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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi and welcome to another episode of last time, i told you where, in fact you tell me about your deepest electronic desires and questions. So, let's just jump into it. I may or may not check it in the next episode, memes memes everywhere. I'm sure they are good memes.

Let's see that's why i got into electronics, rectify cooking prison pasta with a stinger electric heater, hey everybody, larry lawton, here i've seen this guy before. Basically, he uses two metal plates, connects, live and neutral to them and isolates them like you see here. He plugs it in and puts in the water, because the electric current runs between the plates through the water, the water heats up and boils, and he can cook food with it. Now, that's quite a terrible idea: not only you can get shocked with your stinger thingy and you have to be very careful with it, because it's completely exposed live and neutral wires.

It breaks your food chemistry. Haven't you seen me putting live wires in salt water? See we can make this plug it in and put it. This is dangerous. I don't know why it's even suggested anyway.

If you put this in regular tap water, there is barely any bubbling very little mineral in the water, so the conductivity is low and the current is very low, so it won't get hot at all. Now, if we add salt to the water, as you normally do in food - and there are other things mixed as well - the water is much more conductive and it starts bubbling right away. It is even vaporizing, but can you really cook food with this thing? Oh my breaker popped down here: look at the water, it's all cloudy, with tons of solid floating particles in there now can you see what's going on in there yeah the water gets hot, but electricity breaks the chemistry in your water. It releases poisonous chlorine, gas and all sort of changes.

The food may end up being a completely different chemistry. Do you really want to eat? It don't run electric current that can change chemistry through your food. Now it might be fine for people in prison. I guess they don't regard much about their own life anyway.

They just want to eat something. Don't they provide food in prisons? I don't know. Maybe this device has its application in chinese or iranian prisons, but for the love of god, don't cook food like this? On the bright side, you can free your internet from prison using my sponsor expressvpn, because controlling and limiting internet is one of the most bs things a government can do to keep people in the dark. You probably know by now that expressvpn adds to your network security.

Hides your location and unblocks your internet access among other things, and those are why i use it. So what are you waiting for? Go to expressvpn.com electro boom and find out how you can get three months free and be free and secure? My brother and me listening to our parents fight when the world divorce drops maddie, stop the free energy bs. I don't think i'll ever be able to stop it 100 working free energy device. I mean he gets tons of subscribers and he gets the tons of views.
Why would he ever stop posting videos? Could you really generate electricity by shining light on diodes leds? Oh yeah. I've seen this video before it's stiff molds. Yes, you can generate voltage shining lights on silicon components. That's why, typically, all silicon components like diodes, transistors or chips of any sort are in this very dark and dense black material? If light gets to the silicon directly, it will generate these random voltages here and there and will mess the performance.

Let me show you a simple example: here is a regular green, led, i'm measuring with my meter, and you can see there is like around 100 millivolts across it in light and when i block it, the voltage drops and then goes back up again, so it generates Voltage, of course, these leds are designed to generate light and they can't convert light energy to electricity very efficiently. So it's a very small level of energy. What am i looking at here? Which country is it? Why is there like 20 lines going this way and 20 lines going perpendicular to that who thought they wouldn't touch, i'm getting the best video guys, the guy's speaking english? So it's not like in russia or something hey, look, there's a subway there in the corner. Is it in u.s or canada? You would think it would be quite obvious that wind will blow them together.

Somebody's gon na get fired real hard. That's my russell peters imitation emergency meme! Maybe when someone makes a free energy video emergency meeting nah, i don't care anymore at this point. If you still don't understand, there is no free energy device. I don't think i can stop you anymore.

Unless it's a very clever, complicated contraption, they make that nobody can guess how it's made, or maybe it looks like a new technology or something otherwise, don't bother electroburn question: did he die? What happened? Oh well, whatever i'm pretty sure, he's not dead, because he let go right away, he's just shocked to hell. Unless you have a heart condition or something usually when you let go of electricity, you return back to normal. Hence why i'm still alive made specifically for medi key to the spiritual world use it, and you will be able to talk to your deceased relatives and friends. Well, obviously, although it wouldn't work as advertised see, it's shorts live and neutral, which means the breaker will pop.

So you won't get to talk to your deceased relatives and friends. There is still a chance, though so don't use it. You don't want to hear what your deceased family has to say. This was a legit question in my today's test.

If an electric current is passed through a nerve, the man, a begins to laugh b, begins to weep c. Is excited d becomes insensitive to pain. I think the answer is all the above. First he gets excited by electricity.
Then he begins to laugh. What the hell then, from the pain he starts to weep, then he dies and becomes insensitive to pain. So yeah i made a meme. Oh my god stop this! Thank you so much.

I made a dc motor from your video. Let's see hey good job, so i've been collecting high voltage capacitors recently, all over 200 volt any ideas of what i should do with them. What i don't want to suggest is to use a diode to rectify 120 volt ac and charge these capacitors and then go around and touch people with it. That's a bad idea what the things are doing.

It destroys the laws. These are garbage, there's never enough. Medies around it is cooking us alive. I read it on facebook karen's when they hear about 5g, the perfect test subject for michael reeves, if michael and electro boom ever meet michael, i will electrocute you electro boom jokes on you, i'm into that ready plan.

This all alone nice space - please don't end in disaster. Oh my god he's going right into the color lines. Isn't he? Yes, they are they're going to hit those lines. Yeah, there's a land on top of this guy's house over here people need to move.

They hit them. Oh my god. Yeah don't fly into power lines. Mama wants free energy boys, which one of you can make a free energy device daily, instagram bs, a small magnet implanted in a finger, can allow one to sense magnetic fields.

This body mod can be very useful in professions that work with electric current, allowing the detection of live wires and avoiding electric shock. Can you sense magnetic fields if you implant, a magnet in your fingers, sounds intriguing: let's try it. There might be some truth to their claim. I mean the tip of the finger is filled with very sensitive neurons and a magnet reacts to magnetic fields and vibrates in the presence of ac fields.

So is it possible that i feel it on my finger easy to try? I'm gon na put some crazy glue on my magnet and glue it to my finger, and now i have super powers which is probably not as good as those detector pens that you can buy for cheap see. I wouldn't feel anything beside a 120 volt ac wire like this, because the magnet reacts to ac magnetic fields, not electric fields, so i have to run electric current through my wire to create ac magnetic fields. Well, let's run half an amp through the wire using my incandescent light, see wow, i feel nothing. Well.

Maybe i need more current. Let me bring an iron well with this iron, i should be able to run 10 amp through the wire okay, oh sh. I actually feel it now yeah. I can definitely feel it vibrating on my finger.

It doesn't make any sound, though there i put my magnets on a piece of wire and my microphone beside it, and now, if i pass the wire above it, you should hear it. Well, considering this magnet is much larger and stronger than an implant and only works in the presence of magnetic fields, and i need like 10 amps to feel it on my fingers. I say it's fake news. Please maybe rectify this, so it seems like this guy is putting a large coil of some sort around the electric power meter and when he puts it in that wheel, that measures power stops turning see stopped.
Those wheels turn by the eddy currents that are generated by some coils around them. So i guess, if you generate strong enough magnetic fields around it, you could stop it. I'm pretty sure it's illegal, though you shouldn't mess with your power meters. Government will come after you, but at the same time, i'm pretty sure they have thought of this.

It must be shielded very strongly against this, so i'm not really sure if this video is real, maybe when this guy is pushing his coil around the meter, his friend back, there is opening the breaker and the electricity stops anyway. So it looks like his coil is stopping the meter, but in fact his friend might be just opening a breaker. My meter at home doesn't show this wheel anymore. It just has a lcd display with all the parameters, which means, if i expose it to a strong emp, the whole thing might reset or break, and the government will be knocking on my door.

So yeah, let's not don't well, that's it go to expressvpn.com electro boom to get three months free. It's just annoying that only people in some countries get to see the good shows see. If i want to see what japanese watch under netflix i connect to japan with expressvpn and load netflix - oh, i should have guessed it's mostly. I mean anime, let's connect to pakistan.

What even in pakistan they can watch the witcher. How many times were you hit by? Not available in your country, well, not anymore, with expressvpn and on top of any network security you might or might not have expressvpn encrypts your data from your computer to their servers. So there is virtually no chance of someone on your local network, breaking your privacy and stealing your data and since you'll be connecting to the net through the country of your choice within the 94 countries, where the expressvpn servers are at with encrypted data. Your data is secure, your location is private and your world is expanded, so use it now, and thanks for watching.

12 thoughts on “MAGNET IMPLANT Gives You Powers!!! (LATITY-003)”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ultimately_Everything says:

    Ah yes Larry Lawton he's a great guy you should really check out his videos some of them are interesting.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Psiloxylo says:

    Me, myself and I invited a new kind of sinusgenerator. It consists of two allpassfilters and has absolute stable amplitude. Schematic on my channel. As I´m not so informed about computers I just managed to upload a Video. It needs to be stopped.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Abdullah Awan says:

    Yup we can watch witcher lol and people rewatch it a lot too for apparent reasons lol

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LiVeen says:

    About the whole magnet thing, idk what kind of idiots were promoting it 11 months ago, but when the idea first surfaced, it was because people had tried it and had noticed that the magnet "pushes" and "pulls" a tiny bit while near certain types of fields etc or whatever. The whole "power" part of it is conditioning. After a while, these same people would stop being so obsessed with the magnet and it ended up just becoming background noise, but because the body had been exposed to this consistent reaction to specific situations and environments, it basically started to just treat it somewhat like a sense.

    So now instead of noticing the "push and pull" of the magnet, these guys and their bodies just jumped straight to "feeling" it, kind of. To people who somehow don't know that the human body is easily conditioned and taught things, this would seem like superpowers.
    TL;DR: it does work, it does what's described, but it's not superpowers. It's just your brain/body getting used to a sensation and what it means. Simple as that. You can do the same by just wearing a belt that vibrates in a different way depending on every frequency of sound. Poof, you can wear earplugs after a while and "feel" the sounds around you (albeit extremely inaccurately because people have dumb bodies and also pose, positioning etc etc causes changes in how the vibration of the belt feels.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Madhav says:

    When I was a kid , about 20 years ago, the power company used cheap ( under 10$ ) meters in our area ( small town in India ) , it had a metal body and sticking a bit powerful magnet like ones from big speakers used to stop it from counting.
    It didn't matter tho because no one came to take the readings and the bill was fixed in the ballpark of 2-3$ / month ..

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Orion Hunter says:

    troll physics for when the power bill is too high:
    step 1: get 2 rocks (one is big)
    step 2: make pickaxe
    step 3: mine copper (bro tip: use magnets for faster mining)
    step 4: make a coil
    step 5: go over to your neighbor’s house
    step 6: ???
    step 7: profit

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Valentin-Stefan Visan says:

    The white precipitant is just aluminum hydroxide from the anode because you used tinfoil, in case anyone was curious. There should be no chlorine in that water, but he is right about the food chemistry.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SKY says:

    Use the prison heating method to heat water and then put a non conductive container or dorito bag inside to house food items or drink. Do not drink the liquid you are using as a heat bath. Ez fix, only reccomend dorito bag if you don't have a heat resistant container, still not healthy and flimsy.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars O Nerd da Química says:

    This solid particles in "cloudy water" is aluminum hydroxide from the oxidation of the foil.

    Diz solide partikles in "volker ŭater" is alumin hidroxide vun du oxidaŝan of du lef.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars B says:

    The old analog style of electric meters could be pulled out & installed upside down & the meter would run backwards. 😀

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars memes from walmart says:

    Bruh in my country u can watch every thing and for free with only 1ad in the start of the movie
    We are lucky

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Tinati says:

    I think you should start working a pointer finger into your shtick, Samad Aga of YouTube 😉
    Love your stuff 😀

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