What’s the harm in making some popular toys a bit more exciting?!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi today I want to take some popular kids toys and make them more exciting. For me, at least, I asked about which toys to use on Twitter and got tons of answers from people who also think children, have it too easy and need more stimulation. These are some popular, harmless toys and that's what's wrong with them, because no pain, no gain. You will strive to do better when you know the punishment for losing is severe and you will enjoy your win much greater when you see the pain in your opponent's face.

So, let's just jump right into it. Turning these into some safe and execution devices, then I'll play with my daughter, the first game. I didn't even bother to buy it's a fun game. You can build at home.

You just need to bend some thick wire. Then you just drill two holes in a piece of wood. Then you shove your bent piece of wire in the holes and boom you're done now. We loop another piece of wire around the first one that will go around our wire maze like this.

Now we put some electric tape around the base of the wire to create an isolation area between the two wires and boom. We are done connecting the two wires acts like a switch. Now we need a circuit that this will close to show us that the wires are touching. If you don't know what a circuit is watch.

My last video, where I almost set my room on fire for my circuit, I simply connected the switch in series with a light bulb and power lines that I can plug in now. All we need to do is to avoid touching the wires and if we touch them the light will turn on and let us know I'm doing so. The proof-of-concept worked too well, it shocked me and it blew up and it's lethal, so don't try this at home. We need to run it at a much safer voltage like a 9-volt battery.

We just need an LED series with a resistor and now, when I connect them together, it just turns on harmlessly. Now we need to find a sweet spot between harmless and lethal. My idea is to use a circuit that creates harmless electric shocks. Those circuits are super simple.

Their main character is a transformer with much more secondary windings compared to primary. Now all you need to do is to momentarily charge the primary of the transformer by switching the supply across it and that creates magnetic fields in the transformer. Now, when you open the switch, those magnetic fields collapse, creating a super high voltage across the secondary. This is what's used in those novelty stocking toys, exactly like an old car ignition coil, with common primary and secondary, and if I connect like 2 volts across the primary and let go oh, this was strong really with just 2 volts Wow.

Does it mean I can get shot with a single double-a battery went through my entire body? This has great potential, see I'm measuring the output divided by 100 and I get spikes that jump 40 volts, which is like four thousand volts on the output. Well, you get the idea, but let's not use our own homemade taser for this, because this video is sponsored by expressvpn and we can't risk killing anyone in a sponsored video, but you can have a safely protected internet or get access to the contents. That's not available. In your area just go to expressvpn comm, /, electro boo and get three months of free service on a one-year package.
It's like less than seven dollars a month check it out check it out. So since I want my toys to safely shock people, let's use what's commercially available like this toy electrocuting gun, rather than my homemade taser, you can see how bad it shocks it's getting shot. This is pretty painful too. Let's try it one more time how I hate it: let's try it one more time.

Well, this one was giving me a single strong shock, but this one is giving me a milder shock. What repeats it fast and continuous. So it's pretty painful too. Now, if we open the shocker, we'll see that there is the tiny transformer here and the circuit that switches it on and off a battery and a switch and the output is connected between the conductive trigger and an external metal plate.

There is also an LED for fun, so all we need is to use our toy as the switch to turn the Shocker on. So I also added a wooden handle for this and the two sides of these Tiny's each one connects to this wire and the other one to this wire and the output connects to these two wires that I connect to both sides of this wooden handle. Here we are, my beautiful contraption is done, and I added aluminum Falls to both sides to make sure if you pick this handle you definitely touch the outputs. It is also a good idea to add a switch on this to make sure it turns off.

Otherwise, the batteries will die quickly. Okay, ready, let's try it out. Oh works. I guess it's better than Russian Roulette next toy.

The jack-in-the-box is my daughter's suggestion, but it's a baby's toy. I don't know. If I want to chuck babies, I guess I could modify it. So that when this guy jumps up it shocks the baby or even better, I can make it jump up at a random spot in the music.

So that gets surprised too. I don't think I want to scar babies for life, I'll just connect the output of the Shocker to the handle and shock my daughter, and we will bond over playing these games. So here is the jack-in-the-box contraption. You just turn it on, and anyone touches the handle.

Will be shocked, many people suggested the game operation. It's a simple game. You just have to remove stuff from this patient without touching the sides, otherwise it'll boss and you lose so this metal connecting to that metal would be the switch to turn on my shocker. So I wrap electric tape around the tweezer and I wrap one of the wires around the tweezer metal for switch and the output of the Shockers I'll wrap them around the electric tape.

Something like this. Now we just wire up another one of these suckers and we are good to go done. What I had to disconnect is alarm circuit because it was interfering with the Shocker circuit, but who needs an alarm when you get shocked? Let's remove something a bit challenging now yeah, I think the surprise factor makes it hurt more and the last game is Rock'em Sock'em, which team will be Rock'em Sock'em. This is a simple boxing match played by two people and when one hits the other the losers head pops up and that's when we want to shock the loser there, you go aluminum foil to the rescue.
Now, when the guy gets punched, the two methyls contact and the switch closes. Okay, one side is done with electrodes on one handle only not between the two handles, because we don't want to run electricity through body. Now, let's see if it works, how yeah it works. Now I have to just add the same thing to the next player and we'll be done hi.

Today we are with electrocute and we want to try a few games so which one should be start. First, my favorite day, why are you thinking yeah go ahead? You know I try see it's so simple. You just keep going like this. Yes, I have to turn it on no wait wrong.

Church get the merge. You have to be very careful, it's not too hard, so you just have to avoid touching the other wire and their wings. Where did I touch here? Yeah, pouch. Ok, your turn go right at the beginning.

Okay, let me try. Oh okay. Let me try again. Oh, this one was bad ouch, that's right sure, go ahead.

Let me turn it on. You. Have a new contestant yeah try this. Do you think it's a good game to play in a holidays with family? Not you want to do that.

Do you want to do this jack in the box? Turn it on okay! Go ahead. I feel like it's. Okay, it's good! Now! Why are you dumping me because I made it so it always apps you exactly wouldn't, but Jack person jumps out. Is it good? No, I think that's fine you play, I played you just get zapped, you don't know, get fine.

That's played once the whole time down, hold it forever. Oh, oh, oh! Let me see if I can get numb but hold. No, I can't hold it. Okay.

Next game is the Rock'em Sock'em, the best modified game in the universe, ready, lucky, ok, again again, at the same time, nice, okay, one more time. What is it score? You're, ahead, huh, okay! Let's do it again, three three one more time, because I have to beat you let's get the car it's a long way, the first one to four wins or two: you win yeah. What do you think of this game? That was lucky, though next time you lose. You won't like a game to watch, so let's play the next game.

There's no operation, yes, just go. First, take out the person who takes more out wings, one two three four! This is so easy. Five, this game is for kids, six. Obviously seven! I did seven.

Let's see how good you do there you go, I still lost, though Oh my turn again. I feel like every time I get shocked. I jump up and limits harder than you do. Does it mean that I'm more sensitive than you? After all the shocks I've received a develops just tune.
Your turn. 3. You still win. Ok, we're done now between all these games, which one was your favorite operation.

Why? But this one was my favorite because it's shark's harvest - and this is the only game that I wore you know - maybe they grow to hate each other. Well, that was fun for me at least, and thanks to expressvpn, for sponsoring this video use my link to get your free 3 months of Internet security. I'm sure you'll need it. I personally use it on my laptop, especially when I travel.

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8 thoughts on “These Games will SHOCK Your Kids!! [DIY]”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ultimately_Everything says:

    What a great father he is bonding with his daughter some parents out there need to take notes and learn from him.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Women_haver says:

    Can we talk about how smart he is. He manages to calculate how to not die but also inflict maximum pain to himself.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aarav Ranka says:

    Mehdi: Owww Shit!
    Mehdi: let's try it one more time


  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Hardy says:

    Whate if you say that wall plug is leathil how are you still alive whate are you a robot 🤖 hmmmmmm

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Carmichael says:

    Electrocute is an appropriate nickname for her because she's so shockingly cute. Lol

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars IN SPACE WE THRUST says:

    مهدی داداش کاش دخترتو تو ویدیو نشون نمیدادی… آدمهای مریض و دیوانه زیادن تو این یوتوب… موفق باشی

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FL 4K says:

    2nd game: instantly zaps you with literally 0 play factor
    Electroboom: "i think it's fun"

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bryson Grondin says:

    I like the idea of a failed operation hurting the surgeon instead of the patient. If only that were true to life when I woke up on the table…

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