What is Coherer Effect? Can you make wireless communication with a bucket of aluminum balls, or metal perticles?
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi Coherair. Is it real? Is it fake? Can you close the switch remotely using a lighter? I Shall Rectify This now. Well, in my last video I Saw a video suggestion from four years ago on cohere Effect in which someone places some aluminum balls in a cup between two aluminum plates, and if those balls touch continuously, they close the circuit like a switch and the light turns on. But then the balls started touching when he fired their regular lighter close to them and disconnected when he tapped the cup.

What does fire have to do with closing the circuit? But then after four years I Searched for cohero effect and realized it is real and it doesn't have anything to do with fire. but in that video, it supposedly happens by those tiny electric arcs that jump in the lighters with Piezo igniter. You know what? That thing seems? Easy enough to manage. Let's put that video to test first.

Let's take a glass container, tape to aluminum electrodes to its sides, make a bunch of aluminum balls, connect a lamp series to this coherior switch, connect the power, and pour the balls. Bad connection. trying again. No, it's on already.

Turn off. I Can't get to this connector balls. Come on. Let's Bowl Don't shove your finger in a pool of Life balls.

Come on there you go. Only very few balls in there now. Now the question is: will the balls connect together and create a short path adjacent to some electromagnetic interference? Maybe not strong enough. My magic one can make stronger pulses? Nothing.

Maybe a few more balls turn off. Maybe if I use a low voltage DC battery right? Just use an LED and the coin cell 3 volt battery. put the balls back in. Now the LED is definitely off.

Let's try it. It worked. It works. It feels like magic How far? Wow There you go from quite a distance and with such a low power.

Arc How I Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself. but it works with a like a low voltage. DC There's no magic, just a battery here and Led there see turns on, disconnect the balls and the arc connects them. Wow! This is magical and this is something that everyone can do at home too.

Not happens very often on this channel. But why cohere is the tiny Arc moving the balls around so they touch? Maybe I can make a Contraption to test it. So I make this contraption with six balls four in the center are hung from the strings and the two on the sides from wires that connect to the battery and the LED. And if I push the balls together and connect them, the LED turns on as the circuit closes.

Now if I use my lighter, if they keep moving and don't touch, there is no way for them to link up. Why is it so sensitive to my sound back? See, all the balls are already touching, but there is something between them that is blocking the current. Now if I make an arc, there is absolutely no visible motion bow, bow and they disconnect from the air. Vibrations from my sound have to return to the Copco hero because it's much more stable.
I Guess it's less sensitive to sound and vibration too. So here's my theory because Wikipedia just says metal balls or particles cling together under high voltage. What the hell does that even mean? I Say all these balls that are barely touching, but not making an electrical connection must have a super thin, like nanometer thin layer of, say, metal oxide between them that is isolating them electrically. Although they are actually touching, the electromagnetic radiations from the tiny Arc must be inducing a high enough pulse of voltage across the balls that breaks through that super thin isolating layer connecting the metals.

And of course, if you push two balls together hard enough, you break that super thin layer and make a connection. Which means if you put too many balls in the bucket, their weight might push them together too hard and they never disconnect. But what voltage Falls across this coherent cop of mine? I Connected the probe across it to my scope and hopefully will capture something ready. Oh, there's something.

let's get closer. Wow, this is large, so these pulses are like 40 volts of very high frequency voltage across coherent. Let's see if you can figure out the minimum required to turn it on. They could be as small as 10 volts.

That's nothing. With only 10 volts across so many balls, it means we only need like a volt or two to break down that super thin layer between the balls. And that's why it never disconnected. When I had 120 volts across it, the voltage was too high.

Let's see if you can try this with a DC Supply Okay, I Replaced the battery with a power supply and put a series resistor with the LED so it won't blow up. Now let's see what maximum voltage across the cohero we can read before it breaks down. We'll raise the voltage slowly. It's 1.4 volts now.

thing for oh, turn on at around four and a half. Five volts. That's very little voltage, but there seems to be different levels of connectivity too. Let's just check its resistance.

Okay, just the resistance of the Coherent. We do one click 0.4 ohms almost pretty small resistance rolls 350 ohm and if you click again to all so every click makes the connection a bit different. Here's one from four a little bit closer. Better connection, even closer.

even better connection. so stronger pulses make better connections. Wow. such small voltage is required to break that isolating layer must be extremely thin.

What a ball breaking phenomena! And I Guess that required voltage changes significantly with the weight and volume and material and environment and whatever. but we need a pulse of higher voltage first to make the connection and then the 3 volt power supply to maintain it. Do we need a power supply to maintain the connection? I Connected my 3 volts battery back and the LED is off and disconnected so that there is no voltage across the cohere. Of course, if I connect it back and click, the LED turns on.
But if I disconnect and click and reconnect, the LED turns on. I disconnect, reconnect, disconnect, Click. connect turns on great. So the cohere creates a stable continuity without a need of a power supply.

Well, that's great. What? Why do we have like 10 to 40 volts of Spike across the cohere? Don't you have like a three volt Supply across the whole circuit? Shouldn't that clamp the voltage down to three volts? Aha! See, these wires act like antennas picking up the energy, but they are also inductances isolating these high frequency Pulses from the battery. So we get high enough voltage to cohere our balls. So it's like wireless communication and that's what they used it for ages ago.

They placed smaller balls or metal particles between two contacts and if there was a strong enough electromagnetic pulse, it would close the cohere. They would sound the bell and bang the cohere to disconnect it. and that's how the early Morse code machines worked I Think Which means if I add some antennas to my setup I should be able to increase the range here. I remove the metal cover of my lighter so you see one side and the other side of the Piezo igniter that creates high voltage difference across it I Here I have like a meter and a half of a wire that I connect to one side of the igniter and another like two to three meters of wire that I'll connect to one side of the cup.

Now if I click my igniter there you go. let's see how far we can go. Oh, put it all the way back here so we can see it in action. Maybe hang the wire somewhere up here for better reception.

Okay, let's give it a try from here. Oh, it works. How about here? No problem. Back here.

Easy, even a bit further. Ah, there you go. I Don't think it'll work this far. No.

I have to go closer. Yeah, from here it's like one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine meters away. For longer distance, we need better filtering, resonance circuits, bigger antennas, and all for what? Morse Code and what is this good for? Nothing more than a party trick. I Mean in this day and age, we can probably do much better than balls.

And it's not super reliable either. It just needs one tap to disconnect. Imagine you're on a fast boat banging on the water trying to receive a message. What is she saying? Wants to eat Shawarma Comma.

Dine out She says each and die foreign.

16 thoughts on “Wireless communication with a cup of balls, coherer effect”
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    Bro thought he is Tesla

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    I have similar experiences in home

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    Funniest video I saw today and I learned about coherers!

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    High voltage balls ok got it. Lol.

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    Just enough resistance and the lighter helps over power

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    I'm going to make a "balls" count for this video.

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    With a photoreceptor connected to a door lock via a robotic arm, i imagine this device would be great for opening a long distance secret door.

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    New assassination technique for movies

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    Perhaps one potential application with something like this could be for signaling imminent lightning strikes in remote areas that might be at risk for wildfires.

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    Super video! YT experimentation at its finest.

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    So… nobody tried to decode the Morse code at the end?!

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