
3:02 JoinDeleteMe!
4:24 Continue testing the GFCI
5:00 Process of installing the new outlet

Hi today I Want to install a new power outlet in our washroom? Why? you may ask? We already have one because I Want to install one of those automatic butt washing toilet seats for so long have our butts being abused in the North American no wash dirty after system. What are we supposed to do? Just wipe. We all know that wiping just smudges the paint of the canvas. Sometimes when I wipe, I'll wipe and I'll wipe.

it's like I'm wiping a marker or something you go to Europe they have bday you go to Asia they have hoses in the washrooms you can wash yourself with or B days you go to Japan Oh man Japan is a butt Haven with their warm toilet seats and their Precision washing machines and in North America We the poor immigrants are stuck with these gardening watering cans we we have to fill multiple times to wash ourselves like a bunch of cave people. or even worse, just wipe to create some Ro Shack image. Imagine you walk into some Psychopathic office and they try to evaluate You by spreading their cheeks I Want to install a new outlet in my washroom? That's all you need to know. It would be a pretty safe Outlets considering new or renovated houses like mine have GFCI protected Outlets Like this I swear I Thought it was protected but there is no switch.

Maybe it is. Let's test it all. I need is a 10 kilm resistor I plac between live and Earth to create more than 5 milliamps of illegal current from life to Earth And if this thing has groundfold protection, it will pop open. Oh look, it has tiny protection doors.

All I need is to push my meters probe simultaneously into the doors and they'll open like this. Who the left the meter in the current mode? Ah, pop the breaker. We plug this in and we also plug in a light bulb so we can see the state of the outlet. and now we can safely plug in our 10K resistor between live and Earth Sh.

What the hell was that? This is a 1 Ohm resistor. Must have been a mix up. You know there are these devices that can safely check outlets and their false because at some point such mistakes can delete you so don't do it like I Do. Do it it right.

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Removal in progress. Okay good, You know how dangerous it can be for me and my family. If I get ducked Thank God delete Me is working. You should also sign up with them using my link.

Join Delet Electroboom to get 20% off all consumer plans and watch them work more at the end. Oh wait I Already said everything. Anyway, let's make sure we pick the right one. This time trying again with a 10K resistor.

Oh it turned off. So there is a GFCI device on this Outlet Where is it? There's one here, but this one is not popped. This washroom has a regular outlet like the other one, but this one doesn't have power too. How about this one? Oh look, it's here so it seems one GFCI device can feed multiple.

Outlets Good. So if I wire a new outlet in that washroom, it will be protected. You need to have groundfold protection, especially in the washrooms that can get wet. So here's the plan: I'll try to wire the power lines inside the wall into the cabinet and run it through the cabinet and install a new outlet on the side here.

Let's go get some parts Now we go to our local arts and crafts store to get some supplies. This should do it, hopefully. I Haven't forgotten anything. Here's what I got: If you're running the wires outside the walls, you need to get these protected wires covered in steel to make sure you don't accidentally puncture them.

And this is the metal box for the outlet that will go inside the cabinet. Oh oh man. I have drawers here. If I install this here, it a will stick out and interfere with the Dr and the drawer goes all the way to the back.

Oh I guess I can install it over the wall here for an idiotic look. No I'll install it inside the wall. Hopefully there isn't stud here in a good spot. There's a stud here, but so close to the wall.

I can't install this here I Guess I have to install it on the other side of the St but that means I have to wire through the St How do I do that? Now Let's calm down and see what we can do. Lucky for me, I already have a picture of the washroom before we install the drywall and look at this. This is the stud. I Have to pass the wire through and it already has a hole here.

Now if only I can measure its distance to the ground. Okay, according to the estimates, it should be somewhere around here. It's behind the drawers so nobody's going to know if I make a mistake. Oh I'm through.

Let's stick some Rod into it. Okay, how far will it go? Oh, it's going all the way in. Yes, we did it guys. Oh thank God I Thought that stud would be the end of me, but we are through that now.

On this side: I Like to run the wire straight down from the outlet in here. so I have to somehow drill here. oh my. God this so tight.

How am I supposed to hold the camera and drill at the same time? Come on, we are through now. How am I going to pass the wire up there? We take this plate out, use the Linus driver to remove this. We are almost in. Yes, we are in.
Ouch! I Forgot the live and neutral are on the side of this thing. Never grab it like that. More importantly, turn the breaker off before working on. Outlets Most importantly, GFCI works when you place your body between live and Earth not live and neutral.

Okay, let's see. it is safe. Now let's remove the outlet. What do you call these things? A receptacle? an outlet? a plug.

What is it? Okay, now how in the world do I pull my wire into this thing? Apparently you have to push the wire from outside the box into these things. How do I do that? Maybe if I get lucky and can push my rod through the hole into the outlet, I can perhaps run a string through it. Look at this. After half an hour of poking around, it's out now.

I Guess we can pull it out and make it a hook at the end of it. Tie a knot to the end of this thing, pull the string through and it's out. Now let's see if we can run the wire through the wall. Oh by the way.

Jerry Thank you for the knife. This is awesome. When you have YouTuber friends with good products, you're always supplied. Remove the shield from.

The Wire Yeah, 8 in should be enough. We strip. The Wire a little bit, tie the three wires together, make a hook, tie the end of the string to it. Now pull the string through the wall and hope that it goes through.

Guys, it came through. Yes, we did it. Now we cut a length of wire more than we need because if we accidentally end up shorter, we are ruined. Drill holes in the sides of the cabinet to pass the wires through.

Pass the wires through. We tie the wires to the walls with these things. Nice and snug. Get up.

Okay, come on, stay up there. Okay a oh my. God Stay up here. Dam It okay and there.

and I guess now we'll tie the live and neutral lines together. one from the city, one is going to the other outlet, and one extra wire to be tied together with these that goes to the current. Outlet I Try to tie them together nicely with a plier first and then of course we'll use one of these nut thingies to tight them together permanently. Safe and sound.

Same for the neutral and ground hook their ends. We hook it on black or light, wire is on the short slot or brass colored screw and neutral is on the other side and ground is on this green thing. We Lin them nice and tight, push these all back in, screw it back on. This side is done.

It would be funny if after doing all this I can't pass this wire through the wall. Let's figure it out. This start is around here. The center of the outlet will be around around here.

So I guess the outlet will be around here somewhere. We try to cut it open nicely. There we go. Oh fell in there.

There's the stud right there. The question is can I fish the wire through there? Okay, let's push it in and hope for the best. This is so tight here. Can I just grab the wire? Maybe No ha.
found it. The last tie down good. Do the usual drill, pass the wire through that tighten it in place. Now we can.

I Guess just push the excess wire back into the wall. There goes the Box We just have to screw it to the start like this. Yeah, it's connected. Not the best box for for the job though.

but anyway. now we can connect the outlet to the wires. Yeah! I bought the wrong box for the job and I cut this hole too wide open. It will be fine, but there are these boxes that actually clamp to the drywall and I don't need to screw them to the stud.

Oh well. I Learned my lesson. I'll do it better next time. For now, we'll strip these wires, hook the end of the wires, connect the wires to the outlet, screw the outlet to the box, and connect the final panel on.

beautifully done right there now. I Guess we will test it. We carefully turn the breaker back on. Okay, no yelling or our screaming.

let's plug this in and see if we have power. Ah, there we go and again to test the GFCI We plug these things in and we place our 10K resistor between live on Earth It turned off there the GFCI is popped. Another perfect project down the drain. Now for the toilet seat.

I Guess we'll wait and see if somebody will sponsor me. but I guess now I have the means for a warm butt. I'm sure a ton of you are proper electricians that can leave a comment and let me know how I did things wrong and see if I care. I'm joking.

Of course if you don't know what you're doing, these things can be pretty dangerous. Always give it to a professional to do. I'm what you call a professional dumbass.

10 thoughts on “Installing an outlet for a toilet seat?!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Vlaskamp III says:

    You did it wrong.

    You didn't cuss enough. You didn't leave your wire trimmings on the floor. And you didn't cut 1,000 holes to guide the wire down to the new outlet

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars My Modesty says:

    He's pushing his rod. I don't want to know!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fatah Chan says:

    @ludwig get the man a bidet

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Laff says:

    You can install PTC elements on a toilet seat? Hot damn!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr.BreadBoard says:

    "Professional dumbass"

    Man I picked the wrong profession 😂😂😂

    Wow Mehdi is way too much of a perfectionist. Those 3 drawers were practically empty. I would have cancelled the bottom one and used the front part of the drawer as a fake front.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars つなぁ says:


  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars InoXtiC says:

    Ask @ludwig to sponsor his Bidet called Swipe or Swipe+ looks cool.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars P455w0rd's 16 says:

    Americans have sucha over complicated outlets, but us Europeans its simple

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sy Iridium says:

    Very good idea to test whether you turned off the right breaker by touching the live & neutral.
    Would chemist Mehdi test whether a mixture of base and acid was properly neutralized by drinking it?
    And would zoologist Mehdi test whether a wild tiger was sufficiently sedated by kicking it in the butt?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LovSven2011 says:

    (At the end of the video) "I'm what you call a professional dumbass!" – Mehdi, 2023.

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