Juicing Mango with Electromagnet?! High Voltage Tests?!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro and Sponsor
1:25 Juicing Mango with Electromagnet (FAF)
2:42 Wire Hanger Adapter (rubbish!)
5:07 Self Assembling Wires
8:55 Arcs from Power Lines to Isolated Worker
11:28 Levitating Rotor DC Motor

Hi, i'm bored so today, i'm just gon na head into reddit and see what you guys have submitted. I don't expect much it's reddit after all, but who knows? Maybe i find an interesting idea for a video or learn something learn something radish the future of learning. If you really want to learn something, you should use my sponsor brilliant. I personally think brilliant has made it very simple and fun to learn from their interactive courses on math, computer and science from entry level all the way to expert level so head on to my link.

Brilliant.Org electro boom to get 20 off an entire year of brilliant premium. Now, let's get on to the video roll, the intro? Let's just do it your submissions better, be inspiring. Okay, let's see what you've got. I caught my son chewing on electrical cord, so i had to ground him.

I've heard this a thousand times. Won't it be harder to turn where it's loaded, electro boom goes electro boom got him. This is boring me even more. Let me sort by top: is my community boring nah? It must be everyone else, who's, boring, juicing and mango.

I did not think that this was going to work, but here's how i did it first. Was this tick tock junk you're going to need an inverter, a 12 volt battery, some copper wire and some cellotape? You put some wire around his mango. Now we can simply just switch on the inverter and, as you can see now it is what is this tick? Tock garbage i'm not here to show you the magic of television and how to do video editing. Oh look! If i hold my hand like this, a cell phone will fall out of it.

I couldn't hold it. Why do boys die earlier than us? Girls? No clue boys. Well, let's see if the car stops for the end of the road yeah it's from my tesla video, why flat earthers are affected by 5g and normal people won't because the earth is flat, the waves go straight into their heads. Oh free power: do you know how many times i've seen this video? He did it in maddie's way, mashallah, my god, look at his unibrow.

He puts mine to shame. Maybe can you make this please i want to know if it still works or not. Isn't it obvious it's shorting the live and neutral through the wire? If you really want to make something like this, you have to cut between the wires. Let's make one.

So you see here's my wire hanger that i put on my wall adapter and it's obvious that if i plug it in it will short the power lines. What it's not obvious to you sure, let's give it a try for science convinced now the solution is to cut these wires like this. We can also make them hold on to each other with a piece of tape or wire jacket like this. Here we go now.

They won't short the power lines now we can safely plug it in with no problem. Yes, the other problem is that you'll bring the live and neutral voltages right to your hand, that's a terrible idea. Medi just bought a fifty three thousand dollar tesla brand white board for his videos. People seem surprised by me writing on the hood of my car.
What is it good for? If you can't ride on it? Maybe you two should form a band nice. Did he just directly copy the concept of my electric guitar video yeah? He just copied my patented electric guitar video. The wires at this end are tied together in pairs, as you can see, and each pair is attached to one of these cables, which we can plug them into the wall power plug. Please join me for the first time to hear how it sounds and 1 2 3 4.

well, which one of us played it better. If you think i did better slap the like button, if you think he did better slap, the like button made my own laden jar hi. I hope you see this video ultra boom. I made a latent jar of my own and, let's see what happens there, you go.

Somebody actually learned something and made a super high voltage laden jar watching my video and he's still alive. That's a plus for me good job dude, you mad bro. What is this? Oh yeah, right away from the music, it's fake stationary, coils stationary magnets and the light turns on go away self assembling wires. Oh yeah! This a lot of people actually brought this to my attention: self-assembling wires.

So apparently, if you put oil in a dish and fill it with some sort of ball bearings as he says and puts high voltage across it, then those ball bearings start assembling into these legs that extend out like a live creature. Let's see if we can make it, the first thing we need is my zvs circuit that can create 10 to 30 kilovolt of dc voltage. Oh, what happened damn it did. I blew it up.

It seems like it's sitting on a piece of scrap metal, maybe yeah. All these exposed circuits sitting on pieces of solder and loose wire did it. So the first step is to fix the circuit, damn it okay back in business. Now we need some ball bearings or iron powder, maybe let's shave some iron pick them up with some magnet in the bag.

Here we go now we have our iron powder around the outside of another container, with oil i put aluminum foil. Now i put some of my iron and oil at the center of this. Well, it sank straight to the bottom, so i don't know if i can create the same effect anyway. I connect one terminal of my zvs circuit to the outside and the other one to the inside.

The polarity doesn't matter. Let's just do a quick test. Look there yeah look what happens to the surface of the oil. When i get close to it, the voltage is too high.

See i'm pushing the surface of the oil down. It's funny reduce the voltage a little bit. Now i put the wire into the iron shaving. See what happens? Oh, they spread around quickly.

Look at that! What if i put the foil inside well, let me bring all those irons to the center again, with my magnet now i put the aluminum foil on the inside yeah. Look. The iron particles are already jumping around. Let's see what happens if i bring my other contact closed, it seems like the particles are jumping back and forth between the wire and the outer wall.
We start out with a petri dish and fill it up with castor oil. Metal ball bearings, castor. Oil is a bit thicker than vegetable oil and keeps the ball bearings from moving around too fast. Well, i guess that's my problem.

I don't have castor oil. My metal particles just jump around like crazy. Here i reduce the amount of oil significantly. So it's much harder for the particles to move around.

Let's see what happens. Oh there you go there. You go look at those tiny traces, i'm making some wires. Here's another one! It's like a living creature.

Hey now do i think this is a useful technology to use on living beings to create, say, new nerves or veins. Obviously, not if you put tens of kilovolts across any living thing, they're just fried to death. Welcome to the y, nothing like us watching maddie during lesson. What does it say you are connected as a student? Oh, they watch it in class nice.

Sorry, if this is a repost, they have such a cool job. Working at high altitudes with high voltage see the voltage is so high, although they're not connected anywhere, the electricity still jumps to their fingers, although they're covered with protective gear, let me see if i can demonstrate you with my magic wand, now here's my magic wand, that Can create 100 to 200 kilovolts, i'm gon na clamp the power button continuously on and i'm gon na disconnect myself from everywhere and try to touch the output out. It's jumping to me see, although i'm not physically, grounded because my body loses charge fast enough. It continuously jumps to my body same as those guys touching the power lines: noise arcs, it's like four and a half volt on big motor, which was a blower motor for an electric blower.

Those arcs are weak man. Nothing i strive for electro boom. In a nutshell, oh gee, are they alive yeah? It seems they're, okay. What did the guy do? Did he just throw some wire onto the live wire? I have to watch it again, my god.

Well, fortunately, they are both. Okay! That's why i'm laughing. I wonder why they need a new one. Electrician wanted experience required this time.

I think something's wrong here. Oh, come on, don't get into the water with all those live wires in it. Oh he's on a boat, thank god, new member joined the society of magicians. Wow.

Look at this now this is art, it's beautiful, look at all those arcs and everything for the love of god. Never forget the bridge between the eyebrows. There you go now. It looks realistic.

Thanks a lot choice abroad, seven one one one: it's beautiful, probably the best fan art i've ever had. Let me see if i can give you an award actually can i give you 50 000 units of award? How do you do this 200 and i think the money just goes to reddit, not the actual artist. Otherwise i would be happy, let's see, is there anything free 15 for a choo choo train forget about it. Medi rectified this.
What is this wow? This is nice, see the guy made a motor that he is levitating the rotor using magnets with the battery at the center, and it starts turning not quite stable, though let's see if i can make one so here's what's gon na happen. I'm gon na put four magnets: stick them on this steel surface, so they won't move with all of them north facing up, and then i'm going to put two magnets at the end of my battery here with say north south south north. So these two north will be repelled up by the magnets beneath it and it's yeah - maybe i shouldn't put it on a steel surface. So here's what i'm gon na do.

I will put four magnets on this piece of wood here that can push my battery up and float it. So i'm going to stick these magnets on the piece of wood with another magnet underneath them to hold them better in place. Okay, we have our four magnets here and can we float it there, you go it's. Why is it so hard to balance magnets on magnets? Okay, i decided to do it like this with six magnets and the two side ones raised, so it creates a valley that the battery can drop inside a little bit better and i have to keep pushing it to one side.

Otherwise, everything will just flip over okay. There you go now. All i need to do is to short the battery through the magnets with a wire damn it. My battery is dead, so i'm gon na use my lithium-ion batteries that can do over 10 amps.

Here we are now turn there. You go it's turning. Finally, well it's. Turning for the exact same reason, i explained in my simple dc motor video, but now, instead of the wire turning the magnet's turning and the wire is stationary, not bad.

We had a good run and, most importantly, i'm not bored anymore, and we learned a few things too. But if you want to continue learning while having fun, then make sure to visit my sponsor brilliant. Everyone knows they need to learn more and although some things may sound too complex, you can still learn them. If you have fun doing it, why do you think i lose an acre of skin in every video? That's what brilliant also does it teaches you? How to think and solve problems with fun interactive lessons in stem with brilliance, hands-on approach you learn by doing.

If you have to do it, then why not enjoy doing it is what i always say at brilliant. You learn by being involved in your course touching, and turning and moving things solving problems in real time in math, computer and science. That's how knowledge gets stuck in your head. Just look at this course that teaches you neural networks.

It has an example of the neural network that when you write something it can recognize what you wrote like zero there, it's a zero there. You go a two or in this course in algorithm fundamentals. You learn about algorithm and coding by doing interactive examples of putting your own code together awesome when you visually interact and solve your problems, you develop intuition for tough concepts that enables you to understand and see the best way to a solution. You know you need to learn, then join the community of over 8 million learners and educators by clicking on my link in the description or visiting brilliant.org electroboom, and thanks for watching.

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