Speaker with Electric Force?? Phone Jammer with 55?!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 LATITY Intro and Reddit Submissions
1:53 Ionizing Radiation Creating Arcs
6:42 Jamming Cellphone Signal with 55 IC
7:32 Making Sound with Electric Force
10:23 How Dangerous is Ionizing Radiation
12:45 Reading High Voltage on Random Metals at Home

Hi welcome to another episode of questions with quality muslims, no matter your entity, i may or may not check it in the next episode. Okay, let's pray for good submissions. At this point, i think they have personal problem with me, grilled mouse. Where is it? I don't see anything oh damn here.

It is rest in peace. Mouse you'd be surprised how often electricians find animals grilled under power wires. I suppose it's a humane way to quickly kill an animal. Do they still use electric chairs as of 2021? The only places in the world that still reserve the electric chair as an option for electrocution are the u.s states of alabama florida, south carolina, kentucky and tennessee.

I guess no surprises there. Do they still use guillotines? How do you spell it? Oh, they spelled them guillotines. It was last used in the 1970s okay. We should probably get out of this tangent of knowing how people are crucified uh.

Do they still crucify? Yes, let's get out of that mess. I think you need to rectify this free energy garbage. No, i don't need to rectify this. How many times do i have to say there is no free energy.

It's funny, though, still people come to me and say so. Really, none of those free energies on youtube are no making free energy scam doesn't take skill. You need real skill, then visit my sponsor share the online learning community and learn from skilled professionals. First thousand viewers to use my link in the description will get one month of free premium trial and learn something you can actually use more attend.

Ionizing radiation igniting this arc, it has a small arc. What is that a radioactive material? Oh it's interesting. It seems the ionizing radiations from the radioactive material are helping to create a channel for the arc to start. Isn't that dangerous to keep that in your lap? I hope the guy is at least wearing lead shorts.

It's interesting, though, for a while, i didn't quite know how a marks generator worked. If you remember from my marks generator video all these spark gaps must release their charge at the exact same time, and i didn't know how they can all discharge at the same time, because the capacitors would charge at different rates and there would be different voltages across The gaps, basically, there are a bunch of capacitors kind of in parallel that all charge with a high voltage dc and there are a bunch of spark gaps and when the voltage across one of them, which is the first one, first reaches high enough. An arc jumps across it, shorting it and all the spark gaps go off at the same time, and this will put all these capacitors in series adding up all their voltages to a very high voltage. You see the spark gaps in my marks generator, and i was confused because, for example, if the first capacitor reaches high enough voltage, an arc will jump across the first spark gap that will short the voltage and the rest of the capacitors.

Wouldn't have the opportunity to charge higher, so i did a google to figure out why all the spark gaps go off at the same time, and i realized that the arcs generate a ton of ionizing radiations like uv or x-rays. So apparently, what happens is that when the first gap arcs, it generates ionizing radiations that ionize the air in the second gap, making it much more conductive and an arc is generated there and in a chain effect all the gaps go off at the same time. Well, almost the same time, depending on how fast this wave propagates and that got me thinking, i can make these discharge gaps even wider, so there won't be any discharge and that will give the capacitors opportunity to charge to their maximum and then maybe using an external Discharge, i can trigger this chain effect and make even higher voltage anytime. I want to create the external arc.
I'm gon na use my high voltage magic wand and a capacitor and charge it with the one and create the arcs. Okay, let's give it a quick, try i'll put my external trigger forgotten. How many times this piece of sh has zapped me: okay, let's give it a try. Oh it's discharging on its own yeah.

Why is it how that my capacitor is picking up charge charging my body and i can't turn off the power supply without getting shocked anymore? Damn it okay, i just hope. No arcs jump to my wand. Ow. It's zapping me: let's bring it a tad bit closer.

It's not doing anything trying again at close proximity, close proximity arc, oh damn it stupid capacitor. I have a feeling i have to epoxy the entire circuit, except for the spark gaps for this to work better. Well, you get the idea. I don't think i need to suffer anymore for you to grasp that theory.

Well forget about the marks generator. It's too messy. I just want to see if i put high voltage across this big capacitor here, can i trigger an arc between these legs from the radiations of an arc generated between the legs of this other capacitor? Okay, here we are, doesn't look like it's doing anything. I think this issue ouch, is a little bit more complicated than that.

It's not arcing, but it's zapping me, oh jinx. Let me see if it actually generates high enough voltage this. I think i need a more precise setup to be able to confirm anything i'll. Do that later, is this one for matthew to test? What is this? They made a tiny circuit that jams a cell phone with five five.

Five, that's certainly rubbish. You realize nowadays, cell phones, work at frequencies well above one gigahertz, and what can the circuit do like? One or two megahertz it won't jam here i connected my even bigger antenna to my function, generator with even bigger voltage of 12 volt peak to peak that can go up to 20 megahertz. Let's try it! Here's my mobile and wi-fi signal strength and the mobile is already pretty, and the signal is off. Let's turn it on here's, two megahertz and there's no difference.

Let's increase the frequency and here's 20 megahertz, no difference that was fake ass, who needs arcs for music anyway, who needs flybacks when you could just play music with the inductors themselves: yellow traces, yeah, pretty much anything that has coil in it if their windings are not Secure enough, they will vibrate under the ac that is passing through them and you can make music with it. And i've seen a ton of examples of this that magnetic fields vibrate something like a speaker and it makes a sound. But i'm wondering if you can make it with electric force. Well, i'm thinking if we put two flexible metal plates like a capacitor close to each other and put a voltage across them, we will put charges over them that they will attract each other.
So changing the voltage, we can change the electric force between these plates and vibrate them and potentially make a sound here. I have two copper plates and i connect a four hertz 12 volt peak to peak signal across them and if i bring them close, i should be able to make a sound, no sound. Maybe i need to increase the electric force by raising the voltage. I guess i can get 120 volt ac by connecting these to cd power line, at least that way.

Maybe we are able to hear a 60 hertz humming sound okay. Here we go, don't try this at home. Let's see if we hear anything without touching the plates, not even a bit of sound, so we can clearly see that we can successfully weld two pieces of metal passing high current through them success. I expected to hear something, but not that sound.

How does this lamp work yeah? This is interesting. Actually we were inspired by this and made our own for mother's day me and my daughter, electrocute decided to make this lamp. For my wife see it works the same way you bring it close, the way it works, which i think is the same way. The other lamp works is that we connected this string to a switch there and the magnetic force pulls the string up.

Turning on the switch and the lamp, my daughter drew the shape of the heart on a piece of wood, and i cut it and put it together and we put the electronics together and she painted the whole thing. It looks nice, no is this safe short circuit on 750 kilowatt line? Really, oh, no! Oh my god idiots. Imagine the guy who's happily swinging and throwing up the wire has the wire tangled around his body by accident, and i don't know man they may get jailed for this. Is this safe again, russian kids short out 500 kilowatts? What is going on in russia? Oh, my god, russians stop it.

Can you rate how safe this video is? Did you watch video of william osman making an x-ray machine in his garage x-ray being more powerful than uv lights? I would say it's pretty dangerous, but then again it depends on the dosage of the x-ray this device puts in your body. I told you in my 5g video that there needs to be multiple mutations in a dna to make a cell cancerous. So a bunch of essential dna code must get corrupted for the cell to become cancerous. It must disable self-destruct disable detection by the immunity system lure the body to direct all the resources to it and enable fast multiplication if we are under low dosage of ionizing radiation, which we always are from earth and universe, one of those radiations may hit a critical Dna link and corrupt it, but that cell will very likely die before any other critical changes happen to its dna, but under high dosage of radiation it is much more likely for a dna to be hit multiple times by ionizing radiations and get critically modified and become Cancerous, so it's all about statistics at low enough radiation dosage.
It's almost impossible for a cell to change that much to become cancerous during its lifetime and if the radiation is too high, you'll pretty much tear the cell apart and kill it and you with it. So you need a sweet spot of radiation for best chance of cancer, not that you need it musical arcs with new drivers. This is nice nice to see how people are embracing high voltage in different formats, except for those idiots who are throwing wires on high voltage lines mehti in thighs animation. What is this looks like me, kind of what is this abdul pc? Hey, wait, a minute! Isn't that really me, i think i remember where it is from.

Wasn't it from my railgun video this one, it's okay, holland here have some lead pellets, lead pellets great. I love lead pellets. It is me abdul pc guy gets 70 volts from the grounded pipe. Is this realistic, so i notice every time i take a shower.

I was getting a sick shower funny see so i notice every time i take a shower, so i notice every time i take a sh, so i know every time i take a shower. I was getting shocked when i would touch anything metal, so we have the voltmeter you're rocking 70 volts, so he's measuring around 70 volts between his tap to ground. Take it off in the shower. Why does he say shower like that? I don't know.

Well yeah. You read some voltage there, but can that voltage deliver enough current without dropping? Okay, don't try this at home, but here i have a one mega ohm resistor on live 120 volt wire, which means, even if i put that resistor between live and neutral. I only get 120 microamp, nothing that can hurt me now. Let's measure at the output of the resistor, you see, the voltage is a little bit lower at 108 volts, it's still pretty high, but let's touch the output now see.

I don't feel it at all and the voltage significantly drops, so it doesn't matter if you read high voltage on something. Is there enough serious resistance with that high voltage that can protect your body? I think i should be able to even put it on my tongue, but never try this. Let's see i'll, barely feel it do not attempt this at home. You dummies, but you get the idea.

Series resistance to a voltage supply is very important if mehti was a smoker. Is he trying to turn on his cigarette with electricity? Don't put it in your mouth? How? Well, hopefully he is a professional, and this was a joke same as me, who i'm also a professional. Well, i'm not dead yet because i'm skilled, if you also like to learn a new skill or get better at it head on to my sponsor skillshare from the link in the description and embrace the creative person within you at any skill level. Like i said my first thousand viewers to use my link will get a full one month of free skillshare trial, in which you can take a ton of different classes from electronics, coding, web design, animation and graphic design and tons of other subjects for free.
I think i can use my link too, because i'm interested to take the logo design with drappling class by aaron draplin, because i haven't designed any new shirts in a long time, and i need some creative inspiration and knowledge to come up with something new. Skillshare is an online learning community, with thousands of inspiring classes for creators, explore new skills, deepen existing passions and get lost in creativity. Skillshare classes are made for learning, so there are no ads and they are always launching new premium classes. So you can stay focused and follow wherever your creativity takes you, you are creative.

It just takes some skill to make you shine so use this free month of trial and thank you for watching.

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    I did try my version of putting that wires on my tongue but since here we use 240 volts AC I use resistance of 3 Mega ohm n I feel nothin… Good to know… Thnks Electroboom…

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars vlabiouzzz says:

    The shower thing also happened to me, getting shocked when touching shower faucet But two other weird thing were happening, one, if I kept just enough skin on the faucet the zap would have been continuous and the second and the weirdest was the fact that there were some spots on the tiles where I would get zapped in the same way only at lower intensity. The only thing i observed was the fact that if the tiles were freshly cleaned of the deposited limestone there would be no zapping and the power of it would increase with the thickness of the limestone layer. My father, an electrician did not believe me. I thought it had to do something with iron particles in the water creating some sort of circuit when deposited on the tiles along with the limestone.

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    Ok Got The Idea Of Next Video Sir
    Please Make A Video On Mobile Signal Jammer it could be very Knowledge Full

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    I was genuinely convinced he was going to say 'the first 1,000 of my viewers with get a FFFFUUUUULLLLLLLLLL BRIDGE RECTUMFRYER!'

    Okay, so not actually the 'rectumfryer', but I really did expect rectifier. 😁

    Though… In retrospect…

    My rectum is actually 'fried' due to cancer… Well, it's missing. So maybe not exactly 'fried', but ypu never know what those wiley doctors be getting up to!

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    Actually, to get a cell cancerous, you only need to damage the tumor repressive gene p53. Since apoptosis depends on it.

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    In response to your 5G answers to how cells could become cancerous, could a vaccination in combination with 5G radio frequency possibly be a means?

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    Stay alive man please, if these two persons die I’ll be the saddest, 1 Rowan Atkinson and then you.

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    Hi Mehdi, I just want to share with you my recent shocking event. I bought vaccum cleaner that has steel skelet. When using it, there is tons of dust, hairs and so in it, rotating quickly (I guess). When turned off, I closed it to grounded wire and I got almost two centimeters of arc! I am not good in counting, but it seems like I generated 50kv with my vacuum cleaner. For first time, I accdentaly touch it and hell I was jumping around. I felt like it might make you happy that first thing I thought about was you 🙂

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars xtraCt42 says:

    its actually possible to get some sound out of a capacitor and Sennheiser builds some headphones using that technique.
    But they are ridiculously expansive: you can only buy them with a special amplifier and the combo goes for something between 50k-60k €

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    I got severe adhd and can hardly ever focus on a video that exceeds 36 seconds but somehow I sit through electroBOOMs thorough explanations of things I know jack shit about? I call it the Zappa syndrome, where some input (like listening to experimental jazz rock) is so complicated and obviously skilled that my busy brain just relax in the chaos

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