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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro
0:51 Finding Underground Wire and Plumbing Using Metal L-Rods
3:24 They Won’t Let Free Energy Get to Market
4:17 Healing Animals with Electric Radiation
4:54 Override TV Screen with Repeater
6:07 Free Energy and Fake Rubbish
8:28 Useless Solar Battery
9:27 Baby Chews Charger Wire, Antigravity and Free Energy Trash
10:13 Free Energy form Magnets on Metal Plates
11:08 I wish Youtube Hadn’t Removed the Dislike Count!
15:41 Watch my BRILLIANT Sketch!

Hi, you know what time it is merch time. Well, yeah i mean no, a lot of us are going into a new year. So it's time for clean up. What are we cleaning up? You ask this document, which is a collection of your questions and ideas from before ready times.

You sent me if i found your submission interesting. I just put it in this document and it grew and grew and grew, and you know i think, it's time to go through it together and make the list much shorter. What is this, this video is sponsored by brilliant, not only brilliant, provides the best way to learn simple or complex concepts with their hands-on interactive courses, but also you can get 20 off of their annual premium membership from my link, electro, boom and use, or give The knowledge more at the end, some of these are from years ago, let's see finding stuff with metal rods. What is this how to find underground cables and pipes? I want to show you something i know what it is.

You have probably seen this before that they bend two metal rods in an l, shape and hold them like this, and when they go around, they can magically find objects around them see. There is where your gas line is magic right down below here's another. One of these videos, so in this video they try to find underground water using these l-shaped rods. At this moment they reflect if i turn around, come back again at this moment they differ.

So am i moving this? No, they are getting automatically moved. They are getting automatically moved and it doesn't have anything to do with him. Accelerating forward sarcasm now he's trying to connect this to electricity. This particular path, whatever the radiations are there which are coming from ground the moment and you get similar charges coming on these rods.

They different so basically, what these people claim is that the electric charges peaked by these rods make them attract or repel each other, which is false. This never works and then he proceeds to find underground water pipes using his metal rods they open up and he claims that there is a water line underneath well, let's entertain the possibility. I made the elrods, let's use them. I point them towards my laptop.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, they are opening up page. They are so unstable in this position that a very slight hand, movement moves them around and that's the cheek. Those guys are using need more proof. Fine, i'm gon na charge these metal rods with tens and thousands of volts using my magic wand, i'm holding one loosely in my hand as ground and charge the other one and they should attract to each other.

Do you see anything? No, i mean how close should i get before i see anything, and if that wasn't enough, you know that human body is conductive and pretty much removes all the charge differences between the rods. So that's a very garbage claim. This does nothing cleaned, zero energy, no free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market. Essence.

When you have something that would fit on this table and then we're on your house, you have a battery doctor put off, he does zero-point energy research. He's worked for every three-letter agency told me personally that he knew we already had these technologies, but that if he were to bring them forward, he would be killed along with his family and children. Do you realize how ridiculous these claims are? They act like the united states is the only country in existence, and there is no other country in desperate need of energy that doesn't have oil and wants this technology. Do you have this technology go there, give them the technology and become a millionaire absolute junk.
Electric eel man, but he doesn't draw the electricity from a wall socket. He claims to generate it within his own body, some electric radiating healing device or just garbage healing animals pains with electricity. Vets sell this one for top dollar. This tiny circle radiates something magical that will heal your horses.

You know it's absolutely page. All it has is placebo effect. If anything, they are all regular electricity. If you think these loops work, then you might as well just put your cell phone on your head and start the healing process garbage delete free energy disk with magnets.

What is that those magnets turn? These magnets delete override video signals on tvs from 2011? Okay, that device you see plug into the iphone. That's my video transmitter now this is my video repeater, so he claims he has a video transmitter on his iphone and a receiver, and he puts his receiver close to any tv and his picture shows on that tv. Okay, now somebody probably has debunked it already. He wants to send his transmitter up in a balloon and effect that giant tv in vegas fake well, the first clue might be that the transmitter is plugged into the audio jack and is populated with garbage components like what is it a giant transformer update check out.

My new video, that explains how i did it: let's see how he did it. How do you come up with this stuff nzt? What's that? What is that a condom? I'll show it to you later. You know how they say that we can only access twenty percent of our brain nzt. Let you access nzt, oh, so it was all an advertisement for a movie garbage ads making people confused technical info made some fake videos, technical info, free energy, light bulbs.

There is a battery in here making a battery with bananas and charging the phone with it. He shoved batteries in the bananas stupid channels make wireless earbuds, you cut your perfectly good earphones and you wrap the ends in aluminum foil, and you have this wireless earbuds. He has almost 2 million views and 12 000 likes only no dislikes youtube. You dumb free energy with super cap, a generator with an led connected to a motor as usual, but now this time you have a 500 farad super capacitor and the generator is strong enough to charge that capacitor right away.
Here i have a 400 farad capacitor and i'm gon na charge it with 10 amps and let's see how long it takes for it to charge up to the three volts that white led needs, look how slowly it rises. This is gon na take forever. That thing was super fake. The issue is people also fall for any sort of this garbage scholar, energy saving, sticker, it's just a regular sticker and you stick it on power cords.

What is it supposed to do? Energy saving sticker? You save energy with a sticker electricity by nature flows in an unstable manner: scammers scammers, everywhere, fake free energy light bulb motor generator another one of these videos over 6 million views and not a single dislike another one of the same thing: 27 million views no dislike. My most viewed video has 17 million views, which is that electric guitar thing i made - and this is to commemorate - that crap solar battery. Oh this is my beloved american tech. What other fake garbage he's making now and he's taking his sweet time, gluing wires to cd, because youtube rewards longer videos damn over 5 minutes and he's still gluing garbage and now he's soldering some diodes between those wires? There we go.

He puts his cd in the sunlight and he can measure voltage across it and clearly when he covers it, the voltage drops so did he make a solar panel? I guess technically, yes, does it have anything to do with the cd or the wires glued on it? Not at all, this is a diode with a glass body that the light can get into and hit the silicon and, like steve mold said in his old video, every diode can act as a solar panel see how high of a voltage it's making so the wires And the cd were only for show and tell baby burnt lips due to chewing charger wire mother warns others after baby burned by phone charger, a kentucky mother took to facebook to warn others after her baby suffered burns on her lip from putting a phone charger in Her mouth do we really need to warn parents to be worried about kids putting wires in their mouths could have been worse. They could have put live wires in their mouths society backwards, gravity in streets. What video unavailable delete free energy phone charger, garbage perpetual machine using water bottles, garbage free energy using magnets on metal? What he has two aluminum foils big magnets, connects an led with wires to these metal plates drops magnets on them and they turn on how's that ever possible free energy reel see he moves it around and it stays on. So he has a reverse diode across his led too.

I wonder why fine, let me make it for you. I have the same, led foil arrangement i just place on the table, and i put some magnets on the foils and see the led turns on which might have something to do with the two sheets of aluminum i placed on the table that are connected to my Function generator. Basically, these are just capacitors to couple the energy to my led, hence everyday, regular, bullshittery, fake, solar cell. I want you to listen to this music carefully.
If you hear it anywhere, remember that video you're watching is fake. Oh you're, gon na watch. All these garbage videos with me don't think you're leaving anytime soon piezo shoes to charge phone he's, putting a bunch of these in his shoes connecting them together and claims it can charge a phone. Oh, he has a battery pack in his shoe garbage.

Those piers of crystals no way have enough energy close to what a cell phone needs to get charged fake, free energy magnetic nail crap. What he's gluing a bunch of nails to the cd and the nail cd keeps turning, because it has a magnet close to it. You can be sure there is no hidden battery, because the video has 15 million views and 129 000 likes free energy. Spinning garage.

Oh, it's a game from that tech info channel. This just makes me sad. Dislike feedback shared with the creator youtube you thought creator didn't know his video was garbage already. You think he's gon na care that i gave him a dislike and remove this video.

You think it's gon na stop them from making more garbage videos, especially when they can make a ton of money from youtube. The dislike count was for us, the viewers to know that the video was garbage thanks a lot youtube. Let's keep going anti-gravity lifter anti-gravity lifter. That's just a regular lifter high voltage stuff.

It goes up with considerable strength. I believe what it's doing is creating a gravity field above it and it's actually trying to fall upwards. My god, it's just ionic wind, for god's sake, it's creating anti-gravity and it's pulling it up. Just go watch plasma channels, video, where jay made the same thing and explains how it works.

Man, this garbage, is making me old, free energy channel. Should i even bother mr mctech 5g internet with a key in your phone top 7 free energy devices, elon musk new free internet 5g hundred percent elon musk, 22 million views 9.2 million views, 8.6 million views, 5.1 million views 5 million views? Do you realize how much money they might have made making these videos? Do you really think they'll stop making these super capacitor fake? Oh american tech, it takes a bunch of aluminum. Foil isolates the foils with paper rolls it together and basically he's trying to make a capacitor. He puts plus and minus on the legs as if it matters and writes seven thousand farads on it to make it 7000 farad capacitor and he shows how much power and current his super capacitor can output.

Now you might ask why is this capacitor fake? Well, i have made a capacitor like this before and it barely reaches 10 nano fallout, let alone 7 000 farads. He probably has a lithium ion battery hidden in there that he's shorting out and if you're not sure. Let me show you this he's rolling his capacitor and this aluminum foil on top of the paper, is shorting to this aluminum foil, which is on the opposite side of the paper. So he's basically shorting the two sides of the capacitor he's not making a capacitor he's, making a short circuit from victor free energy, old guy, a new kind of energy system, one that would free mankind from the burdens of oil and fossil fuels.
I wish something like this actually existed. Who is he he might actually be a very important person? I don't know garbage now that we are here. What is this junk cosmic cosmic conception, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment spirit connection? This is just a pcb cosmic conscious consciousness. Okay, i think we had a good run.

Only two more pages left that we can clean up later. I hope you have great holidays whatever they may be and start a much better new year, and i'm pretty sure a lot of you like me haven't bought gifts for the holidays, but why not give the gift of knowledge, thanks to my sponsor brilliant brilliant, is an Interactive learning platform, with tons of courses from intermediate to professional level on math physics and science and computing - maybe you like me, get dizzy every time you look at the maxwell equations. I lost it all after 25 years past since school, but thanks to brilliant, i can start over refreshing all those complex vector equations and maybe start on some quantum physics too, and yet there are tons of interactive knowledge at a level. My 12 year old daughter can learn from to excel at school.

Both of us have been having fun. Solving brilliant logic, puzzles being able to manipulate and interact with your courses, makes it super fun and exciting to learn, and even better. You can learn on your own schedule and prepare for school or your job requirements and interviews so use my link. Brilliant.Org electroboom and get 20 off of brilliant annual premium subscription and start learning get on it, and thank you for watching.

12 thoughts on “The garbage people fall for, year-end cleanup”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeanBZA says:

    A lot of those 5G things use radioactive waste in the construction, as a way to ionise the air. You do not thing a nice dose of gamma is going to be good for you, ionising radiation unlike low energy non ionising RF energy. Good thing is that they tend to cull the sheep who buy them…

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars STONEDay says:

    Eh, nice moccasins! Are they authentic? Hand made here in Canada? Didn't notice any native embrodery/designs. Buy Canadian instead of fake made in China junk. Merry Christmas!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CJsRC says:

    Dowsing rods do work. I don't know how they work, but I have personally been able to locate various objects hidden from view by using them.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Серёга says:

    If you'd read the emails that YouTube put out, the dislikes are not going away, the number of them just being hidden from viewers to discourage "dislike attack" they are still visible to content creator.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Schneider says:

    One time I was working for a construction company and we needed to find a water main. I grabbed some of the utility marking flags and bent the wires in the shape of an “L” and attempted to find the water line. I was mostly being goofy and wasting time until the utility marking company showed up to find it with proper equipment. I was walking near where the water main was suspected up being. The wires moved and indicated the location of the water main. I did not think it would work. I suspect it has something to do with a faint electromagnetic field caused by the flowing water interacting with the wires. I probably can’t replicate it.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SN CY says:

    Hehe… maybe they could try to find electricity by pushing the ends of the rods into an electrical outlet while holding the other ends 🙂

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheBronx says:

    Oh man I loved this video. Watching you laugh at all the crap haha. Although it is sad that they get so many views from the dumb YT algorithm…

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Yvon Daviault says:

    i am a dowser and it really works it sens disturbance in the electromagnetic field of the planet soo 2 rods act as an antena and your body is the batery

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Diggins says:

    Aureon Energy (a company in Canada doing medium temp transmutation of elements, in charged plasma experiments, creating abundant heat.)

    Debunk please! I'll give you a thousand doll hairs!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ivan Petrovic says:

    Most of debunking youtubers : debunking someone for 50 minutes
    ElectroBOOM : Debunks someone in less than 10 seconds

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mickey Filmer says:

    You have given me the great gift of how to scam the gullible -I thank you sir… watch out for my perpetual bullshit machines coming to a youtube video near you soon… phones Bentley car dealarship

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ro Bert says:

    Thanks for the entertainment and teaching throughout the year, or,actually, the many years by now! And even bigger thank you for putting out fun video today, too ! :DD

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