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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Introduction and Celebration!
1:01 Design of the wand and its handle
3:30 ZVS circuit design and build
8:16 Voltage multiplier circuit design and build
11:36 Putting ZVS and Multiplier together
15:59 THE WAND and testing it!

Hi, i finally hit 4 million subscribers. We need to celebrate this, so i like to make an electric magic wand, something like the hell is this that that's not what i want to make thanks for watching the video. Well, i want to make a harry potter type of magic wand, assuming that's the only type he has something like the one these guys made a while back, and on top of that, we need to celebrate by giving away some keysight tools nothing much just two of These four channel, one gigahertz scopes that has 16 digital inputs and a function generator five of these four channel scopes, slash function, generators and five of these super fancy. Digital multimeters, like i said nothing much, and this is on top of the 101 giveaways through keysight university, live events.

All thanks to my sponsor keysight i'll, give you details at the end, make sure to watch to the end of the video. If you need fantastic tools, no skipping now there are different ways to make a magic wand. Evidently, but super high voltage, either ac or dc, is the most fun for me this time, let's do dc to make super high voltage dc i'll make a zvs circuit similar to the one i made in my previous videos, which makes multi kilovolts of ac voltage, which I'll feed into a voltage multiplier to make it even more. I bought a flashlight, that's running on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that i can just recharge using a usb and i'm gon na use it as the handle of my wand, like avocado alakazam lithium-ion batteries can handle a ton of current and that's the usb port to Charge the battery, oh, i just broke the wires, doesn't matter.

How do you open this up? Oh, it was threaded still need to open this part, though. Okay, i'm doing it. Oh. Finally, they had glued all the threads together.

I was hoping i could take it out. Cleaner but hopefully i can reuse it in any case, this is what's inside the flashlight, a 3.7 volt lithium ion battery the charging circuit and the led driver that i don't need, and the good thing is that i can just plug it into that. I can just plug it into usb and charge it, and i never use this circuit now. Let me make some measurements using my new multimeter.

Don't know how most of your features work. Yet maybe i should read its manual. Manuals are for look at the number of digits, so my battery is fully charged at 4.2150 volts. Now, i'm going to load my battery using a 1 ohm resistor to see how much its voltage drops.

So around 4 amps is running through the battery. Now it is important to use high drain lithium ion or polymer batteries that can handle the high current demand of my circuit, like over 4 amp capability. The zvs circuit is very similar to my old circuit. Just a few changes, i added a momentary switch here that connects these pull up resistors to the supply voltage that turns the circuit on and when we release the switch, this resistor pulls the voltage down turning everything off and the primary of my transformer instead of one Winding has two windings and a center tab, which, instead of two inductors to the supply, only needs one at the center, which makes the circuit smaller.
Otherwise, the behavior of the circuit is the same. For my high voltage transformer. I was able to find these sketchy high voltage, generator kits off amazon that came in these cocaine bags and no instructions. The instructions you get.

Are these sketchy drawings from amazon? Well, i don't care if the kit works, i just need the transformer. Hopefully it works and doesn't limit. My power seems my tiny transformer can fit nicely into the flashlight cavity. The transformer comes apart easily.

Well, i removed the primary of the transformer and i have to replace it with my own winding. I use some thicker wire to wind. The primary i turn five times then leave some extra length of wire then continue turning in the same direction. Here i have my primary with two five turns and a center tab.

I solder my capacitor across the primary right here. I glued my two transistors back back together like this to make them more compact. Now we solder the rest of the components. The good thing about the transistor i picked is that its own resistance is so small.

It barely warms up under my operating conditions, so it doesn't need a heat sink which saves me space. I connected my wiring directly to my beautiful new power supply here. So now you see, i have around five or six kilovolt peak output, voltage that i can extend over a little longer and of course, because it's pretty high frequency, it should just burn. Let's give it a try, ouch yeah it burns, and it's definitely not as shocking as what a five kilowatt should be.

Okay: let's look at the voltage between drain to ground of one of the mosfets and it should be half a sine wave and it's when it's not arcing when it arcs. You see the frequency jumps to 100 kilohertz, but the peak remains around. The same seems it works. Let's raise the supply voltage a bit.

Oh oh man, i melted the secondary, so i realized i'm limited by the breakdown voltage of the wire insulation. If i want any higher voltage, the secondary windings will arc together and melt down so to improve my installation. I bought this two-part epoxy to cover my transformer and hopefully raise my voltage capability to test. If the epoxy helps, i made a tiny air gap here that you see arcs jump across, pour equal parts mix until clear and put my air gap in epoxy and let dry seems my epoxy is solidified, let's see if it will break down across that tiny gap Under high voltage ready there, we go it's not breaking and just to be clear, there is actually high voltage here.

So let's make a container and cover the entire transformer, we need to use the vacuum to get rid of all the bubbles in the epoxy. Otherwise they could create a path for the arcs to jump across. Look at this, it's almost bobby duke quality. Now with the epoxy now the secondary can take much higher voltage.
So i made some changes three and three turns primary and i added some capacitors. So now it's much more powerful here you can see that oops, let's burn my finger, see those black spots, but that's the good thing about high frequency. It burns. It doesn't shock, see now it's time to connect our high voltage ac to the voltage multiplier circuit, which i've explained in my previous videos.

But basically, if you have an ac with vpp peak to peak voltage, every stage adds vpp to the dc level. If you can ignore the diode drops, so if you have 10 stages and 10 kilovolt peak to peak we'll get 100 kilovolts, ideally, and since i want high voltage i'll do 20 stages now we start putting our multiplier circuit together. Unfortunately, i didn't find diodes that were rated for 10 kilovolts or higher, so i bought 5 kilovolt diodes and i'm gon na put two of them in series. There 20 stages.

Now i have to make another one of these and then stitch them with a ton of diodes. I bent them like this too, so my wand may look a little bit fancier. It was at that moment. He realized he had up and put a lot of diodes backwards.

I made this beautiful work of art. Let's directly connect it to my driver and see what it does. Okay, let's give it a try. A lot of charges are running away from the sharp points.

Oh, my god, my shirt is hugging. The problem with this right now is that the charges run out of every sharp point in the circuit and the voltage doesn't get to get bigger at the end. First stages have small arcs, but the voltage rises after each stage and arcs get bigger and stronger, but as the voltage rises, electrons just fly off the sharp edges, which quickly discharges my very small capacitors, making arcs weaker in final stages. So i have to cover the entire multiplier circuit in epoxy to stop the charges from escaping.

So because i want to be able to see the cool circuit, i bought a clear heat shrink to cover the circuit and then i'll fill it with epoxy. Okay, i can use one of these. There you go now. I just fill it with epoxy one.

Last time we check before we fill the whole thing with epoxy to see if the circuit is functional, see all that noise coming from my table capacitors. These capacitors are small, but they can still hold charge. Look at this beautifully dried up, it's probably the biggest dild. I mean a magic wand.

I've ever made, and finally i added my favorite - reverse polarity protection circuit with the same power mosfet, because you could accidentally connect the battery backwards, which will short-circuit the battery and kill the circuit, see if you can figure out how it works and look at my beautifully Compact circuit, i had to remove the battery charger circuit to fit mine in the flashlight, see it's like a beefed up, electric lighter the amount of electrons shooting out see still. I wish it was a stronger what if i run it from eight volts instead of four. What i realized is that the zvs circuit might generate well over 10 kilovolts under no load, but the truth is that as soon as its output arcs or you connect it to the multiplier circuit, the output significantly drops. So i'm not worried to push its output a little bit higher okay running it at eight volts from my power supply ready.
Oh my god. It's pushing me back so much power. I have a tiny capacitor and i'm thinking i should be able to charge it wirelessly. Holding it in front of this and then when the voltage is high enough, it will arc between the legs.

Let's give it a try. It scared me: let's try it again, one of those times it arc through my body, jesus capacitors hold charge. Let me show you the wind using a flame ready, ow jeez, because i'm touching the circuit, the electricity goes through my hand and back to the circuit and zaps me. You know i'm gon na clamp.

This switch on so i wouldn't have to touch the circuit and then i'll show you there we are things are clicking in my room. My light turned off. I have to turn this out what the ow wow what's going on. I can't turn off the.

Why is it shocking me? Look at this when i'm sitting close to it not touching the ground, my body is picking up charge ouch and when i touch the ground, it sends a shock through my body good enough for me. So, instead of one big 3.7 volt lithium ion battery, i'm gon na use two smaller ones that make up the same length and create eight volts. Let's continue building there, we go much more power with 8 volts. You know this thing still outputs some good amount of energy, but i want more looking back at my test videos.

I noticed that the voltage rises with every stage until around stage 15 and from that point forward, the energy gets less and less. It seems other losses like reverse diode leakage current and such make my extra stages inefficient for such small capacitances i used. So i think if i cut those five extra stages, i'll save energy and my output will be even bigger, so let's cut it out. Alright, let's hope i didn't ruin it.

There is not many ways back: okay, let's try it out. I feel the full force of it on my body. I think i was right guys here. Look at my shirt, much wind and instead of a sharp wire, i'm gon na add this sphere nut to the end of my one so that the charges don't run away and the voltage can build up and it's finally done cue, the belt finish: music.

Okay. Let's turn it on and see what it does. Can you hear the power going out of it when i pointed at things they start clicking right away. We have some of these silver leaves here i like to try fly away.

Are we stuck to the ceiling ouch? I have to be careful with the outfit you know now. I can join the society of magicians rebello stuck to the ceiling again, i'm gon na stand on a plastic box here and i have my silver leaf in my hand. I'm gon na connect the wand to ground and turn it on bye, bye, silver leaf. Oh my hair is rising too bad.
You can't see silver leaf your eyes, my leaf. Oh wait! What happens if i point it at my van de graaff? What's that sound? Oh! Look it's discharging to the wall. Well, let's put it further away from the wall there we are well, it doesn't make any sound anymore. Is it charged flash see if i charge myself with it i'll be discharging to the drywall ow it burns? Well, i don't have much hair, but look at it.

I have a grounded ball here and some balloon party strings. Let's see if i can bring them to life, this stupid string is conductive, isn't it and it touched the ground, some good sized arms jumped from this thing eh? Well, i don't have much hair myself, but miss vanda. The van der graaf can give us a hand. I just touch the ground here and bring her to life with my magic wand.

There dance for me, oh sh, my light to find a new one. Now i suppose i could touch the one to the ground and do this with my hand. There you go come on banda, don't be like that, i'm not seeing wanda and here's miss vanda's ball trick yeah. Let's just do it directly.

What is it too powerful? Oh, i don't even need to turn it on. For this to happen. This thing is awesome. Zap.

You zap you, apparently i killed electronics in my adjustable table. Don't zap this and that with your magic wand, give away time and now that you're here at the end, listen to me closely. I keep receiving messages from you guys asking me to give you free scopes and stuff, and it breaks my heart that i can give every one of you something. But now i have a chance to hook over a hundred of you up with some fantastic tools.

Thanks to my sponsor keysight, my 12 giveaways worth over 40 thousand dollars are just the tip of the iceberg, which i'll split between my patrons at patreon.com, which are the supporting angels that keep my channel floating and you my lovely viewers, and then the real iceberg is The keysight university live giveaway to 101 winners in march, some of which are way fancier than the tools i'm giving away worth over three hundred thousand dollars. Keysight university live is an online event with tips and tricks on test gears and interviews with industry experts. On top of their massive giveaways, its first live event starts on march 15th in keysight labs channel subscribe to their channel, so you won't miss it. They will be revealing some never before seen.

Tools too, where i supposed to show this by the way. Only one of these is an oscilloscope for my viewer draw as well as keysight's massive draw sign up for free from the link in the description for keysight university live event. I'm telling you if you need precious lap tools, sign up i'll draw my winners. End of this month and keysight university live draws will be between march 15th to 19th in their live events broadcasted in keysight labs channel.
Don't miss these, and thanks again for bringing me up here was i supposed to reveal electroboom's crew at 4 million subscribers? Oh no!.

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