Let's review your deepest questions in another "LAst Time I Told You"
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi, my latest video is taking a while to finish so i was thinking, let's just go to reddit and check your submissions and questions, and maybe we'll learn a few things i may or may not check it in the next episode. Okay, let's see what we see, what is this one wow? This is nice. The guide made a device that senses the tree's passing and presses the space button. Imagine being so lazy that, instead of pressing the space button yourself, you go through the trouble of designing the whole device to press it for you is that being lazy, i suppose it's quite useless, but i like the creative thinking behind it.

Oh, they actually submitted the schematic for it too, so you can make your own useless device look who's made it into german national television. Hey look at me at the corner. You got ta upvote. They were reporting on a man called lincoln from kenya who builds wheelchairs from scrap just by things he learned from videos on the internet in the report.

They talk especially about how he built a wheelchair for a woman with brittle bone disease who had a life expectancy of 18 years lil corners. I haven't said: here's the video in the art media library. The part where you see electro boom goes like the following, but how, without a school leaving certificate and craft training, i learned everything from this guy. His name is electro boom.

I love his videos. It explains every detail. You understand everything. Even the most difficult things he's a great teacher so to me he's a good teacher.

Oh thank you. My best hero is elon musk. I wish he couldn't get to ken mayan goes ahead. Is elon musk? Well, you heard him elon.

Now you have to go to kenya and meet this great man. He deserves it and while you're there, maybe you want to make a greatly beautiful lab for him. Well, that was an inspirational. Video lincoln is a great man and look.

He has been in quite a lot of interviews since hopefully this boosted his business. He deserves it, but, mr lincoln, if you are watching my video and your shop is missing, something message me leave a comment and i might be able to get it to you: how to ship stuff to kenya. Also, here i'd like to announce that i hate custom expenses, sometimes i'm trying to ship a tool or equipment to a school or a person that can't afford it and customs hit them with the price of like half of what i'm sending to them. How in the world are they supposed to be able to afford it and i'm trying to send them something for free? Why would you charge them customs see? That's the problem.

The countries that really need our help to grow have the hardest time to get what they need. So in a lot of cases, instead of giving them the good stuff, i have to buy them cheap stuff locally, so they wouldn't have to pay customs. Let's pray for a world without borders. Well, i should thank my patrons at patreon.com for generously supporting me and my channel.

So when i see people like this, we can support them. Thank you and i'd like to thank my sponsor expressvpn. They have helped me get around the local and government internet restrictions to access what i want. They have helped secure my network connections on public networks and they are fast and easy to use.
This is a service that can really benefit you too, so go to expressvpn.com. Electro boom and find out how you can get three months: free, wow, perpetual motion, epic, and then you say there is no free energy device. What is this then? I found this while renovating house. For what use is this? It's a relay nikola tesla, presenting induction energy.

It seems like tesla, also photoshopped, this white glare on photo to make it look like there are magnetic radiations or something the full bridge. Rectifier led hey. I like this. With this, you can actually visualize, at which point of time each diode is on in the full bridge rectifier and is supplying to the load.

Let's see if i can recreate it. Okay, i recreated the same circuit with leds and capacitors and if we plug it in, we should see the light, cycling, wow so bright. I don't think my capacitor could handle 120 volt peaks. Well, let's just do without the capacitor.

For now, i'm starting to think they didn't do this test with the 120 volt ac. The leds can't take that voltage. I can just do this at low voltage with my function generator so the way it works in the positive cycle. The current flows into this top red led into the positive side of the load and returns from this bottom red led and in the negative cycle.

It flows into this bottom green, led up into the positive side of the load and returns from this top green led, and now we can see the leds blinking. I can reduce the frequency, so you can see every cycle and you see in both cycles. The output load is powered, okay, who's. Next, he do be speed running for his health.

Will my pc work. I hope that's not real. Do not plug that in it works guys. I don't get it what's wrong here.

Medi gets electrocuted for hundreds time a day, his nervous system. Please grant me the sweet release of death. I, like my face me, tells my mom, 5g, isn't harmful. My mom thomas medicine, medi medhi, i made that dc motor from booms, video and i'm so proud good job mate.

Thanks for the template, never trust an electrician. Without eyebrows, you probably mean unibrow. No, every free electricity, video look at the face. He kept his promises very promptly.

I should not do any shorts yeah. Definitely it's shorter, let's plug it in yeah. I remember this one. This is me ouch.

My back was hurting for a few days. My brother bought this for his son and i had to try it. Maybe when a video doesn't cause 100 degree burns. That does make me happy and i'm so proud.

Everyone is spelling. My name right watch where you're sticking that probe cursed outlet adapters, the hell is it: is there actually something like this exist out? There are those prongs all live. Who made this e? What sound? Hey? It's a high voltage transformer. Actually, this is the subject of my next video.
What is this? Oh, it's one of these videos. Actually they are quite interesting. Let me show you how it's done. All you need is to put a few batteries around your glass and stick a neodymium magnet on your glass and it starts going.

It's interesting, no go figure this out. It was me many many many maddies, greedy scary, cursedy, angry blurry. I don't get it just made. Subtitles for the first lady video, because i'm bored as well thank you to all the bored, people who put subtitles for my videos you're the mvp.

My bathroom has no gfci. Actually, it might have gfci see this bathroom has gfci, but this bathroom seems like doesn't have gfci, but if i plug a resistor between earth and live see the other bathroom popped. It's because the outlet of this washroom is wired through the gfci of the other washroom. It might be the same case for you, but if it truly doesn't have gfci or your house doesn't have rci go fix, it now protect yourself and your family still waiting for this.

I will probably design my own induction heater later, with no safety features. I did say that i have to design it if this video gets to 200 000 likes i'll, do it so bez and liko. That's basically what i do joining our electro boom to post video ideas or suggestions joining our electro boom to post many memes. What is this? It was irrelevant, but funny, let's look at the list of faff rectify submissions wow.

Barely anyone gets any upvotes here, except for this one, which is not a fab rectifier floating power outlet floating. I was shocking myself with the other end of the wire. What i was trying to say was: how did this get so many upvotes found in facebook ground yourself? The grounding effect of walking barefoot where free electrons from the earth are transferred into your body is one of the most potent antioxidants known in research. Electrons, don't just flow into your body, there must be another source, pulling energy from you, so electrons can move in, and you should remember grounding is not always a good thing, see if you're floating in mid air, no matter how much electromagnetic radiation is around you, your Body in whole is like a short circuit and the voltage across it is minimal, but as soon as you ground, your body, all those energy has a way to go to ground through your body.

So grounding actually sends more energy through your body to ground, especially if you're working with live voltage. If you ground yourself and accidentally touch live, you will get electrocuted. But if you don't ground yourself and touch live wire, then very likely you don't feel anything at all. So don't go just ground yourself.

Grounding is only good when you have extra charge on your body, and you want to get rid of it so that when you touch electronics, you won't zap and kill them and don't believe in facebook garbage okay. We have had enough for one day and pray for my next project to work, but wait. Imagine your favorite show or movie is not available in your country. What are you gon na? Do immigrate to another country, no put your passport down, because now you can use expressvpn to hide your real location, connect through another country and unblock the content you need.
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Just use my link, expressvpn.com electro boom, get three months free and give yourself the access and peace of mind you deserve, and thanks for watching.

10 thoughts on “Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sammy stojanovski says:

    Why did you put the city power line on a led
    Capacitor can’t 120v 1 mega amp
    Led are 3 volts

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Branko says:

    I also learned how to make cheap 4 string electric guitars out of scrap and a power wall plug from watching ElectoBoom. Everyone in my village will be getting one.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KingRajasaNagaraIV says:

    i laugh instantly when he saw make someone make some looping wire with wire,battery and magnet and he said "good job mate"

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Billington says:

    I love your videos, very educational but also fun to watch. I'm in the UK 🇬🇧 I want to buy an Oscilloscope and variable power supply suitable for projects similar to what you do on your channel, the idea being I can help teach my nephew some of the times I watch on your channel and what I've learnt from my time in college studying electronic engineering and what I learn in the army being an engineer, im on an extremely tight budget. Although I am reasonably well versed with electronics I don't have much of a clue when it's comes to the above mentioned equipment. And I don't want to buy something I know nothing about especially when there are so many knock off and poor quality products out there

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Albert Koscielniak says:

    So now you need to do an induction heater with no safety featers beacouse you have 207 thousand likes on this video

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kim Stringfellow says:

    tell me how many time you electrocuted your self with out telling me how many time you electrocuted your self

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Psiloxylo says:

    I invented a new kind of sinus generator. I´m just trying to handle this digital stuff, so you have to stop this video on my profile. I´d like to excuse my desolate appesarance. It has absolute constant amplitude while tuning it with the stereo potentiometer.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars csgoicin920 allah says:

    why cant i add subtitles to mehdis or other youtubers video i am bored and i want to add subtitles to videos

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Bloss says:

    When Mehdi started ranting about customs and excise I imagined this

    Mehdi: Customs is irritating and charges money that they shouldn't, so try this video's sponsor, international smuggling!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dragoon warrior says:

    i am kinda like that guy i learn everything from eletroBOOM now. I feel like going to school and learn from the best teacher around that that everyone want to learn from.
    i try listen to others about electricity but it was so boring i lost interest.
    I like his unibrow its awesome this is the first person that is not in movie that has one that i seen
    i think you should have a letterman jacket because your one the coolest people on youtube

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