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This was our first time traveling outside Mexican resorts, and the experience was WAY better than resorts! The electrical system though… we loved the cities!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Traveling to Mexico City
9:48 Traveling to Oaxaha City
16:37 Traveling to Cancun

Hi Today we are going to: Mexico Although their country has around 127 million subscribers, only around 1% of my viewers come from their country. It would be a shame if somebody had to test their electrical system. Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video where you learn tons of math science and Computing in fun and interactive ways. Just sign up for my link Electroboom and start with a 30-day free triy on first stop.

Mexico City Let's take a tour of our fourstar hotel. Yay! It's interesting to see how they run the communication lines in. Mexico City I Mean it may give some people wire management anxiety. This is uh, truly.

I mean come on man. I I Don't even see all these cables here. Well, some of them have fallen. These stuff are Optical Fibers They actually upgraded a power line I'm sure this Outlet is safe.

I Mean there's only one switch here that turns on that light and this light doesn't work and I can't find any Outlets But I'm sure that TV is plugged in somewhere. Let's see. Oh there you go. The there is an outlet here.

How is this powered? The power lines are running through this into the outlet. H There's the power cables. Well, there is only live and neutral on this cable. So I guess you can't forget about the ground protection on that outlet.

Where is it going to move forward? Holy moly look at this. This looks like a job I would do. They use the power cable, cut it and connected the other cable to the end of it ran it to the outlet behind the TV and that's how it's powered this. Outlet Man my.

God Unplug that thing. Well, it's nice it's held by one screw there. Let's open this Abomination and see what's going on inside. Good news, everybody.

there is ground connection here. Too bad it's not going to the outlet behind the TV Somebody only had a two wire cable. I Mean if it's the North American Standard I Highly doubt it if there is any ground fault protection on these outlets in the rooms. Just put it back as is.

I Guess it looks better than when we started. Well at least there is another. Outlet This lamp is plugged into. Let's find that one.

What: They ran the cable from the lamp straight into the wall. What is that thing? Oh my. God Look at that. But at least they use some electric tape to cover the exposed wires.

And then we have the internet and telephone lines which is glued at the corner here. They also have another Outlet in the washroom. This one better be GFCI protected. Let's see if the voltage is at familiar levels at least almost 130 volts.

This is still within standard. Let's see if the ground is connected. Neutral to ground is almost zero. Good.

So most Outlets have ground. which begs the question. This lamp with the sketchy power connection has outlets here. I Hope the ground is connected.

There is it0 volts between neutral and ground. Yep. okay. and to make the matters worse, there is no breaker box in the room.
Maybe there is an electrical room somewhere here? There is some stuff here. Oops. this sketchy, half falling apart boxes for air conditioner. What's piso? I Guess this is one of those cases that I have to test the outlet right on the last day and then we run away.

Oh my. God This passage has all the parts and everything. this all the microwave parts, so many parts of everything is here. You know how many Transformers I could get out of these microwave ovens? Oh my what a Heavenly environment.

It is a very nice and crowded and historic. City Let's see if I can see the waveform. using my tiny scope here, we shove our probe in the live and neutral. We connect our probe to the live wire.

Ouch! We connect everything first, then plug into the live and neutral. Maybe this test shouldn't be done in such a wet environment, but hey, let's try it out. Plug it in. there you go.

Hey, not bad. The sine wave looks pretty sine wavy. At least we have one thing right here. Does it even have groundfold protection? Take the cover off.

There is no groundfold protection on this thing. Let Me Shine A Light Here for you see, somebody spliced the neutral wire into two wires. wrap the wires around each other, and wrap some electric tape around them. Oh my.

God Is this a case of make do with what you have or someone got lazy? So either the entire room is protected or nothing is protected Let's test for ground full protection I Feel like it's all my fault if I had dubed and subbed my videos in Spanish Mexico's electrical system would be in a better shape. It seems like extension cords in Mexico are all handmade. My type of people. I'm not supposed to film here, but look at this.

Abomination Oh my. God What is extension cord in Spanish C extension. Let's see if we can find extension cords in Mexico Here is a hardware store. Let's check it.

There you go. They have all types. see I mean maybe they find it more fun if they make it themselves. Kind of like me.

But beside the questionable wirings and whatever is going on up there and this questionable power lines Everything Is So Exciting in this Kitty All right. I put 1 kilo between live and Earth Don't try this at home for around 130 milliamps and if there is anything to trigger, this will trigger it. How much are you willing to bet that there is no protection around here? Let's give it a try. Ouch! My resistor is absolutely annihilated.

There is no ground fault protection here, but at least there is Earth it should count for something. Does the room even have a breaker? After my resistor was shorted? We still have power here. Just don't take your electronics into the washroom and don't throw your hair dryer into the water. But we are done with the Fantastic Mexico City and we are going to Waka You can use Brilliant anywhere anytime.

your idle time doesn't have to be a waste when you can have fun learning. Our hotel here is nice. Hopefully you'll have a better electrical experience here. Not all four stars are made the same.
There is no Outlet in the washroom. There is one by the sink I Have to test. it doesn't seem protected, but the outlets seem to be in good shape. s although all the outlets in this room are in good shape I Still doubt it if there is any groundfold protection here.

the only one that might have it is this one by the sink here. I Don't see any evidence of protection here? Well, I'll test it. But first, let's try to find the breaker box. I Have a feeling it's in this closet here.

Let's take a look. No, it doesn't look like it's for the rooms. I Guess we are doing it again without access the fuse panel. If I want a nitpick I would say well this one is nice and straight up, but this one is sideways upside down eclectic.

damn it. I Forgot my multimer. Some fuses are missing here should I touch these? Hopefully they don't have power. Oh more.

maybe they're just building it. Not finished yet. Waka City is a beautiful, historical exciting City Man you should come. and if you into eating crickets, you can eat crickets.

Those lamps. 12 Vol Lines are coming down there. or at least I hope there are 12 volts. Let's give it a try.

Yeah, isn't this 120 volt line a little bit too thin to power an entire house? Yeah. I Feel like these are a little bit too thin And what? They use electrical tape again to power the entire house. As an example, those are 200 amp rated wires running to the city from my house and and these are rated for 100 125 amps. Going to my neighbor's house where those Mexican wires rated for like 20 amps? Come on.

Mexico You don't want to set your power lines on fire. Maybe somebody did some calculations here. Anyway, let's check this. Outlet The Earth is connected too.

So oh, it's interesting to see this kind of modular. Outlets You can buy if you want like a switch and an outlet or you can put three Outlets or whatever. Nice. The wiring seems pretty new.

a metal box inside and yeah, everything is updated. The only thing that's missing is a ground fault protection. Maybe they don't believe in groundfold protection. This is an updated room so maybe they have a central ground Vault protection for the sake of not wanting to talk to the hotel people about why the breaker popped I Hope they don't have a ground fault protection.

Here is another: 1K Between live and Earth and let's see: special Effect no groundfold protection. We don't have to explain anything to anybody. I mean 127 million people survived without groundfold protection. Maybe groundfold protection is overrated, but I Also know a ton of people died for this reason.

so hopefully Mexico will add this to their code. This Is How They Traditionally, Dis: what is is that? oh my God I Forgot to bring my multimeter. should I touch it for the love of God extension cords. Man is it cheaper to buy these and Jerry rig them together.
So that's what these holes are for these meter counters I wonder if it's powered this time? I Can't prair. let's check only 21. 22 volts. How about the other side? No fortunately it's not powered I found another one.

Let's check it. 90 volts doesn't seem on but not very low voltage. eer. wow this one is like 115.

so that thing is maybe hot. So I guess the lesson is don't shove your hand in the holes. it doesn't belong. Done with the Oaka City.

Now for our last resort we go to a resort in Cancun Have you studied on Brilliance today? Okay this room looks better. We have some beautiful view of air conditioners. What do we have here Outlets that support North American and European plugs a light switch USB charger I Bet there is no groundfold protection. More stuff on this side.

What in the world is that? It's a light dimer? Cute? Is that a? HDMI I Guess with this, you can connect your computer to the TV What is that? Some sort of smoke detector? perhaps with all the holes blocked? I Think this was supposed to be screwed to the ceiling? I guess I'll just push the screws into the ceiling fixed. What is that? Hey look one outlet with GFCI protection. How about the other side, right? Hey I Guess this is the one place they overdid it because you can use one outlet with GFCI protection to support and protect multiple. Outlets Second day and these Outlets only look good on the surface.

I Tried to charge my cell phone plugging it into the USB and it doesn't even work now. I Have a dead cell phone and what's up with the design of these? Outlets See, they keep spitting out the Chargers and they don't stick in exposing those metal prongs. What if some kid sticks their finger in them or somebody accidentally drops something conductive on those prongs? Uh, someone shorts those prongs Accidental. What the hell That was? Antil Climactic.

It doesn't even charge your phone because it keeps spitting out your charger. Yeah. I Have to push it in. And if I let go, it disconnects.

Damn it. What design of an outlet is this? I Guess if your things are not connected to power, it means they're safe. They may not work, but they're safe. How about this one? Let's see.

Nope. these North American only Outlets though. hold your stuff better and work. and I assume if you have push them out like the other one, the prongs also disconnect like so ow, at least the crappy outlet that spits your charger out makes sure that it disconnects to North American System is junk man.

at least Let's test the GFCI with my trusty 1 kiloohm Between Live and Earth. Oh yes, it popped. There you go and the other one popped. And of course you don't need to connect a resistor Between Live on Earth they have a test button, you press, it pops out and the LED goes out and you know it's working and you can reset it again.
There you go. So I guess in this Resort we are protected. although the quality of the outlets plugs are questionable. I Mean resorts are great for sunbathing and swimming and eating and relaxing.

but cities and towns. Man, those are where people and culture and attractions and local food are. So make sure you visit everything. especially visit Electroboom to take advantage of a 30-day free trial and learn from intermediate to University level knowledge with a good dose of interactivity That not only keeps you engaged but also makes the knowledge stick in your brain.

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The first 200 of you can get 20% off Brilliant's annual premium subscription. Do it and thank you for watching.

13 thoughts on “Mexico hates extension cords!!!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @JavierChaparroM says:

    hahaha! As a native mexican guy that learned the Electrician trade in US territory when I came back home to visit I learned they use 10 Gauge wire as the main feeding cable to the whole dwelings It's pretty confusing where the line is drawn on where you actually have to do proper calculations, but Schools, and commercial buildings are ussually a little bit better lol

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @frosty9595 says:

    All of my visits to Mexico have taught me that Mexicans have a very…. Casual…. relationship with electricity. No surprises in this video for me. Lovely place though.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @serialkhan8280 says:

    mehdi jan vaghan lezat mibaram bainke in hame salle canda hasti hanoz ba lahje irani harf mizani zibast vaghan karat dast marizaa ❤

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @RalfSiegesmund says:

    Your wit of word mixed with the need of blowing things up makes watching your videos electrifying!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @yoloboy2594 says:

    come to south africa please!!!!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @eumesmo-kd1tr says:

    Welcome to my country MEXICO

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @om_roderin says:

    Third world survivor

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @pcno2832 says:

    With all the shabby wiring in Mexico, I couldn't help but notice the near absence of fat people down there. Maybe with flimsier wiring, they have to cook smaller portions. Or maybe larger bodies are more likely to brush against the live wires that seem to be so common down there. Whatever they are doing, they got one thing right.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @ashishkumarmallick4633 says:

    Come to india mehdi you won't survive here 😂

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    midonestam irani pesar az lahje va esmet hads zade bodam nice <3 love you man

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @gerardozwieger5359 says:

    Mexico is a goldmine of content for you sir, enjoy 😂

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @w0nd3rlu573r says:

    3 minutes in and I somehow have a glass with a single malts magically appeared in front of me. It's a high glass. I think I will need it towards the end. This is painful.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @ElectroBOOM says:

    HEY HEY! I ended up with a ton of drone footage. I think I'll edit them up and leave them on my other channel @mehditation if anyone cares for a smooth sailing of a relaxing trip to mexico without jump scares!!!

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