Can you even increase your WiFi internet speed and range with aluminum foil?!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 LATITY Intro, Posts and sponsor
1:43 WiFi Internet Improvement with Aluminum Foil
6:42 Welding with Graphite/Carbon Rod
9:22 Powering A Hair Dryer Through Water

Hi welcome to another episode of last time. I told you, let's see how well you can entertain yourselves with your submissions and your emails. I may or may not check it in the next episode. Okay, what's hot today, he wishes my first publication.

Finally, washington ac yup. That's right: speed dating tesla or edison who's tesla. Next, i need a medi. This is beautiful.

I would love to have one. Would you knit one for me i'll, leave a message for you. Please make me one i'll, buy it from you now that takes a skill. You can also learn a ton of new different skills from skilled professionals.

Thanks to my sponsor skillshare. Stick to the end of the video to learn that the first thousand people to use my link will get one month's free trial of skillshare. So you can start learning from thousands of inspiring classes for creators. Like yourself guess i already told you what you'll get stick to the end anyway, the four horsemen of yes, this was actually in pewdiepie's.

Video too, i saw him react to it. Let me see if i can find it there. It is the much thicker base for it it's made of material. My fame knows no boundaries, 5000 amp fuse getting blown up.

Yes, did you see that photonic induction is back? Go watch his video, my dad put foil behind the router to make the internet faster. I was disappointed, he's just a boomer. Well, what? If i told you this could actually increase the speed of your internet well in some locations and slow it down in some other locations sounds crazy. Doesn't it let me explain how it works.

Your service provider gives you a certain maximum speed, but your data has to go over wi-fi from your computer to your router, then to your modem to your service provider and over to the cloud and all the way back to your computer. Before you can watch a video, for example, the networking system breaks the overall data you need into smaller packets of data and transfers them over. Now. The quality of connection between two devices, especially in wi-fi, becomes very important in the communication speed you get.

If the connection is strong and direct, then you get much faster communication here. You go, sir. Thank you another one. Mostly obliged have a gift for you.

You know my taste, but especially in wi-fi when your devices are far and the signal is weak compared to noise and there might be potentially other devices talking over the same channel. Your packets might be lost or dropped as they say. Thank you, sir. Hey hey what i have a packet for.

You take my package. What packet take it? Okay? Oh i dropped your packet. What i dropped you! It's! Okay, take this one, a new packet, here's a packet for you! Oh thank you, sir. Take my packet give it over.

I already gave it i didn't get anything what your packet dropped. Why can't you do a simple job? What did you call me? Oh you hear that one eh yeah get this packet. I got it. Why the is this packet empty? What send it again? Lord thanks! A wheel, i got it: okay, here's another one: what what? What let's take a minute of monetized silence to recover from that? Well, you get the idea when your communication is not good like when your signal is weak.
Your packets may drop multiple times which results in a much slower communication speed. But if you can amplify the wireless signal by focusing it between the transmitter and receiver, the communication will be better and so the communication speed. But if you take all that power and focus it in a single direction, it means that the signal is much weaker everywhere else. So if you have another device somewhere else, it will lose communication all together.

Let's give it a try. I'm connected to my range extender. It's a little bit far from me and my speed should be around 150 170 megabit per second, but it's a little bit slower. Okay, let's see if we can focus its power towards my room and increase the speed.

Oh, i know i can just plug it under this. Uk plugs would probably save me here anyway. Electricity opened the hole here for me, which i can now use to more safely plug this in okay, let's focus! Oh damn it. You know, let's just make a nice cut out around the outlet there you go.

This should be better if i can somehow focus it towards my room. Would this do anything here? We are. Oh, oh, oh look at that. I made it significantly better awesome.

Of course, your speed will not be above the maximum. Your service provider is already giving to you any electrical engineer. I work with live electricity. You turn off the breaker right.

You turn off the breaker right, god have mercy, go ahead, use kirchoff's law, good luck, which is more valuable. Electro boom, with his scope, oh dear, oh dear gorgeous electro boom, when his tesla car cannot fit some wood dunk flashback to mehdi melting, his pants off. Also, i find the shape of the heating element. Interesting.

That looks cool. I should try it on my car here. They are interesting. That's exactly what i made in my seat, warmer video.

It was age restricted. My 12 year old son made a full bridge rectifier. After learning from electro boom, proud father here awesome, my fan of the rectifier hope you see this wow. This is good and he has the bridge connected there.

Nice totally not me spending four hours on this and one two three four, you guys are talented thanks putin's babushka 69, this looks sketchy. Would it actually work how to make mini welding machine he's opening a soldering iron, or is he just using graphite interesting? Let's try that apparently it takes a graphite rod. You can pull out of a carbon zinc battery a large battery to handle a ton of current and some wires. Let's put them together.

Here we go there, you go whoa yeah. These graphite rods have some oil in them at the beginning. That has to burn out oh geez. My wire is burning too, but it seems like it's working, let's see if we can weld, it might be enough to melt and bind metals to each other.
Oh, my god, ouch it's so hot! Oh, my god, everything is burning except this. Okay come on well, this gets super hot. Come on. My wires are going away.

Well, damn it well, what's bad! Oh! No! My wires have to open the window go away all right! I think i need to buy some new wires much higher gauge wires. Damn smoke, maybe just maybe one shouldn't, try everything they see on the internet. Could this actually happen after putting a lithium battery in water? Well, let's give it a try or maybe not. Well, i know if you drop lithium in the water, it will explode so a lithium battery.

If you open it up and make the lithium exposed water. I think it'll blow up, rectify and confirm information in this video. I find it very interesting. Oh it's! My dudes technology connections he's always right always well, i mean he makes very well educated videos.

I've actually seen that video he's pretty good subscribe to his channel. Is this electric alien of some sort? What is going on the animal is live. Well, it is alive, and i mean it has a live voltage, stop shoving your screwdriver in the poor animal. I mean what was the thought process of the first person to shove: a live detector screwdriver into the poor penguin's body.

Unless the dude already connected a live wire somewhere to that animal, just for sure, in that case, i'll find you and i'll shock you is this: what playing with death looks like what is this water coming out of the outlet? What what's going on he's? Turning on his hairdryer with the waters coming from the outlet, this is fake on so many levels. Well, first of all, i assume the water is coming from the same source splitting into two holes coming out. Doesn't this mean the water would short the power lines on the source and also it's clean water, which means it's very high resistance. It can supply power to a hair dryer and, what's with the arch, an arc like that requires a ton of current which the water can't supply.

Let's give it a try. Well, first of all never try my experiments yourself, i'm the only one who holds the title of professional dumbass and second, i have 2 cups of clean tap water with two spoons in it that connected to the power lines and if i plug it in, i can Turn on an led light with it don't touch the power lines there. You go now i'll short between the two waters with my ammeter and we will see how much current will run through it. But this is super small.

It's like three four micrograms or less. This means, if i put my fingers across the waters, i shouldn't feel anything. Don't try this at home ow. I still felt it a little bit.

Let's try again ow. Yes, i feel it badly. How come the ammeter shows so small of a current. What i feel pain - oh damn it the ammeter, is on dc, not ac.
Okay, it's ac! Now, that's six milliamps! No wonder! I feel pain anyway. Six milliamps is the maximum current through the waters when they are shorted, which means it's no way enough to turn on an led light bulb see i put the legs between the two waters: nothing and definitely no arcs. Now, let's put some salt into the waters to make them even more conductive. Again, let's see what's the short circuit current through the water wow, it's like 2 3 amps, my god, you hear it still no arcs, but there is ton of current running through it.

Oh, my nice probes burned definitely no fingers in these waters, but this one should be enough to turn on the light bulb there. You go still shouldn't be enough for a full power hair. Dryer though, let's try. No, the water is still bubbling, but no power on the hairdryer.

Let's turn off the heating element and try again: oh there you go. If i turn off the heating element, there is just enough current to weakly turn on the motor and definitely no arcs, and i really doubt if the guy has high density salt water coming out of his walls. This video is just for giggles, isn't my channel kind of the same. I always make my arcs and explosions real, except for those times that i can make a large enough arc, and i never fake or lie about things that are scientifically untrue.

So i should be in good shape, methi collaborated with him, but never too late for some rectification. What is it linus? 26 degree. Temperatures that looks fine voltage, zero degrees, what voltage zero degrees we all have been there. Excuse me, sir, what time is it? It's four volts.

What i thought time was in amp hours: news claims lightning strike, kills 18 elephants in india. Is this even possible yeah, of course it's possible unless they are missing their tusks? I don't think lightnings are into poaching. Tell me there isn't something wrong with this. Well, actually, there isn't anything wrong with this.

You might be thinking this guy is working on wires with different voltages and he should be electrocuted. No, those cables carry the same voltage, but instead of one cable, they are separated into four cables because of skin effect. This way they have less resistance for ac, so less losses there isn't all the cables are on the same phase, but he's not wearing safety gear and is about 80 meters above the ground. All right, i didn't take that into account.

I never take those things into account. Well, i think i'll stop here. Thanks for your submissions, it was fun and now it's time for you to learn a new skill. Thanks to my sponsor skillshare, you know you are born to create.

Maybe you just need to learn how to do. It then go to skillshare from my link in the description and get your one month free, which is a ton of time to finish many classes and start creating being an online learning community for creativity. Millions of people go there to brush up on their old skills or learn new ones from arts and crafts and programming and electronics and animation and like, for example, our very own. Marquez brownlee has a series about youtube, success or jordy vandeputs videos on video and lighting.
That has helped me turn my setup into a more what's. The word set up his setup, an overall, better, looking and feeling video as long as the camera is facing this way or a ton of classes on arduino, which i'm still slacking behind. Skillshare is curated for learning, so there are no ads. They are always launching new premium classes and you can follow wherever your creativity takes.

You on your own time and convenience so use it, and thanks for watching pay.

15 thoughts on “Internet Speed Boosting with Foil? Power Through WATER?! LATITY006”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joshua Gomez says:

    ROFL onthe welding.. 12 volts neeeeeds bigger wires you know better lolol
    jackasss. haha that smell.. If you used 4awg or somethign it would probably be ok the wire gauge would depend on the battery output.. if anyone is wondering

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joseph Halbohn says:

    Does mehdi have a smoke detector I swear he lights something on fire in every video and it never goes off

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zach Matthews says:

    Legend has it in the year 2057. In some retirement community, Mehdi is still convincing himself that he'll learn Arduino.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Holzwurm _HD says:

    WHAT THE!? I also posted the 500 amp Video a few months ago on your Subreddit…

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 111_Anubhab Ghosh says:

    Thats why engineers are the most unpredictable human beings and out of convention. In India also,many succesful people today in various fields are once engineers.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Milho says:

    ROFL….profesional dumb ass! Cant believe I've never come across this channel until today. Well Done

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Fasano says:

    20+ years ago we sometimes attached Pringles canisters to each TV antenna to help get better signal. Worked most of the time.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars awesomeferret says:

    It's quite ironic that the heated seat video you cited isn't age restricted anymore but this video is.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars codemiesterbeats says:

    I had an old linksys with external antennas and made a janky parabolic curve to add more directional signal to my setup… I also built a parabolic dish directional Wi-Fi antenna.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nima Omrani says:

    Would you please explain how Japanese reached internet transfer speeds of 300 Tbps? Thanks a lot and keep on posting amazing videos

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars xristoforos koulouris says:

    Wtf a YouTube window popped and said this content might be inappropriate, continue–go back, is it because of the latity song?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars InvadedGaming _YT says:

    He been doing this for so long his whole room full of smoke and a small fire next to a flammable battery but he is calm

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Happilicious says:

    12v battery to weld is super dangerous tho, the battery internal resistance + the power that's needed to weld = fire

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars San Jacobs says:

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  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bobbie Graham says:

    The guy walking on the "power lines" didn't get electrocuted was because they were probably telephone lines not power lines

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