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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
3:26 Can Charging Phone Radiations Hurt??
9:43 Drawing with Audio Signals on Oscilloscope
10:58 ElectroBOOM Crew Exposed!!

Hi i remembered i was supposed to reveal the team that makes electro boom happen at 4 million subscribers, but in my last video i spent so much time making this magic wand that i forgot to expose. So today, after my long project, i just want to sit down and relax and see what you guys have submitted to reddit for me to check and review and at the end of the video i'll, expose my crew so watch to the end. Well, if you don't care about this video, then surely you care about audio. If so, then you'll enjoy my sponsor audible, where you can listen to your favorite titles at your own convenience.

There is an important book i'd like to recommend to you to read at the end and you can listen to it for free if you sign up for audible at audible.com, electroboom or in us, takes electro boom to 500 500. For now, let's see what you've got: roll the intro okay, okay boomers! If you have questions with quality muslin, there is nothing just clones to replace him when he gets electrocuted well, it does take a lot of work to run a channel as big as mine. I'll show you at the end, keep watching. Maybe should make this a capacitor gun, the successor to the coil gun and railgun.

How does this thing work? Well, the guy is not showing how it works. Is he just creating sparks to explode some explosive and shoot something? That's not electricity call me when they can't shoot that hard with electricity ouch an attempt. Finally, a fan art, it's almost identical now this is interesting. Why was it removed? This is interesting.

It is the same effect i replicated in my previous video. It's interesting to know. You can replicate it with the fly swatter too. Thank you, matthew for the ringtone.

You potentiometer have various resistances. Yes, hence the zero upvote. This video makes no sense. Why would the toy come on people often ask me: how does muscle testing actually work we're going to consult with the electrical system of the body and let's do a little demonstration of that for you? So i have a little electrical toy here, but until we complete the circuit, the electricity doesn't flow.

So this is just a demonstration of how our own bodies conduct electricity. So is that toy, like my lamp, that when you connect between the two terminals with your body, it turns on nothing special to see here? Am i doing this grounding thing right need help as soon as possible? Okay, let's help him is that true, what about the delay? This device can launch 25 kilometer wi-fi was to share. Oh, this is linus internet connection. We have here at the office, so obviously this is true, which is about 20 kilometers or about 13 miles away.

Maybe i should make an antenna for a video. I am unable to read color codes on resistors. Where is the anode and chateau resistors are not directional. I know then cattle, how just how well clearly these are.

These are telecommunication wires, not power wires. Otherwise, it would be fried. It is a little bit too close to those power wires, though, is this really true? Please rectify so today we're going to show you why you shouldn't leave your charge on the phone while charging logged in so as you can see, there's power in there you plug in your phone there's power in there how it's supposed to be there's power in there. What does it mean, but if someone is talking on the phone, while the phone is charging, the electric waves will come to your body, and why does that matter so bottom line don't charge your phones while talking.
I think the main problem is that people don't know what is harmful and what is not. I've told you before that the input and output of wall adapters must be isolated per standard. I found it. Let me introduce you to one of my crew members.

This is my lighting engineer, mr leitovsky horichov, which, as you can see, is pretty dead for unknown reasons, because i was playing with my magic wand apparently, and it didn't like it something like ow. So i decided to ask elgato to send me a pair of their great key lights to replace horizon, but then i had to continue playing with my magic wand. Didn't i well, my adjustable table was not the only thing died with my magic wand, i accidentally discharged to the side of this light, which killed its power adapter. Well, i can still turn it on using my power supply.

Interestingly enough, in my adjustable table also the wall adapter died. You see here this line and that line indicate the separation between the input and output of the adapters. The two sides are completely isolated for dc, but not necessarily ac see these white lines here. They indicate very tiny capacitances between the two sides, so, for example, if there is an static discharge like the one from the one to the device, it will travel over the power line over these capacitors and to the main lines.

So the discharge is supposed to dissipate to the power lines and save the circuit which didn't really in these two power adapters. I did try to explain in my 5g video how you can get hurt by electromagnetic waves and basically for frequencies below uv light. You're not gon na get cancer, so let's put that out of the way and so for any other frequency you will either get burned or electrocuted, and for that to happen, the current through your body must be high enough and for cd power line frequency of 50 Or 60 hertz you will get electrocuted before you get burned. I guess unless the power is so high that you'll get burned and electrocuted and exploded at the same time.

So of course there is a very weak ac path through your wall adapter. So you can sense. Electricity over the charging, cable and in your cell phone, when it's plugged in so, if you pick up your cell phone, some of those electric fields go over your body. What you see here, i can't sense anything at all.

Why? Because i'm holding the sensor in one hand and sensing my arm, in the other hand, the only way it would sense something would be if there was an electromagnetic difference across my body which there isn't. So that's your first clue that holding your cell phone while charging in your hand, is safe because there is no energy across your body. The reason sensor beeps is that one person is sensing another person, so i wrapped my sensor in aluminum, foil and connected it to the ground, and if i put my leg off ground and just be completely floating see the secret is, there is always electricity on our Bodies now, of course, i can reduce sensitivity, so it doesn't sense, my floating body. Now, if i hold my charging cell phone it beeps too, let's actually make some measurements and see how much current would run through our body.
Let's see how much current runs, in worst case scenario, shorting the output of the wall adapter to earth ground through the multimeter, and this is microamp range, and this is zero. If i connect it, it's close to one microamp. Only one microamp is nothing and that's the worst worst case. Now.

If i hold the charging cell phone in my hand, the current between my body and ground is same one microamp interesting see. My body is now completely floating. I put my leg up on a piece of plastic and i'm shorting my body through the meter to earth, and there is some half a microamp of current running through my body. Although i'm not connected anywhere and of course, if i bring my hand close to the charging phone, the current picks up a little bit.

Let's look at it on the scope right now, i'm not connected anywhere and if i touch the probe, there is some five volt peak voltage between my body and ground and of course, if i touch the phone, the voltage rises to like 10 volt peak and, of Course, as soon as i touch the ground, i short that voltage to zero. So the moral of the story is one as long as you're, a human being standing on ground. There's always some like half a microamp of current going through your body, because the energy from the power lines around you is capacitively coupled to your body and two such super small currents won't affect your body, especially since you naturally pick up much higher voltages and currents In your everyday today, life like by just walking from somewhere to another or rubbing your body against plastic or wool, and things of that sort so forget about it. Well, at least the death of horoscope gave me a pair of good lights that i can't even change the color for okay who's next repost.

Since my fab youtuber started looking at this subreddit nice. Another great fan, art people are starting to care. Free energy stop showing me crap videos from this channel. Hey look.

I found a kid on youtube playing around with high voltage, hello and hopefully oh geez - he's actually a kid kids. Please don't play with the microwave transformers. Please, don't i don't want kids playing with high voltage electricity. I took this screenshot a while back and never thought about posting it here.
Holy crap happens to me every day me working with thousand watt radios every day, neighbors finding out. I work with thousand watt radios every day, mom. Why don't you play with the neighbor's kids? Meanwhile, the kid i see no difference. We are practically the same.

What is this electro boom guy on oscilloscope wow? Oh, the guy posted it five years ago. He created my face on an analog scope. That's fascinating wow. He says just set your oscilloscope to xy mode and connect it to your audio input.

Is that possible? Let's try it. Okay, i have a piece of headphone wire, let's plug it, to the laptop connect, the headphone ground to the scope, ground and probe the left and right signals separately. Okay, let's see if i can draw my face on the scope like this hey look at this. It's sideways.

I just have to switch probes. I guess so ugly. My setup seems a bit noisy, but not bad eh, and if i change the volume on the computer, the image gets smaller and bigger. Basically, in xy mode, one of the audio channels would move the scope dot in x direction and the other one would move it in y direction.

So, basically, if you give every audio channel proper, amplitude and frequency, you can draw something with it and see what happens when i change the frequency. Okay, maybe it's time for me to reveal my crew now so slap like, i mean like oh well. Of course, my success was guaranteed from the beginning, with my great crew. Let me introduce you to my cameraman well, i i just use mr tripod here as my cameraman and, of course, you're already familiar with master and mrs light here that took over after horuchov.

I had mr green, the green screen for a long time, but now i got one of these fancy elgato green screens, just pull it up like that. I don't need mr green anymore and, with its smooth surface, it's much easier to make green screen videos just like that. Now, all joking aside, the real credit goes to my talented and funny scriptwriter right here. Hi, i write scripts.

No, i do that myself, but video editing is the real time consuming job that really brings the video to life. Thanks to my video editor right here, hi, i edit videos, yeah, well, you're, not efficient, do better and then of course, my electronic designer right here, oh hi, the sound engineer, hi the social media manager, hi, the merch marketing manager, hi, my imaginary friend hi, the host. Well, i'm the host - and it all happens in this 10 foot by 10 foot room right here now you might say wow. This is such a male century company.

No, it's not! I have a wife and daughter that help. Can i try we as a company value diversity, so you have been introduced to everyone now. Let me tell you about an audiobook that i will listen to which you can also listen to for free, if you sign up at audible.com electroboom or in us text, electroboom to 500 500 and use audible for free for 30 days. It is a book by bill gates called how to avoid a climate disaster just released in february.
Bill gates is not controlling me with his mind, control implants. To say this i think he's a smart guy with a huge global experience, so his book may spark a brilliant idea in my head spark so check it out at audible. Who is the leading provider of the spoken word? Entertainment? Not only audible gives you a free credit every month to pick any audiobook from their massive premium catalog, you also get access to their popular plus catalog. In us, the plus catalog contains thousands of audiobooks, all of which members have access to without restriction, including original entertainment.

Fitness podcasts and even ad-free versions of your favorite tv shows audible, offers way more than just audiobooks. To me, listening is the most efficient way to read, because i could be spending a lot of time, building something or doing house chores all while an audio title is being fed into my ears, and if you don't like what you picked, you can just swap it With another title, until you find something you like to finish reading listening to and you get to keep your selections in your audiobook library forever. Even if you cancel your membership, so definitely check them out at audible.com, electro, boom or text electro boom to 500, 500 and start listening, and thanks for watching h.

8 thoughts on “Charging Phone DANGEROUS?! ElectroBOOM Crew EXPOSED!!! (LATITY-004)”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Black Vulpine Fox says:

    With a multimeter probe inserted into the AC live, and touching the other probe, I don’t feel anything but I read 20 volts (we have 240VAC here) on the meter. Curious.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Antonio Claudio Michael says:

    Lmfao i got a crap ton of laughs from this video the end is hilarious the producer script writer light expert and editor and everything in 1 just like most of us youtubers 🤣 the family spot was funny 🤣

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sebastian Bemrose says:

    Hahaha, when you skip through the sponsor segment only to hear "Thanks for watching"
    I forgot that I can just let it roll out because you promo your sponsor at the end of your vid 😀

    Good crew, btw

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kew eyz says:

    Ahh I wonder if Bill Gates book says anything about cutting down the population with a biological weapon and faux pharmaceutical weapons meant to "save" us from the biological weapon.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ecospider5 says:

    Yes in a perfect world transformers are isolated. But I just got a brand new Microsoft surface pro and my volt meter is saying the case is 60v to ground when plugged in. They sent me a new power supply but it is a great example of. The world is not always perfect.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chrono 1111 says:

    Yes I agree most people don't know what actually hurts them and what doesn't I'm not interested in your book though I think climate change is overblown and I doubt Bill Gates has any interesting insights on it he should just stick to designing operating systems

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Axel Productions says:

    Really late but I kinda see what is going on the capacitor gun, Moreso using a capacitor as primers in real bullets. i.e pulling an electroBOOM and blowing it up

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Etop Etim says:

    Ok. The elephant in the room… (not far-shaming Mehdi)… Here was I actually looking forward to seeing his crew… This guy is certifiably insane! 😅😂🤣

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