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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

So so so do so: okay, okay! I think it is almost time. Let me see if i can make sure oops. Okay, i can hear myself on the computer what's going on here. I have to mute this one: okay.

Is it 9 30 already or not? I still have one minute: let me drink some water, my god. Why did i do this? So, let's see it's live now, hi how's it going wow so happy to be here. Ah, look at the chat it's just going up. I can't read anything.

Wow people are supporting me. Thank you, fps lucy, davey, juicy gamer thanks a lot for your support, oh my god, so, okay, all the setup is good. I think i put everything together and this is gon na be my first ever live stream, which i don't know why i did. I i think i just missed you guys.

You know i used to go into the city travel around and everywhere i went. I saw a couple of you here and there, but so far i haven't seen a lot of you for a long time, so hi how's it going wow. Look at this. You like my streaming setup, although you can't see any actually.

Can you hear me, let me see, let me look at the chat, hi hi, hi, yolo, yolo, okay, nice sounds like you guys can hear me wow thanks for the support everyone, but stop pouring your hard-earned cash into my stream. Don't worry about it! If you have a very important question to ask some burning knowledge, you want to know then sure go ahead, but thanks a lot, someone in the back so-called darshan russian name that i can't pronounce sorry about that raj king of it wow. Thank you. Thank you.

Everyone! Okay, let me see uh i prepared this uh live stream set up which doesn't sound like much, but i had to do a week of research on how to put it together. I i was disclosing to go, buy a proper streaming camera, but i realized i already have two cameras: uh. I have a digital slr and a mirrorless which is this one i'm using, and i thought maybe i can make them into a streaming camera and i was able to do it and i had everything else. Let me show you my setup actually, hopefully i won't break the oh, my god, i'm gon na destroy something here.

Why not? Okay, let's see if i can do it, i have to pull this wire up. First, oh, my god, zoom back. Okay, look at my setup! You're already familiar with my key lights here, so i had to pull my laptop and you know i usually sit there to work, but i pulled my laptop and you know extra monitor here, so i can see you guys and then, let's see uh, you can't see My camera here but yeah i already had the lapel microphone. I just shoved it into my elgato video capture, the mic.

It has a microphone input, that's nice and i have a hdmi cable from my camera. I had to load a script onto the card so that the hdmi comes out clean because otherwise it has all the texts and focuses stuff on the screen and gave it to the same card. It goes to the computer and i'm using obs. Here you don't see this stuff.

Oh yeah anyway seems like it's working fine for now, that's good! Let's see center myself nicely, i'm not center centered, okay, good wow! Look at all the chat! I wish i could read all this: it's going up too fast viewer activity. Oh, my god can i: why is the viewer activity so fast? I want to see what you guys are saying come on. How can i can i stop this? It keeps shifting up thanks jen thanks nashot. Oh, my god, stop stop going up so fast, or is it me i'll figure it out, don't worry about it! Okay, i'm here.
Finally, we see how the lime goes in the coconut nick sanders. Thank you and avi says: how are you good, i'm good, i'm a little bit nervous because, well you know, i don't go live ever at all really and it might not look it, but i'm a little bit introvert, although internet has helped me overcome my introversy to Some extent, but still i get nervous when i go in front of a lot of people, at least in the live stream. The good thing is that i don't see all these people that might be sitting in front of me watching my video but uh still. I can see your chat and it makes me nervous that i have to put all this setup together, and people have probably expectations of me and i have to deliver.

That's what i think in my mind, and that makes me nervous it makes everyone nervous. I guess, but maybe a little bit worse for me, but anyway i prepared my setup, for you here see uh. This is my full screen camera, but i also have this i have paint, so i can, for example, if i have to explain something or write something. I can go here and say hello see i can go there, write something right or draw schematics or whatever.

If you ask any questions that require writing, i can do that. I have this my stupid face and i have this one. If we have to watch a video together or something i don't know, i i try to prepare everything, but well we'll see. So why did i do the live? Chat? Yeah? I still don't know i thought hey.

I put all this setup together. Let's just do it and see what happens and we talk together have fun a little bit, maybe for maybe for an hour or two i get to see you chat with you. I haven't chatted with people for so long. It's nice to see your voices and the chat is so quick did i i turned on the slow thing right.

Is it? Is there a slow thing on or not you know what i'm saying: they're slow the slow mode is on yeah, but still the chat is going up super fast. Now, let's see if i can read some of your uh comments, great work. Keep it up. Thank you.

I haven't done anything yet thanks everyone for the support. I may miss a lot of uh your comments. There is just too many of them, but i can i'll try to go through them. Can you fundraising even for india kovit crisis? Maybe i should, what do you think well? This is this is a bad situation in india.

I know this is there is a new variant and a lot of people are getting it, but well good luck, guys i'll see. Maybe i can do something for that, although i don't i don't know if people will watch my live stream, we'll see in this one right now there is like 16 000 people watching hi thanks for coming here. Let's go okay, he says, didn't you accidentally start a live stream a while ago. Oh yes, that was a part of my experimentations.
I was, i didn't. Have this setup repaired? I was just trying on my phone turned it on for some reason. Well, probably, i know the reason, but it just went straight public and everyone was watching some static screen because it wasn't doing anything yeah. Well, i mean mistakes.

Nasha says much love from egypt, nice! Everyone around the world is watching hello, guys jagger frieza, says hi medhi medhi. How many times do i have to tell you it's medi, not med, heats m-e-h-d-i. I know english doesn't have uh the like. They don't know how to pronounce the h part.

They always have a vowel after h, like hospital. Let me teach you how to say. Have you ever sighed, like my god, that's the sound of the h in my name. It's not me.

It's not me! It's more like a pause between me, and so you don't say medi you say just give some air out, you know medi, so yeah and shimera says: will there be any overloaded capacitors today i don't know, will there will there be not sure i could blow something Up here i guess what that might end my chat prematurely, elisa j welko. Thanks for the support. Sorry, i butchered your last name always here - have the excellent video. Thank you def9 hard-earned cash for food.

In my small slavic country, without electricity, we have to harvest free energy using magnets and copper wire, my god, you jacob dusek, if i can pronounce the last name correctly. Thanks for the support, you don't have to give your hard-earned money to me again, just like thanks a lot for the support. But if you have a question, then because the stream is quite crowded - and there is a lot of chat going up, then maybe maybe give me a cent or two. So i can see or comment otherwise don't throw your hard earned money at me.

It's gon na be wasted on me having fun. You know which is good for me, but i appreciate all your videos i have them on, while on while designing stuff at work currently in depths of bga routing wow bga thanks fretronic. Well, if you know what bga is it's one of those ic packages, that is quite compact and all the legs are on the bottom, so i feel your pain, good luck, routing all the wires through each other. Thanks a lot.

Okay, a lot of a lot of comments. Let's read a couple more and then we see what else i can show you minus wales says hey. If you get a chance to answer this, do you think there is a future if at all, in vacuum, electronics? If we were to give time to it vacuum electronics, you know, i mean vacuum cleaners. I think everyone is going to use vacuum cleaners forever.

Right i mean i had to vacuum my room for sure so yeah. Definitely in the future, we will need vacuum cleaners, vacuum vacuum, electronics. You were talking about the vacuum. What is it those glass vacuum, transit stores and stuff like the old stuff right, not the vacuum cleaners? I suppose sorry, no! I don't think there will be any well.
I mean you never know. One good thing about those vacuum tubes is that they can work at very high voltages. So one of the limitations of silicon is the voltage, for example, although they are pushing it higher and higher, but where silicon has a hard time getting to super high voltage, those vacuum tubes could work out. So maybe they are i'm pretty sure in some areas they are still using those vacuum tubes, but in general household electronics that you don't need super high voltage, there is no use for them.

Just throw them into garbage, make an arc lamp with graphite. Maybe i will can i do that now actually do i have any graphite around here? Let me take a look. I oops. I do have a bunch of batteries that have graphite in them and even some graphite sticks from my old large berries.

Maybe i can make one for you: hey here's a smaller graphite. You remember my video i made. I don't know when i made that like six years ago, seven years ago. This is the remnant of that video.

Maybe i can power it up at some point. Oh, it doesn't turn off at 10. Amps does it. I have to pull out my super capacitors too uh.

Okay, let's see, let's put this money to good use. Shall we? Yes, i take it to a restaurant yeah thanks a lot for the support everyone. I i don't know what to say: i'm speechless you're, so kind oy me lad. Can next video how the how to messy? What thank you, black turbine watch, texas access, came to see.

Maddie get shocked live. Hopefully you won't see that today i haven't like i said. I haven't prepared anything, i'm just here to have fun and see your comments and chat with you guys. How do you like your tesla, now amazing videos? Actually let me show you now that i'm here so many comments.

I'm sorry, i'm missing your comments. Hopefully i can get to all of them, but let me show you uh a list of my ideas for the future. This is gon na be funny. Let me see how can i share my screen here if i go here, let me go into my folder.

First, electro boom videos electro boom videos, videos in progress. So let me, let me see, let me use one of my screens. If i go here this one i can. What i can do is well.

This is youtube. I have to switch it to another window. What is this videos in progress? There you go now, you can see it, it's so small small. Can i zoom in on this.

I want to get larger, okay good. Now you can see it a little bit better. So i have a folder called videos in progress and i come here and create a folder for everything that i think is interesting and i want to work on it used to be a like. You see this large list here super large, so i decided to split it into two folders.
One is active things that i want to actively work on, and then i just put a queue of all the remaining ones when my active ones go away or if i really can't work on them and really need to push a content out, i go back into Queue and see if i can pull something from the past and use it. Let me show you what i have in the past like look at this. I i try to prioritize my folder with numbers from one two, three, four, five, one being the most important ones that i want to work with. But then you see here, i i didn't want to work on my ones here i went to double zero and then double zeros were not as interesting.

So i went triple zero: four zeros, five, zero, six, zero, nine zeros - and it's so like the list is getting longer and longer and i just add more zeros there, because i found something more interesting than everything else and i want it to come up at the Top so i just add another zero to the beginning and at the end i don't end up even working on this, but let's see graphene limitless power. Is it interesting? I don't know what does it even mean? Let's go in there. There is actually some document on it. Yeah.

I think there was something about graphene being able to generate power forever, which doesn't sound right. I have to go back and look at it, make an ecg heart monitor. That could be an interesting idea. I was i've, never done that.

You know a lot of these things. I've never experienced before. So i would learn a lot doing them like. How do you measure the heart ecg you just shoving probes to the sides of your body and see what voltage you read or something i should try that simple led driver with switch or current limiter yeah.

I wanted to see if i can make a very simple led driver that you can plug into 240 volt 120 volt and it still works. It may cause some fires, though test an electric eel. At some point, i wanted to get like an electric eel from somewhere. Go into one of these zoos that have electric eels sneak into the electric eel cage.

Do they have a cage and probe them see? What happens? Can i measure any voltage across an eel so yeah? There is a bunch of things in the queue, and you see, my oldest idea is still there from 2014 making an electric kebab skewer such a persian title, making an electric kebab skewer like what like put a kebab and put it like a brushless dc motor and Control the speed, so it rotates on the flames, nice and slow. I don't know i from 2014 and i didn't even wanted to work on it. Yet i don't know. Is it interesting, maybe at some points when i run out of new interesting ideas, i'll go back to these and make a electric kebab skewer, and then i have my active ones that i want to actively work on latity 5.

Actually, this is already done see my folders. I have images videos, i have a ton of videos here and then i go through them and edit them like. How big is this folder? This is 44 gigabytes. After i finish my videos, i delete all the source videos because i don't want to take space and over.
I don't know seven here. My first video was uploaded in 2012, so through all this time i pretty much had no use for my recorded like source video. So i just go back and delete all of them. Maybe i keep one or two that are more interesting, something blows up and i want to keep the original one, but since i have them all in the final video - and i can extract them from that - i don't know why i should keep any old source videos.

So i delete all those and i just keep the final output video. Is it a bad thing to do? Should i buy uh like a ton of storage and keep all these? What do you guys think? Let me read your comments. Should i should i buy a large, i don't think i should, but should i buy a large memory? Where am i live from poland, hi everyone kobe says, hi mehdi. I have power line smart switches, tuck over power lines that chance.

Oh, the comment went up oops. I lost it. Where do you go? Why is it pushing up? I was reading something for god's sake. How do you stop this thing from shooting up while you're reading something i lost your comment, sorry asan errol says: greetings from london.

Don't get shocked today, i'll! Try, hello, love your videos, rasheel says. Thank you. What happened for a second it said page unresponsive i was worried. I lost is my live view going.

Am i still okay? It seems like it's still working. I was worried for a second something froze if things freeze i'll, probably go back and start a new stream, so seems like it's still going. I'm literally on zoom school right now come on study. Man don't watch my video.

Why are you watching my video go back study? Listen to your professor. I want you to have a good future anyway, girish gaming says what is your name my name. My name is mehdi saragdor. I write it literally under the under every video at the beginning.

Thanks for asking, though, ask linus tech tips, something for data networking storage. They love making video like that, oh yeah for storage - maybe they can make something for me and if they can't sponsor it i'll get something for free. Okay, let's get back to my folders uh. Where are my floors? I want to show you my active idea.

So latitude is done i'll, throw that away build a man lifting quadcopter. This is one of my long-term projects that i haven't even started working on, yet i i wanted to make something that i can't fly with. Is it too dangerous? I don't know if i make this i'll probably make this larger i'll, probably uh just fly it over a lake or something so if it stops working, i just fall into water. Probably the weight of the quadcopter will pull me under and i'll drown anyway, but it's worth a shot.

It sounds like an interesting project and the way i wanted to do it was that i didn't want any smarts in the quadcopter. I don't want any gyros anything like any sensors. All the sensors will be my brain. I would be responsible to keep it stationary.
That would be a challenge and yeah so like uh. Basically, it would be like a helicopter. I would have a whole bunch of uh propellers on top of my head at the danger of being chopped alive with all those blades rotating above my head and then i'll try to control it with some lever or something and go back and forth. So that's one of my long-term projects.

I have to buy some motors measure, their power and torque and see like how light i can make them how much trust they can provide to lift me up and i'm not a very light guy. You know so they better be powerful. So that's one of the projects, this charge gap switch yeah. That's that's a little bit.

That's an interesting project. Actually i, instead of a regular switch for high voltage, you know they use something like a discharge gap switch, which means instead of contacts. Closing it is arching between the contacts and the arc is shorting. The contacts and is switching the circuit on sounds like a dangerous project, but this is just another day for electro boom.

I guess make safe lichtenberg figures. You know lichtenberg's figures, those things that you have a piece of wood and uh. You know do. I have anything here to show you.

No so, like you have a piece of wood, you put two contacts on both sides of the wood and connect high voltage across them and like wet through the wood, with some a little bit conductive liquid and the electricity burns through the wood fibers and creates this Lightning, like figures in the wood, they are called lichtenberg figures. Let me see if i can show it to you. You probably know what i'm talking about, but hey. Let me show you picture lickton.

How do you lick 10 figures? Let me share my screen again. Chrome lincoln figures yeah these guys, i'm talking about these wow shows well you're, not supposed to make those figures on your own body. You know they are probably accidentally burned themselves. I'm talking about these for the love of god.

I don't want to see those pictures of people burnt. These just look at this, this picture. Ah, my god, why can't? I just show what i want this. You know what i'm talking about.

Okay, i'm done with this. Why is it showing all the burn people and that's that's the thing i i i had that video on my channel. I made lichtenberg figures if you remember with like a microwave transformer and made some of the figures and then youtube after a couple of years removed. It and gave me a strike saying that i did a dangerous thing i said come on, everyone is doing it and they said that.

No, actually, we received reports that some people try to make liechtenberg's figures and it's a dangerous experiment. Of course, high voltage, powerful, high voltage and some people get injured or died, so they removed it. So people won't repeat it, which is probably for the best. It doesn't matter.
It's just one. Video went away, but now i have this idea that i want to make a safe lichtenberg figures. I want to make it. I want to be able to make lichtenberg figures, but with a voltage that doesn't kill you immediately.

At least it would burn you if you touch it, it will burn your skin, but it won't shock you to stop your heart or brain or whatever, which is safer. I suppose is it safer? I think it's safer yeah, so i want to make it. I shouldn't say: save: let me change it to safer, so it's not absolutely safe, it's just safer. So if you accidentally touch the 10 or 20 kilovolts you're gon na burn your skin you're not gon na die.

Hopefully, let's go with that and then i have a metal detector folder, which is an interesting idea. I have to do it too there. I got a lot of documents from one of my patrons what they have here so yeah. I i have to go and make a metal detector, although i don't know much about metal detectors, but it's an interesting.

Like you know, engineering. There are a lot of different fields that we haven't experienced on before, and i learned a lot of things through my own videos right. You think i'm teaching anything from my videos, i'm learning this is fun so yeah. I have to go design a metal detector at some point, so these are the projects that i want to eventually get to sun seeking motor for solar panel.

I want to make a solar panel that seeks the sun around the sky, because one of the problems with the solar panels is that they are stationary most of the time you just put them on your roof with the angle of your roof, probably or maybe angle, It up a little bit so it faces the sun better. But the thing is that the sun moves from dawn to dusk and during the year it goes up and down. So the solar panel is most efficient when the sun is completely perpendicular to the panel. If it moves around, it drops significantly, the output of the solar panel drops significantly so you're losing all that solar energy.

If your solar panel can rotate around and face the sun, that would be the best thing which people have already done before, but i'm trying to come up with a new technology, a breakthrough well, instead of a huge solar panel turning around because that's that's the challenge, You can't like it's not easy to rotate a huge solar panel around on your roof. It's gon na be expensive, whatever i'm thinking break the solar panel into tiny pieces and put them on some mechanism, a tiny mechanism, reliable one that doesn't die the next day, so that every tiny bit of solar panel will just slowly follow the sun. If you know what i mean like a like: a sunflower, for example, something that uses almost no energy, because the motion is very slow. This is like the sun seeking motor for sonar so solar panel.
The way i'm thinking of it is kind of a new technology. I suppose maybe you guys can come up with a solution and i show it on my video anyway, let's head back to the comments a little bit. Oh, i am on full screen. You missed all my folders.

Let me show them to you quickly. Where is that what did i do? I wasn't paying attention to what i'm showing you you, you missed all the folders. Didn't you what is this called anyway? I talked about my folders without showing them uh. Well, hopefully you got what i said.

Well, let's see your comments thanks a lot scott peachik. Sorry, what is the model of that capture card uh? The capture card i have here is called the elgato hd60s. I think it's it's a it's an older revision of this capture card um. They have a new one that can do 4k or something i don't care.

I just do 1080 put myself back into full screen, see this message say what also love your videos afroboil6 thanks, vishal sony says: please watch my video search, visual sony, bb-8 watch your video. What is it about? I hope it's interesting, tamash mihalik says: hey mary. I made a powerful rectifier at home that generates ideally 340 volt dc from 200 volt ac mains power, and i could make lichtenberg figures with it. Yes, you could still dangerous 340 volt dc.

If you touch it, it'll probably hurt you a lot. It's not like that. These voltages will kill you right away, but there is a chance. Do you want to take the chance? I mean like people, if you are, if they are very careful and experienced in dealing with high voltage, they will likely be safe.

Their risk is much lower, but still there's a little risk, and the problem is that when you, when the people with less experience, start doing it and even myself you'll - remember my jacob's latter video. After 10 years of experience, i dropped 2 000 volts on myself and grabbed the wires and almost killed myself stupid. So there's always a chance, so yeah like dc to around 20 kilohertz high voltage, it will probably hurt or kill you. So what i'm trying to make is a very powerful higher than 20 kilohertz, 30, 40, 50 kilohertz or even higher, that won't shock.

You like won't, interfere with your nerves and would just burn your skins. I rather have a burn skin than a stopped heart. You know hello, you hear me, somebody says you have been muted this all time. Am i muted, not muted.

Am i let me listen to myself, i'm not muted. You liar stop making me afraid. Wow. We have been here for an hour.

Already time flies by. That's fine, i can still be here and talk to you guys. It's fun uh nicolas lopez says you're electricity. God.

Thank you for everything be careful. There is no beep for swearing life. Yet that's true! Actually i was thinking about that. If i do something - and i accidentally want to swear - and i don't want to so well - if it is accidentally, then it usually goes out before you can stop it.
But if i realize that i'm swearing i it would be nice to have like one of those buttons that you press and goes beep. So every time i want to swear, i go, it is like a swear, but at the same time it's not a swear. It's it's filtered and i was thinking actually let me see. I have a bunch of things on my phone for now i can use a you see it, it's a signal generator app.

So if i want to swear, i have to stop myself and open the app and say it takes a while, but at least my anger comes out the beep. Where can i contact you for solar panel idea, xj770hun says? Well, i have an email that i shared on my youtube channel. It's nation electroboom.com. If you need to send me a an uh, some information or anything, would be nice.

You can send it there. I get a lot of emails there and a lot of spam. So sorry, if i don't see your emails, hopefully i can get to your emails. Mr kobe ben levy says hi mahdi.

I have smart light switches that communicate over the power. Oh, oh, this is the one i was trying to read and lost or yeah, but they make noise that i hear on my speakers. Help filter put some filter. What noise is it? Is it like? A 60 hertz or 50 hertz power line noise filter, it put a capacitor on the power line and it will blow up.

Don't do that. Don't put capacitors on the power line, filter, inductor, rectify it and then put some capacitors. Either items don't do it. It's live power lines.

I would do it, you don't do it. If there is a ready-made filter, you can go. Buy from your local hardware, store sure go ahead, but don't make it yourself. Mr jonathan miller, says love your videos for a long time.

Love them for a long time, but my friend, please rotate your camera, it's off by a little bit. Oh he's telling me, but my friend, please rotate your camera it's off by a little bit and it's killing me what's wrong with that. Let's see if it is off here, i don't want to hurt your feelings. Is it straight enough for you or now it's the other way around yeah forget about it.

Jordan, scooch skusen says: hey maddie met. He met here again. It's m e h d. I my favorite video of yours is the two brush one wow, that's an old one, random question: what is the name of the sound effect you play when you are angry? It kind of sounds like fire, oh on the new ones.

It's it's actually, one of the youtube studios, songs, actually or musics from their audio library. It's called circa killer. If i'm not wrong, it has a strange name. I just have it under a folder called angry.

So whenever i get angry, i just drop that on there and it's a mixture of like burning fire and scary sounds have a lot of comments. Sorry, i can't get to all of these. Okay, i showed you my folders. I showed you my setup and yeah like uh.

Did you see my room? Actually, you always see my room, but you never see all of it. So my room is pretty much this ten foot by ten foot or three meter by three meter space. I have a desk there that my laptop and monitor are on usually, and then i have another desk. You look at the mess stuff from my old video.
This is garbage. I was trying the other day and let's see the lights. Oh look at that. You remember.

I always had a uh lulzbot 3d printer behind me and i was using it for a while to 3d print some stuff for my videos. Well, i gave that away for to a smart kid that could use it much better than me, but right after i gave it away, lulzbot gave me a brand new 3d printer, and this is even larger than the last one. It's it's, it's it's huge and what it can do is it can actually 3d print with two filaments. So you know a lot of times.

You need a support structure to hold the hanging features of what you're printing and now i can 3d print those with something water soluble. So it's like, if i have support structures inside the 3d printed object that i have to clean up and i can't get to now. I can print them with water-soluble material and just throw the whole thing into water and it just dissolves away, and i, my 3d printer stuff comes out great or if i want to say print with like two different material, two different colors or whatever that's an option. Just that i don't know how to use it, so i have to figure out how to use that and then yeah my room is a mess i put that down on the ground.

Oh yeah, look at my new fancy power supply there. Well, not the one on the top. That's one of the wall adapters. I blew up with my handy dandy, magic wand.

You see my beautiful magic wand. This was actually used in a vsauce tv series like do it like. Can you survive the movies? I think it's called they used it in that and you'll see it there, but yeah it's not out yet and yeah this. I killed that wall adapter with that, but this this power supply.

I was talking about this power supply. I got it from circuit specialists. I got three of them. This is this output, some good power, but not as much current one to two amps, but it creates like 300 volt, ac 400 volt dc's things of that sort.

It's awesome it's going to be very high voltage powerful. Maybe i can do interesting projects with that, and actually i got three of these if i hook them together in a way that i have to figure out, then it will give me three phase ac, so maybe i will be able to um drive a motor with It like an ac motor or something so that's an experiment. I need to do it's a cool power supply. I turned it on once and it works now.

What else yeah i have to clean up my mess. The thing is that i don't have much room. I it's like things are coming in, like you see the 3d printer, the power supplies and stuff, and i don't know where to put them, i'm thinking - maybe i should just you know, rent a place make a bigger office, maybe hire some people to. Why would i hire people? I don't know since i have the space, i may feel it with people.
What do you think? Well in any case, what else do i have? Of course i have a ton of keysight scopes and meters, and you know cool stuff here. I love them, they work fine, very fine and yeah. Well, i also bought these well. I didn't buy them.

Actually, elgato gave it to me. You see these um. These are some elgato sound panels as they call them. I want to put them on my wall behind me, there's like there's this there's six of them in every package, so i want to put them behind me because the wall behind me and basically my background - is pretty wide beside like the tools and stuff i have In the background, it's pretty white and i don't know if it's good for my the color of the video in general, it's too bright, so i want to add them at the back.

It may help my sound too to some extent, although it won't help me much if i put it on the back really when you put the sound forms and stuff, you have to put it in front of you, so your voice goes in them and gets stuck In them, and doesn't reflect back when you put it behind kind of defeats, the purpose, but it's good for aesthetics, it turns it a little bit darker behind me and uh, so things to try yeah. I have to revamp this room a little bit. I i didn't have time to do it and i was a little bored with the situation and i have to work on my videos. I don't know like every time i clean this room.

It blows up into my face again like when did i clean it? Last? Maybe actually it was a while back maybe a month ago. I cleaned it up and it's it gets to this stage. So often i don't know if i should just leave it as is oh, maybe i can hire somebody. That's like clean it for me, then i'll.

Never find my stuff again, nah, never mind i'll, clean it myself. Okay, what else are you guys saying how's this live thing going right now. Is it something enjoyable, i'm just here to chat and have fun with you right? I don't know if it is good for you at all or not. Why are you even watching this hey maddie greetings from germany was waste is says, sorry.

What do you think about the five german safety rules? Five, german? Is it like a 5g thing? 5. German. I don't know or regular general regulations for electrical stuff that exists in e in the eu. Are there any that you find useful for the usa or canada? I from what i understand eu uk eu, those that, like europe in general, seems to be more strict around the rules for at least electronics.

I assume it's around everything else, so yeah. I think north america could benefit from some of those restrictions, but i think they don't want to change because everything is set up, as is for so long. If they want to change everything, it will be a huge cost. So what's a shock here and there every now and then this shock hasn't ever killed anybody, or has it probably it has? Can you do a video with mark robert? I could he's a bigger channel, so i have to go to you and beg mark.
Can you can i do a video with you? I can't do it now. Anyways. It's like all. The borders are closed due to ban pandemic, but yeah.

I would love to do a video with him. He he does big projects and he's probably unlike mine. His projects take a long time to put together. I just try to put something together quickly and push it out as quick as possible, because i want to.

I don't want to keep people waiting. That's a different thing see i like. I want to make at least two videos a month and i don't like i told you in one of my videos. I don't have anyone helping with maybe my videos i have to do.

The video editing come up with the idea. Write the script like design, something put it together, so it takes a long time, but i still want to be able to make two videos a month and it is hard to come up with like projects that take short amount of time to put together into a Good video that people like right so otherwise what mark robert does is different. He, like his projects, takes a year or two to make, but that's the thing i guess. If i had started with those projects like, i would have to have no videos for a year.

I would work on different projects that would take a couple of years to make and then, at the end of a year or two, then i would have a video every month going out that the videos i had worked on for like a year or two right, But with the type of video i have, if i want to switch the other type, i would have to not have a video for a year until new long term projects would come out. If you know what i mean, oh by the way, maybe you have noticed my english is not that good. You realize that right when i try to speak, i have a hard time pushing the words out. That's one of the main reasons i didn't do these live things.

It's it's hard to talk. I always write scripts or, if like in some cases that i just video while i'm doing something, i try to think of something to say and i keep repeating 20 times. 30 times 50 times until it's nice and clear, so my lack of english capabilities may not come out as obvious, as is in my regular videos than in life like i, i sometimes struggle over words. I have to go to dictionary and type hey.

What does this mean, or somebody says, farsi? Half bazan. It means speak farsi. Well, i just spoke farsi uh. Let's see thanks a lot, everyone for the support i like uh.

You just helped me a lot with the support. Although again, i don't feel good getting all this money from you guys like it's your money thanks, don't don't don't send it to me only if you have a question that you want me to see sure go ahead, but it doesn't feel right for some reason. Maybe i should donate it all to something. I should find a good reason and give it for a good cause.
You know i have a list of uh under my videos. I put a link to the list of schools that uh i go through and find the schools that needs tools, so this is not actually bad this this. This revenue from these live chats can help me support tools for schools, better get the more stuff. So, thank you i'll i'll use it for that press.

Why not talboy says hey maddie you're, mostly known for your electrical videos, but what are some other hobbies you have on the side? Well, one of my main hobbies is making and fixing and building stuff at home, which uh, which is fun. It's like uh. I don't know it's. What i'm trying to say is that when i don't make videos, i try to do some interesting like i.

I do most of my stuff at home, like, for example, i have a little bit of a lawn, i smoke it and, and i fertilize it and you know i watch a lot of youtube videos on how to maintain your lawn, and you know i try to Learn those stuff and do everything myself i like to be hands on on everything like if my car needs a repair. If i, if my tire is flat - and i have to fix it like if i need to install a fence, i go buy woods and put it together. Actually, i have bought a lot of wood recently to make some gates for some openings around the house and i'm gon na make that a video for my other channel meditation. So why not? I have a i have a rat in my lawn somewhere.

It keeps making this hole into the ground and so exterminating. That is probably another video with electricity. I could do it with electricity, but i don't know i'm thinking. I should buy some tiny firecracker dynamites and throw it in there and just blow up their mansion, because i think it's a huge.

What do you call it? A borrow it's a huge space under there. I think because everything i throw in there, it disappears and they come out again. I have filled it multiple times and they keep digging and coming out. So i may just blow the whole thing up, but before that i have actually bought some grenades.

I have bought some grenades, they are smoke. Grenades though they don't call explosion, cause explosion, they make a ton of smoke because i feel like these mice or rats, i think they're mice. They don't look like rats. I saw them once they're big still, but they don't look ugly as rats.

So i bought this grenade i'll, probably throw it into their hole, because i think they are coming into their mansion down there from multiple different holes and there's only one hole in my yard and everything i put there. They move it away somewhere else. They don't just pour it out around the hole, so i think they are just making a huge thing down there, i'll throw it in there it'll create a ton of smoke. I cover the top and i see where the smoke comes out, and then i can figure out the other holes that they are going into from and see how to deal with that.

Just pour concrete in there or just you know, throw it like a real grenade down there and just blow the whole thing up, and probably all all my front yard will collapse into their mansion. That would be fun. Wouldn't it i'm loving your videos. They always entertain me cadir says thank you very much greetings to fabian who's fabian, who gave me this five euro burp.
Thank you. Okay, let's see so is there uh, hey man, you help me in my physics, retro wave dances mechanism thanks a lot. Thank you. I'm in class, i'm in class silver, 3d you're in class and you're watching my video come on get back to work.

Your your your teacher is going to find out you're watching me and he's going to ban me too. Don't do that or maybe he starts watching. My videos, you never know just show it to him, let the entire class watch it greetings from germany. Crowe says bonjour de montreal.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get small batches of pcbs printed for semi-prototype stuff, uh advice? There is a lot of companies that do that. I see like, for example, great scott. You know great scott, the other great electronic youtube channel uh. He uses jlc pcb.

They are, i think, a chinese pcb manufacturer company. Those guys are typically pretty good. Their price is low. They may be a little bit more lead time for the shipment from uh.

You know china here like a couple of days extra, but if you are willing to wait, then why not? They they have pretty good quality and the price is typically pretty good. Jlc pcb and - or i don't remember any other pcb manufacturer, but there are local ones too. If you want something, for example, tomorrow you can go local or even in u.s, but they are typically much more expensive. So your choice, if you want to have it immediately, then you have to pay extra money.

Otherwise, why not says make electric pecan and compared to tesla, you know what pecan is pecan is iran's national car? Like you know, government decided to support a specific type of car, so everyone would write the exact same thing. It's like a uniform of cars for the entire society right like when you go to a like a private school. You put your uniforms on in the country. They wanted to make everyone look like they're at the same level, and so they were supporting this car.

Although now everyone is still driving different cars, but pecan was one of the very cheap ones, cheap cars that they could make and everyone could buy it. It falls apart quite easily from what i understand: it's not compatible to tesla but tesla itself. Uh i've heard it has some assembly issues to like some missiles. Some minor stuff, like the general tesla quality, is pretty good.

It doesn't have any risk of death compared to pecan. I would say i remember one of my relatives, or one of my friends was. It was telling me that they bought a new pecan like um - i don't know a week before and they were driving in a highway with it and all of a sudden the tires started flying and the car was turning around and flipping around. That was fun.
Hopefully they have increased their quality nowadays i don't know i can't i haven't been in the loop with the pecan news for a long time. Greetings from india, hitman bob pop g hi, indian fellows. How are you doing you're still awake? What time is it then? And let's see someone in the chat says it's farsi. Of course it says: put the tesla's motor on a pecan car and see what happens.

Well, probably, what happens is that as soon as you push there press the accelerator, the engine jumps forward and the car stays behind with you in it, which is probably for the best. Did you, let's see, i prepared all these things to draw something here for you and you know if you had questions, watch videos with you and stuff like that, but it's already an half and we haven't used them. The time is almost coming up. I think i'll.

Do it for two hours, it is fun, it's fun being with you, it's like quite enjoyable. I don't mind it at all. I just don't know how good it is for you. I want to give something more interesting to you.

Let me see. Maybe i can turn on my graphite. Let me see if i can turn it on. Do some electronic experiences here.

These power supplies i have here, you see them, oh, why is it i have to switch the screen to my full screen. Cam, you see these these guys from circuit specialists. They are pretty cheap compared to power supplies, they have only one output, but it can do 300 watts, like 30 volts 10 amps, which is typically higher than the regular power supply you can find anywhere. Let me see if i can turn it on by the way you guys can still hear me right.

Let me unmute myself here for a second, oh by the way i forgot, i have a background music how's, this background music, for you is it annoying. Let me reduce the volume a little bit. Let me let me change it to something else, so give you some variety. You know, how do you change it? You go in here.

I have a bunch of elevator music that i can put on for you how's this one. There you go how's this one. Let me hear it coming from there live wow. This is so low.

I have to increase it not too loud. I think it's good. Okay, doesn't sound better, maybe i'll, reduce it a little bit more good. Now, let me see if i can turn on my graphite here.

I always love graphite. Graphite is very interesting. You can. It can light up without dying off right away.

Usually, when you burn a wire or glow it that hard it just burns open right away. If i can find some wire is this working? Hopefully, let's see i i do you see oops. What did i do? Um? Let me see if i can show you my desk, you see it there you go. Hopefully i won't burn my live streaming setup.

This is at an angle that guy is going to get pissed again. Let me straighten this up now. I need some wires that can handle 10 amps. There we go is that on yes, maximum current maximum voltage well right now, if i short this oh wow, that was big, the the spark was big because the voltage was high, so the power was high.
If i put it across the graphite, let's see if it turns on you, see it the graphite. Is it focused on my face or oh jeez? Why is it so violent come on? Okay, wow, okay, the graphite shorted, the 30 volt. It draws 10 amps, but from 30 volts it's dropped to 2 and a half. So with this you can almost calculate the resistance like 2 divided by 10, so the graphite is around 0.2 ohms.

That's one way to measure resistance. While your thing is burning, at least you know its resistance but see it's, i don't know. If you can see it, it's smoking a little bit. Can you see it or is this smoking or is it my wires? Are smoking but so 2 times 10 is 20 watts.

There is 20 watts ouch it burned my skin. How come it doesn't sizzle as it should it burns like hell? How come it doesn't sizzle? Oh, my god, my wire is melting, never mind. Well, i was hoping to make that graphite red, but i couldn't i would need much higher current, which means i should pull out my. What do you call them? The super capacitors that can output like 200 amps or something, but i think i damaged those a while back.

Let's see if i can try those why not oops i dropped something like super capacitors. I haven't used this for a long time. I don't know if they will, even if the capacitors are blown or not, let's see if we can charge them my skin burned. Should i charge it, it should be safe to charge it with 10 amps right.

Let's see, look at the voltage and current: let's see what happens, it's not gon na blow up in my face. Is it look at the voltage slowly coming up? How far could i charge it quick, nine times, three, 27. Okay, let's not go above 25 volts. It's charging slowly, which means that the super capacitors are alive.

Their voltage is slowly going up. I should let me before that. Let me limit the voltage to what's a good voltage. 22 volts.

Then how am i supposed to connect it to my graphite? Where did my graphite go graphite? Oh there it is okay, the graphite is here. The voltage is slowly creeping up and it shows you how big the capacitance is right that with 11 amps, almost the voltage is going up so slowly on a bunch of capacitors. That's a huge amount of capacitance. Then i'll connect it to this.

Hopefully not shorting the capacitor. It would be terrible. Imagine 200 amps, shorted, 200 amps 30 volts at 6. 000 watts.

That's that's! Maybe i shouldn't do it. Let's do it see what happens? It'll probably melt. My wires right away: okay, it's almost there. Almost there you now that it will reach the voltage.

You'll, see that the current starts. Dropping the power supply is limited to 2200 points. Something i remember, is it going higher. I put it on 22.
Didn't i i don't want it to go too high. Oh there you go. Thank god. Now the current is dropping.

The voltage reached the set limits and the current is dropping as the capacitor voltage slowly reaches the supply voltage, because there is a difference between the two. With that much current there is some voltage drop across the wires that makes this this difference. Okay, now i'm gon na connect it across my graphite good enough. The voltage is there wish me luck, people, let's, let's pull this out so that the plastic doesn't melt right away.

Okay, how do i focus it on that? Is it focused on this or not? It's focused on my face. No, it's good! You can't see that. Should i do it, i'm a little bit afraid, let's see what you guys say, do you want me to do it or you can release me from my immediate danger? What do you guys say? Do it or not, do it go stop boom? I don't know, oh no, oh yes do it, don't do it, oh god rip. Let's see, i think i'll i'll have to do it.

No for humanity. It will probably not hurt me. That's the thing. It's probably just be some violent heat that will worst case will burn my skin right right.

It's not going to shock me right. Let's actually hold the voltage see it's only 22 23 volts. It's not shocking to me. So as long as it doesn't set my room on fire ready, it's not too bad, nothing! What's going on! Let me just put it across the graphite right away: ow! Oh my god.

How do i i can't disconnect it now, it's so hot! Oh geez! Oh no! Come on, oh my god, oh i can't disconnect it from the other side. Oh no, my wires! Why? Why did i do this? I did need better wires for this experiment. I think yeah. I, like graphite, see all that power all that glow my wires.

My copper!.

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