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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro
0:39 Stick a Knife in Toaster
3:30 Welding Through Salt Water
6:40 Hiding Batteries, Yildiz’s Magnet Motor
8:29 Blowing Capacitor Alarm Clock?!!
9:14 Solar Panel Floating Motor
10:17 Watch the Sponsor!

Hi i'm making this fantastic project that looks like a work of art that i can't show you, because it's not done yet so today. Instead, we are going to look at your reddit submissions that are guaranteed to be fun. So if you don't have anything better to do like using my link, electroboom, to sign up for my sponsor audible more at the end, let's look at them. Okay, my friend and i got into an argument if this video was fake yeah.

This is a super old video of a guy sticking, a knife in a toaster i've seen a while back. What do you think? Is it real? Let's, stick a knife in a toaster and see: don't stick a knife in a toaster. This is a scientific experience. I will do not you, here's a toast there.

We turn it on and let's see what happens, if we shove a knife into it, i'm joking, nothing will happen. What will happen is that very likely you'll short, the metal body of the toaster to the filament inside and if i measure the continuity between the earth of the plug to the exposed metal of the toast there, you see they are shorted, which means you will short Earth to one of the voltages inside and if you have a ground fault protection device, it will pop. Actually, let's try that here we are plugged into a gfci and if i turn on the toaster and try to short it well, it popped scared me, though well toaster filament is just a resistive element like this that heats up with electricity and if you short any Part of it, it won't cause an explosion just that it bypasses a part of the filament and the rest of the filament gets super hot and burns, even if you end up shorting the power lines with no resistance between them. What is the worst thing that can happen? The explosion that i did in the hotel in uk - oh geez, pretty sure those guys blew up their toaster with some sort of explosive for the effects.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that if you grab a knife that doesn't have a plastic insulation and you directly touch a power line and there is no fuse or breaker, then you may get a shock either way. It's a very stupid thing to shove, a knife in the toaster. Don't do it just remember this verse when the circuits are alive, do not touch them with a knife. Happy birthday, maddie yep, i turned 45.

So logically, as i age, my angle should go this way. So at 90 i'll be horizontal. If i shock myself enough, i might be able to do a full 360. fun with flags.

Norway, xorway, xnorway, andway, nanway, not way 1200 upvotes you people get easily entertained. Electro boom has a unibrow challenger lol, top 5 soviet leaders, ranked by their eyebrows number one bresnef two. There is no number two. There is no competing with brezhnev.

I agree there is no competing with that beauty. Is this real? The guy is welding by electricity passing through some jars. Salt jars, some clamps, so he's putting some electrodes together to put in the jars, fills the jars with salt water who's this guy at the corner. Here he connects the jars to power lines, so he wants to pass electricity through the salt water wow.
This is one of the most dangerous ways to weld something. This is dangerous. Let's try it anyways. This is a very stupid thing to do.

Never try this. We have a jar of salt water that we mix with our exacto knife. What the salt water does is that it acts like a series resistance to the power line so that, if you short the output, it limits the currents that can go out. I put two exacto knives in the saltwater without them touching as my electrodes.

I do have one of these old as welding electrodes that i connect to one of my exacto knives. Now we connect a live wire to the other exacto knife to current limit and we also connect the neutral and we can start welding ow. This setup is rubbish. Yes, the salt water current limits, the supply to a couple of amps, which is still too much for a human body.

The output voltage is still at 120 volts and i guess in the guys case it is actually 240 volts. This is a stupid, dangerous setup. Welding is typically done at a lower voltage, much higher current or some other very safe setup, not this junk. In any case, let's see how we can rate the welding experience geez.

Oh it arcs a little bit. I guess what happened the breaker popped, so the salt water is still current, limiting to more than 10 amps. Maybe i put too much salt in it. Okay, i replaced a ton of salt water with fresh water.

We still need much more current than this. This is oh, this is, did i short something i think i shorted the electrodes. Now it's good, so it seems if we short circuit the salt water and get some decent current. We can do some welding, but the breaker pops and with the salt water.

We have a lot of bubbling, there see, look at all the gas and considering it is salt water, it must be chloride or something yeah which is poisonous, and it's not really welding, like a guy, shows he's just leaving burn marks on his metal. Ah, it ruined my exacto knives. Well, it did weld my alligator clip shot. So i guess it does well to some extent, still a very crappy dangerous welding system.

Don't try that just mediphoto, oh my god, it looks like i lost half of my brain there. The electro boom drawing nice, you captured my evil smile beautifully. Truth has been spoken. The most difficult part of building a free energy device is figuring out where to hide the battery.

That's true, do you remember the magnet motor of the turkish inventor muammar yildiz? The first time i saw his video was back in 2010 12 years ago, and the video is him taking his magnet motor infinity machine into the university of delft and i'm also busy with new energy, zero point: energy free energy. I'm baffled why a university even entertains the idea of free energy, so that's the motor sitting there and presumably it only runs on magnets and there is no battery inside. So he always hammers something in the back and the motor starts growing and everyone's so excited. Then he takes the motor apart to show inside and that there is no battery in there only magnets.
Well, of course, it's only half open. It definitely looks like there is only magnets in those parts he takes it to another university to demonstrate. He also has his own documentary about the motor, but it works. There is no.

That is no doubt the machine works. No, it doesn't in 2017. He even took it to the inventor's expo in geneva. Well, he's quite persistent i'll give him that i wonder where he is now.

Did the government happily happed him? What i give mr yield is the award of best hidden battery. I guess this is how many prepare for maths tests exams. You can electrically shock a person's brain to greatly improve their math skills for up to six months. Light me the up twice a year just twice.

This is the way regular alarm clock exploding. Capacitors, you would have to arm your alarm clock every night. Maybe we can make a magazine that auto reloads the capacitors for the next morning alarm two hundred thousand likes on this video and i'll, make that i'm learning as much as i'm taking enjoyment out of medi nearly dying electro booms viewers when he doesn't have a near-death Experience, i guess i'll die yeah remember i have to do a full 360. and i'm kind of immune by now.

I'm joking, you never become immune. So always be careful. Me fixing my outlet using a youtube tutorial after they remove the dislikes oh, but we have to protect the small youtubers against mass dislikes. Is this really feasible yeah? It seems like it's something that floats on magnets and with solar panels on the outside, connected to coils inside and the solar panels.

Energize the coils inside that on these magnetic fields make them rotate. Here i connected the solar panel to a bunch of coil and i have a strong neo, medium magnet neodymium. I place the magnet on an empty box and with a strong light i'll shine on top of the solar panel, and it should make the magnet wiggle nothing. Maybe it needs a stronger light there you go it's moving now very little energy from the solar panels, combined with a lot of light and the frictionless floating magnetic setup makes it turn.

You ask how the commutation is done by the light that alternates on different solar panels? Well, thanks for your awesome submissions, so let's move on to my sponsor audible, sign up through my link, electroboom or in us text, electroboom to 500 500 and try audible for free for 30 days because for a lot of work or projects putting them together doesn't Take much brain power and it's just hard labor and you actually want to listen to something to make your time more enjoyable and that's what audiobooks do with audible. You can listen to the biggest archive of titles on top of audible, originals, podcasts, comedy, theatrical performances and wellness programs, which i could make use of. I don't work out. I just sit in front of the damn computer day and night.
I want to work out, but it feels like torture. I would definitely listen to any title that would motivate me to work out the little black book of workout motivation by michael matthews. It has some good reviews too. Let's listen to the sample the reinvention of jennifer.

I set goals all the time, but i just can't make myself do all the things i need to do. Jennifer has to force the sentence out shaking her head, she's ashamed with more than the words she's ashamed with herself. Why do you think that is? I ask? I don't know - maybe i'm just too lazy, or maybe i just don't really care enough, my god, i am jennifer. I need to hear this see you guys later and thanks for watching.

13 thoughts on “Sticking knife in toaster? welding with salt water?!!! latity-009”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars L1ttle_Sn1tch says:

    "…so I guess, it's chloride or something." takes a deep sniff

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michał Sułek says:

    The electrolysis of salty water does not give chlorine unless you have platinum electrodes or other "special" material (for household war gases production, the cheapest will be graphite). The gas is hydrogen that comes from water molecules being torn apart (on cathode H2O -> H+ + OH ; 2H+ + 2e- -> H2). The smell of chlorine comes from hypochlorite that forms on the anode ( Cl + OH- -> HClO + 2e ; HClO + OH- -> ClO + H2O). If you multiply the water decomposition equation by 2 and add all the above you get the overall process ( H2O + Cl- -electricity–> H2 + ClO ). This process works best on high, constant current and low voltage (7V should be enough).

    Your electrodes where destroyed mainly because of hypochlorite (corrosive) and extreme voltage.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeanBZA says:

    Never look at the home made welders they use in India and Pakistan, or at the way they repair trucks there either. Health and Safety stopped working there many years ago, they left to go get a job at a call centre, where they do the needful.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars First Name Last Name says:

    I remember one time I was making toast and when I put the latch down one slice didn't go all the way down so I used my finger to push the bread down and the side of the crust bent weirdly and my finger slipped in and I got a shock

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars thejamesonline 2 says:

    I was in that hotel in the UK
    Day trip to London that was, wondered why the power went out

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brine Silver says:

    "if i shock myself enough i might be able to do a 360" had me laughing so hard, how do you hit those back to back like this?!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Get Fucked says:

    That guy in the corner looks like tyler1, a twitch streamer, although why he's there is confusing

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Oskar Polański says:

    Congrats on hitting 5 million subscribers! Really love your videos, keep up the good work :).

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 「V」 says:

    I remember when i was 7 years old i put a fork in a toaster, the house breaker popped and i was really scared because i was alone in the house and it was midnight so i couldn't see a thing 😹

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars my leg guy says:

    “The explosion that I did in the hotel in the UK”

    UK wants to know your location

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Loki Scarlet says:

    Also I think part of the reason universities entertain these free energy quacks is if they do get "free" energy to work, they've discovered something new to spend to get the energy that isn't in our current understanding of physics. If that ever happens, we could solve an energy crisis. As a consequence of entertaining these fakes, we end up with these stupid demonstrations.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rosskrt says:

    That little rant about the dislikes fking killed me! Tell 'em Mehdi! Great video altogether

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MTM Tech TIps says:

    For some reason this video has got 640 views but 10k likes. Are you using a spam like bot Mehdi?

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