I have been so busy renovating and moving, so let’s SEE IT!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Hi, so we just moved much work now. I have to set this room up one week later. This is my room after one week at least i have my computer set up two weeks later. This is fine.

This is just fine. I realize every time i try to get up and make a video. I remember i have to screw something or cut something or fix something or something. At this rate, i would never be able to make a video, so i thought to myself forget about it.

Let's just make a video, so i thought, let's give you a tour of our new place. Everyone must be dying to know where this place is that i'm putting so much work into if they knew there was a new place. I was putting work into. We got this place a while back and did a major renovation on it.

In fact, you have seen a little bit of this place before renovation in one of my old videos. This room is actually the same place. I found the short circuit inside what what's going on here, what the hell is going on here destiny anyway, without further ado, let's show you around the house. This is our fuse panel.

Let's see what it has in store for us. Wow, look at all these breakers. It's like the future in north america, a bunch of other countries already had these. These are what you call rci, or they gave us the option to either install these or a main surge protector to protect the entire house, and i decided on these - i thought these will protect our lives rather than the surge protector that protects devices.

Let me see if there is any other hidden treasures inside the panel there. You go. Oh wait. These are like cb combination, arc fault circuit interrupter.

These are different than rci or gfci huh. Now you don't go ahead and open your fuse panel. I opened it because, well i can now you see these alternating prongs right and left all the ones on the right are one phase and all the ones on the left are another phase, and so you see that, for example, this top breakers are one phase. The second one is the next phase, first phase second phase and so on and as you see, they typically show one face with black and the other one with red.

But it seems like here they should have shown both red, but one of them is black and on this side pretty much all of them are shown with black. I don't know what the standard is anymore and once in a while, you see two breakers gang together like these. Turning on and off both phases, these are used typically to power things that require 240 volt instead of 120 volt, like dryers, electric ovens, car chargers and things of that sort. Now this is probably the first place in north america.

I live in that has 240 volt within the phases. Let me measure it for you. You see, i guess now the house is initiated to electro boom. I guess it's.

Never a good idea to take your eyes away from what you're measuring read it. Is it 240 volts? Let's put this back together? If you remember, when i was living in an apartment, the voltage between the faces was 208 volts because they were 120 degrees out of phase. We didn't even want to change this fuse panel and house wiring. You know how expensive it is to change all these.
We were forced, it will be probably another month or so before. I can put all these in order. So much for my hobbies, but at least if your hobby is reading, you don't need to sacrifice it thanks to my sponsor audible. What you must understand is that audible is the leading provider of all sort of spoken.

Word, entertainment, not just the thousands of titles of audiobooks, they have things like comedy: podcasts wellness guides, theatrical performances so head on to audible.com electro boom or text electro boom to 500 500 and get your free, audible, title and two audible originals do it now. This is gon na pay for my stupid fuse panel. Anyway, in houses, we have a single high voltage phase, which is that wire at the top, which is around 10 to 11 kilowatts. I think i wish i could access it to measure it accurately.

It would be my last day, though, the high voltage line feeds into these transformers that converts it down to 220v volt ac 180 degrees out of phase, and each one of these transformers seems to be feeding like every six to ten houses. So each one of these transformers reduces the high voltage by around 100 times. So, for example, if each house needed like 100 amps, it would mean only around one to two amps on the high voltage line. So if the high voltage line could do say 100 amps, it could easily feed over 50 houses.

So it seems in apartment buildings. They take three-phase high voltage and using a three-phase transformer convert it down to three-phase 120 volt ac, with 120 degrees out of phase, which means 208 volt between phases and take two of these phases and feed into each apartment. Like i measured in my previous home, they have to cut that tiny bridge, but in houses they connect a single high voltage phase into a transformer like this. The secondary has a center tab connected to neutral, and each side of the winding creates 120 volt ac.

That are 180 degrees out of phase, which means there is 240 volts between the two phases. Of course, 240 volt ac means there is 33 percent more power available compared to 208 volt ac, so i'm in good shape. But what does my afci breaker actually do and, more importantly, would it interfere with my tests? A combination, afci breaker, provides protection against parallel, arcing lined to neutral series, arcing, a loosen, broken or otherwise. High resistance segment in a single line, ground arcing, from line to neutral or ground overload protection and short circuit protection.

Each year in the united states, over 40 000 fires are attributed to home electrical wiring. These fires result in over 350 deaths and over 1400 injuries. I guess this is very good that i have afci. It would have detected that short circuit that i found before the renovation, but does it mean that i can't make arcs anymore? That would be a disaster.
You probably remember my super dangerous high voltage, microwave oven transformer. It draws around five to eight amps. I think from the power lines always makes me nervous. It draws that much current at no load, but it doesn't trip the breaker now if i interrupt the power to it.

Clearly, it's not tripping the afci, although i can see arcs what kind of arcs does it need, then? Maybe it needs arcier arcs. Let's give it a try. Still not tripping, never ever try this at home, but it's good. For me.

It means that i can continue with my tests, but would the afci pop, if say water, pour on my live wires and shorted them so to test that i have some salt water here to short my live wires and create some arc. Hopefully, oh there you go arcing in there definitely tons of currents. Don't try this at home. What for the love of god, what kind of arcing should i have to create before this afci pops? I have to go research on it a little bit.

I think, maybe if i just keep it long enough, damn the water is boiling now and those arcs could create fire. I don't know man i'm confused. Well, let's see if the afci works like gfci at all, tripping on fault currents, running from live to ground, probably not gfci trips at fault currents above five milliamps, so i'm gon na put 18 kilo ohms between live and earth and it doesn't trip now. If i remember correctly, rci or rcd, which is the same as gfci, that protects the entire house trips on fault currents over 30 milliamps, so i'm using a 39 kilo, ohm resistor between live and earth still doesn't trip.

You know what let me just directly place. My lamp between live and earth live and neutral are connected where's, my earth. The hell is wrong with my wire, oh well. My wire is broken, trying again with another wire 18 kilo ohm for over 5 milliamps, nothing 3.9 kilo ohms for over 30 milliamps, still nothing 2.2 kilo ohms for over 50 milliamps.

It popped hey there. It is so it does pop if the fault current is too high, so it does kind of work like gfci tripping at currents over 50 milliamps, so you will receive a massive shock before it trips. In any case, we didn't want to change our fuse panel. It's a stupid funny story.

Let me tell you, you see these ugly bulky, baseboard heaters. They run on hot water, that's heated by my gas water heater. I was going to replace all of them with electric baseboard heaters. Yes, gas is much cheaper than electricity, but i was thinking of the planet.

I thought if i could afford it now, maybe in the future the price of electricity will drop or i would install solar panels and could afford it easily. Those electric baseboard heaters would look much nicer and slimmer too, but then we hit an obstacle. Most old houses around here are supplied by 100 amp maximum and to go with electric baseboard heaters. I had to upgrade to 200 amps install a new electric pole and new wiring and everything it would be over 10 kilohertz, i mean thousand dollars, so i thought sorry planet, it's too expensive.
The best we can do is to go with very efficient gas water heaters. It is so quiet here. I can't yell see the house wires, connect to the city power lines and run through air with these wires all the way to the side of each house. Our power wires were running all the way to the side of my house.

Here the city inspector came in and said: hey these are so close. You can grab them. It can't be like that. So he forced us to install this new post.

Then the wire must run all the way into the ground and run all the way under the ground and then go into the house. So after installing the water baseboard heater, we still had to spend the money and install a new electric pole and everything go to audible.com electro boom. So i thought now that you forced us to spend the money upgrade to 200 amps too. I could use 200 amps and that's the story why we ended up with a 200 amp system but kept our stupid gas baseboard heaters.

Well, maybe at some point i'll buy an electric car and also all the lights in my house are led. Edison lamps, edison lamps, edison lamps, edison lamps. The only thing these light bulbs borrow from the old edison lamps is their shape, otherwise they are led and run on modern silicon technology. These light bulbs are typically made dimmer than this type, but they also use half the power, so efficiency is the same wherever the light bulb is exposed.

We use these ones because they are prettier. Otherwise we use these ones because they are brighter see every one of these led strings is made of a bunch of tiny leds in series and last but not the least, are these safer power outlets trying to mimic uk power outlets? These guys have tiny doors on their live and neutral hole. So a stupid kid can't shove a metal object in them. How do you open them, though? The stupid kid would have to shove.

Two metal objects, one in each hole to open them up. I'm a little bit baffled about how this thing is any safer. I mean if you shove something into live. You will very likely survive, especially with gfci or other protection, but if the stupid kid insists on opening those doors and shoves two things in there, he will put live and neutral across his chest and gets electrocuted in uk.

You have to shove something into the ground hole to open those tiny holes worst case you place your body between life and ground, rcd, pops and you're safe. Can someone please clarify why the north american ones are safer than before? I suppose it stops babies. The best defense against stupidity might not be those tiny doors you might need to find a different hobby, so go to audible, to get smarter and entertained. There is so much to do around the house.
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13 thoughts on “Tour of My New House!!!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars justonexone says:

    *goes to toilet*

    "So this is a timer with a teaser. If you spend too much time well… you will want to get out as soon as possible."

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh Young says:

    I didn't know Mehdi was buying the place with the short circuit! I thought it was just some random place that a renovation company let him film in cause he's qualified with electricity and he paid them off or something lmao

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill D'Berger says:

    Getting upgraded to a 200A service is expensive in the states as well though not that much (even in USD). An electrician friend who is a master electrician but works a day job and only takes the jobs he wants to do for side income told me he wouldn't be able to upgrade my house because the job would require his entire day most of it waiting around for the power company to disconnect and reconnect the service and install the new meter.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars OMG NADHILA EVERYTHING says:

    My country

    240v- easy boi water heater

    Canada- F**K you people

    120v -fuc*** hell double my self and pay more money

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sinni800 says:

    Here in my village every house is underground wired. It's a standard here. There are absolutes zero poles around here. Basically means any installation must be well thought out… because you're ripping the streets open.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BFB-DanceySteve says:

    You should make a series of going to different countries to check out that places' supplies

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Craig Ebersole says:

    I laughed so hard about the short circuit, "Destiny?" joke. Your channel is awesome.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars King Lonne says:

    They sure did not do well on putting the power and neutral into the breaker box as some copper is sticking out and is a no no

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars manaherb says:

    Aren't ground and neutral essentially the same? What's the difference between shorting between neutral/live and ground/live?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars j.a.cole says:

    oh look i just bought a new house… proceeds to have the first thing he does, is open the electric panel and arc the main

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Intuitive Control System says:

    The wire on the top of the pole is for is it really the hv line i thought its for lightning correct me if i am wrong electroboom

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kieran Brown says:

    Fun fact, do you know that green energy isn't always green energy in the EU? Everyone gets their power from the national grid, and more than just green energy providers supply power to the grid. The only way to go completely green is to stay off the grid. 🙂

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Oscar Sturgess says:

    AFDD's which are the UK equivalent of your AFCI's and they too never work

    I'm doing electrical installations at college and our college as a fun demonstration where we have arcs going behind a plexi glass panel powered through an AFDD to demonstrate how they don't work

    RCBO's and RCD's are still better

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