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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi last time I told you to leave your deep questions and thoughts in my subreddit and there I can sort them easily by the number of votes and go through them and answer them for you, but before we get into it, there is a quick note, thanks To Skillshare for sponsoring this video and helping share knowledge more about them later in the video that was the note anyway. This is a brand new type of show. That's never been tried before, where I will review your submissions in reddit. I wonder what I should call this show.

Last time I told you that City sounds French. How about Latta t yeah sounds good roll. The intro, the next episode of anyway go ahead and still I keep saying stuff like, but I think the copyright of slap like is taken by Davi 504. I should come up with my own, how about I say peasant like oh, it's, a mixture of Farsi and English, like English present means hit, like means like, and always a party thing.

So, unlike all - and let's start reviewing your stuff here - is this maybe send me interesting things? People means out of it. I hope you didn't do that. I was looking for your deepest thoughts and questions me waiting for a new video come on. Do something yeah.

I know I'm not submitting very often, but what can I do? My team is already busy with all the complicated videos I'm trying to make. You know what get me to four million subscribers quickly and I'll reveal to you, my entire team, that's working on my videos. What is this one? Hmm, with yeah with yeah, I have blown up a hotel in London before US government know your location, hello. There is only one problem: why is that screw in the wall has a live voltage on it? Oh, I know I've done this before.

Once I was trying to install some cabinets on the wall, I used the drill to drill into the concrete, and then there was an explosion right in my face. I drilled right into the conduit. Oh, the hell am I supposed to know where they ran the wire in the wall. Well, actually one good way is to use this live wire detection devices that when you bring it too close to live wire, it starts beeping.

You can run these over the wall and if there is a live wire too close to the surface, this will beep and you'll know, and you wouldn't accidentally drill into it me during quarantine to allocute finally, inner peace when that loud kid finally, trips and breaks his Spine good come on that's cruel yeah. This is big brain time. Therapist, big brain med, it is spelled mvh di okay. Why does everyone spell it like that big brain MIDI isn't real? He can't hurt you big brain marry.

Anything! That's not! I mean every episode we like, so how high was this voltage you just received Mary? Yes hi. Maybe can you explain this thing I found on telegram hey, finally, a question why AC current passes through capacitor? What is this only nine upwards, whatever? Let's take a look: I'm not gon na watch the whole thing. What is he doing? I think a power outlets well tell me, he's not going to plug his phone into live wires, two coils and the prongs, and now he's hot gluing it on a magnet. A piece of coil.
Oh just saw the title. This is supposed to give him free internet working hundred percent. Why people do this? Stop making fake videos these videos get so many views for no reason. I hope their channels explode, MIDI, review memes from this subreddit, it would be fun could marry.

Do this, let's see yeah I've seen this before. I think they somehow trap a huge amount of electricity in some sort of acrylic or something might be fun to try to make it. Okay I'll, add it to my list help I want to make a blinker circuit. I have and to n22 to transistor, so I'm setting with what that, but every video I saw on YouTube my LED just stays on and never flashes, fine I'll, just search it for you think of fluid no blinker circuit there.

This is exactly the circuit you want. It's called a what I call a bi-stable resonator. If I'm not wrong, Maddy, hey, they spelled my name right. Do you have any hamsters? What's this hamsters charging a phone? Well, I think it's big.

The reason I say that is that a cell phone requires around two Anna have to fight watts of power to charge, and that creates a large resistance for that thing to turn, so this little guy would have hard time. Turning that thing, but seeing that thing is turning freely almost it seems fake. It is fake what a narc the guy is, cutting the power line. Interestingly enough, when it's still live, why would it do that? Look at his face? Oh man that look on his face, though, what's wrong with the look on my face, it's just a look of joy.

Someone had to do this. Oh thanks for the hug electro boom as polandball. What is that Lambo? That's an Iranian ball. What is it hey? That's my homemade taser simulates, a human Hey that was funny thanks for making it mr.

lien Ingrid general. I remember there's a specific flavor. You can add your posts like faff, rectify and probably, if I click on that everything related to dad will pop up. Let's do that, unfortunately, I can sort them based on number of votes, so I have to just browse through them and find the best ones found.

These spark plugs absorbing magnetic fields. The hell is, this spark plug free energy generator spark plug free energy generator with homemade free energy generator using spark plug activity. New electric electric 2019 free energy generator, 100 % running with spark plug free energy generator using spark plug, make electric free energy using magnet with spark plugs science for 2019 new for 2019 free energy generator using spark plug. What's up with spark plugs, they used to put some effort into making these fake videos, so they actually looked a little bit more plausible than this spark plug is just to conduct tours close to each other that if the voltage is high enough and arc jumps between Them all it does is that it converts most of the energy in heat.
That's why they use it in cars to ignite the fumes how's that supposed to generate any kind of energy by moving a man around it or whatever. These free energy people are just getting lazy, just preach together, expecting it to work and people are expected to believe it, and the sad part is there's a whole lot of people that believe it there's another free energy one seat. This guy has put some good air for thing, making a fake device. It looks clean, it has magnets and coils.

It has a magnet, pushing another magnet and a motor that generates power, at least if you are making fake learn from this guy, put some more effort to make it more believable. What is spark gap doesn't do anything and don't make fake videos. It's not nice to lure people home, make free energy, radio receiver. How the hell is this possible? It needs to be rectified.

Please it's puzzling my mind. Well, actually, this is the free energy it's funny. Like 30 years ago, my grandfather told me how to make this thing: it's old technology. It is basically an AM receiver that absorbs the very weak, AM transmission radio frequencies and makes it into very weak audio signals.

You can hear from a crystal earphone. It's an interesting project. You can actually try to make it yourself. Okay.

What is this rectify this everyone? This is a serious case. We, if this is true, we can program our light as a Wi-Fi and literal make our phone catch signal with it. Well, right off the bat, the thumbnail is fake, it says 150 gigabit per second between that stupid, LED and the solar cell. That's clickbait.

The circuit at best can do a few kilohertz, but let's look at the project and see if it works. So he has a solar cell, connects it to some amplifier circuit and a speaker, and then the whole thing runs on some DC and this setup acts as a receiver and then on the transmitter side. He has some LEDs, connects them to some audio jack wires and then some 9-volt batteries series with it. So I assume the battery turns on the LEDs and the audio signal voltage.

Modulates the light output logs the audio jack in play, some music and the music is transferred from the LEDs to the solar cell and plays on the speaker. Now this is plausible, but there are some things in the video that make it a little bit fake, like, for example, how the audio level is not affected by the distance of the LEDs and the solar cell. The further it is, the light signals must be smaller and so the audio of it should drop, but it doesn't and the other one is this see when he puts his hand in a speaker, goes all the way down and all the way up, which doesn't mean The speaker wouldn't play just that. It means there is a big DC voltage across the speaker.

That's affected by the light input, so it's not fake, but it wouldn't run on 150 gigabit per second something I can try and make actually well. He used two LEDs, but I'm gon na use one LED. I think it's enough for the proof-of-concept and I'm gon na put a resistor series with it to limit the current going into my phone audio jack. I don't want to blow my phone, so here's the transmitter, power supply, audio jack, LED and resistor all in series and here's my solar panel connected to my scope.
Of course it generates massive DC voltage and the AC could be very small compared to it. So we have to get rid of DC. First, there you go and there's also a large AC voltage outputting from the solar cell, which is from the lights in the room, which means we will have to turn off our lights, or we will hear a massive humming noise on our audio, something they were not. Hearing in their video anyway, here's my LED - and I hold my solar panel in front of it and play something on my phone and see if we see anything on this scope and look at that, it's the audio signals.

The solar cell is actually picking it. Okay, let's see if we can play it or record it. Okay, I'm gon na use my audio amplifier. I made in my other video and plug my solar panel to it to amplify and feed output to my camera to record, and you shall not be yeah, so it definitely works.

Although you need a much better circuit and the ambient light greatly affects the output and the distance between the LED and solar panel greatly affects the audio level, something I didn't see in that video. Okay. Next one, can you please rectify this video, so you can shut up my mom, who doesn't know a thing about electromagnetism and won't shut up about how 5g is bad for us? Well, my last video was about 5g. Show that to your mom title translates to if mobile networks are safe, then how are they making the popcorn pop? I have seen these videos before.

Let's look at them, they put a bunch of popcorn kernels on the table, put their phones around it and everyone calls those phones. So in theory the energy from all the transmissions from the cell phones is high enough to pop the popcorn so much energy. Well, it's definitely faith, don't you think if the energy was high enough to pop a popcorn, you wouldn't feel it in your brain when you are calling someone. This is definitely some video editing stuff, a job for Captain disillusion, but let's search and see if we can find out how they did it Auto popcorn, it's a cell phone set the scene on popped, kernels cell phones of various makes and models giggling teenagers.

That's an essential component air pop, a few popcorn kernels on your stove, while filming drop, the popped kernels onto the table from above digitally erase the unpopped kernels from the footage and add sound effects. That's how you do it! What is this one rectified this? Okay? This is my homemade, my maximum voltage ionizer, no telling actually drill a hole into the side of microwave oven, so he actually drilled the hole on the side of his microwave oven and all the radiations that are supposed to stay inside or shooting out of his horn. Antenna you realize how dangerous that is, it could burn the out of you easily see what happens. Let's turn it on: let's what happens? Oh, the energy coming out of the microwave he's, actually lighting a fluorescent lightbulb all the way back there so dangerous.
Do you hear those buzzing x' on the video? It's all the radio waves hitting his camera, making noise on the audio and hitting his own body too. So he could be getting warm, not annoying it and he put a light right against the metal fridge, which means all the waves are reflecting from it into the room, and it's quite dangerous, don't do it. I should find a way to do it safely later. I think that's good enough for one day thanks a lot for your submissions.

I think we learned a few things here and there well, if you still like me to review your stuff, then like all and submit better stuff, meme or science, so we can learn more and if you really want to learn something go to my sponsor Skillshare, it's The best place for the dedicated professionals who want to teach and those who want to learn to come together and make a world a smarter and skilled place, and the first thousand people to use my link in description will get two months of free Premium. Membership trial tons of time to take many great classes. Do it. You created your curious sketcher offers thousands of inspiring classes for you.

You will find what you like from classes like electronics, software, graphic design, arts, crafts, video making and tons more classes include a combination of video lessons and class projects. I always tell people the best way to learn is to do projects. There are no ads or interruptions. You'll just learn at your own convenience and learn what matters to you.

You have noticed my video editing skills are on the rise. Thank you. There are tons of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, lasses like the one by Jordan, Vanderpool that'll get you going. He starts very easy and goes into great details, step by step so join now, and as always, thanks for watching.

8 thoughts on “ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Reviewing Your Reddit Submissions”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ralph Meltsner says:

    I agree about the “more effort.“ It’s more convincing because if you were to spin the rotor normally and just forget about the magnetic attraction, it might actually work as a real generator.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Xcoder112 says:

    As for the popcorn: A cell phone signal has at most 2 W power but only if you are at maximum distance to a cell phone tower. In reality it rarely ever reaches 1 W. It I try to pop a few popcorn kernels in a 600 W microwave, it will already take longer than in that video. With 2 W, the kernels will cool down faster than the cell phone could ever heat them, so they won't heat up at all. That's so ridiculous.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars toshineon says:

    That video that showed how 5G is harmful by popping popcorn. I have one problem with it, look at the phones. They definitely aren't 5G, or even 4G compatible. They look like they're from the time when 3G was the latest, and that's a network we've had since the early 2000's, if it did pose significant harm, we would have known by now.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh Young says:

    "Street pronunation"? PronuNAtion? Think you're missing some letters… I don't mean to in__te violence so please don't be angry with me mighty Rectifier… 😱😇 😉 if you "ci" what I did there 😅

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sa Alamin says:

    The solar and light thing is actually possible , I've made one of these before but his claim is false cause it can't transmit energy with high efficiency.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zain Jisa says:

    Actually, every one is making a foxhole radio which produce very low voltage and saying thats a free energy device which can produce hundreds of volts.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jules circuits says:

    Mehdi, why not say "whip the subscribe button", and make a clip of your monobrow tail-whipping the sub button? thank me later haha

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maddog The Madlad says:

    I love how you don't make reviewing subreddits your whole career like other YouTubers and still stick to making normal science videos. You rock dude!!!

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